31 January 2013

Kitch USB's By Emobox

A bloggers lifeline...the USB!!! 

I thought I would share with you some cute USB's I was sent a while back, they are cute kitch and better to look at than your standard stick that you shove into the side of and probably lose most of the time.

They include an 8GB of dater and a 2.0 platform for fast data transfer. My favourite is the cupcake credit card one which I carry around in my purse at all times, they also have this with the famous Chanel "Classy & Fabulous" saying. 

The wallet drive is £12 and the apple is £13, the site is definitely worth a browse if you want to liven up your work life, even if its just for a second..ahah!

Click HERE to take you to Emobox


Hi ladies! Gosh this is the first time I have typed up a post this year*slaps wrists* 

Today I introduce you to a brand called Superdry (that's is you haven't heard of the already) Superdry is expanding its beauty line with a range of premium products which will be available from February the 1st at

From lip glazes and blushes to  mirrors and tweezers, it is an all-encompassing collection of cosmetics and accessories. Technical componentry, metallic twists and neon silicone detailing make this range both sophisticated and technical, mixed with retro coolness.
Shades are a mixture of trend-led brights to core natural classics. The juicy lip-glazes come in neutral basics and popping pinks; the sweet smelling glaze gives a smooth finish for perfect coverage with the power to stay. For enviable lips, gloss over the smooth lipstick; the bright colour with its lightweight formula means it glides on for eye-catching statement lips. Give your eyes and cheeks a healthy boost of bold colour with Superdry’s eye shadowsblush and bronzers; a mix of creamy browns, glittering peaches and perky pinks for a quick blush or subtle tonal highlight. Mascara goes to new lengths with an elliptical punk pink applicator for super-extended lashes and the deepest blacks for a rich finish. Match this with the dark kohl eyeliner and the smoky eyes kit for impactful eyes. While hand creams, silicone-surrounded mirrorstechnical tweezers and a nail refinery kit make this collection the beauty force of 2013.
The design adds drama with textures cross-hatching, showcased on both packaging and products. The contrasting combination of craft card and bright neon  prints mixed with metal tubes and tins make this range distinctively unique, and one of the most exciting collections to be launched in the cosmetics market.
The eyeshadow is very pigmented and the gloss has fast become one of my everyday faves! Do any of you guys use Superdry or will you be checking them out?
Available from Feb 2013 from £2.00 - £20.00; it is affordable luxury.

29 January 2013

Waves The Easy Way! And A Hair Review

Hey ladies!

Another video for you, new post will be up tomorrow


15 January 2013

Current Faves

Hey ladies Ive been away for a while, but Im back now!!!

Hope you enjoy this video, loads of lovely posts to follow.

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