10 February 2016

Drink Create Sleep

Ive been loving tees lately, especially ones with slogans and images. They turn heads, and add a bit of pizzazz to a plain outfit. This tee is from RAD. I literally think it sums up the life of every blogger, and those who love to create.

They have loads of slogan tees and sweaters, perfect for wearing out, or go oversized and you have the perfect loungewear. 

You can find my tshirt here , and if you use code michelle20 you will get 20% off any purchase.

Bag - Zara
Jacket  - Old Topshop 


2 February 2016

Body Confidence | Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Ive always wanted to post a "In my Calvins" shot on Instagram, but I always felt that my body wasn't perfect enough to do so.....but then again what Is perfect? 

On a daily basis Images are shoved in our faces of things and people that we (apparently) should "deem" as perfection. From airbrushed images to boosted booties, some may feel the pressure to keep up with what the definition of beauty has become. I myself have felt the pressure, I spent a lot of 2015 constatly putting myself down. Before social media I was so comfortable in my skin, I felt the best kind of beautiful. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself caught in a web, a web I never dreamt of being caught in. I found myself stuck in a place where I questioned my beauty. "Am I thin enough?" or "Am I tan enough" basically every stupid mediocre question one could ask themselves. Now, I'm quite a strong minded women, so for me to feel this way, got me thinking about how others may feel, especially those who are on the outside looking in. 

It saddens me that in this day and age social media has taken what the definition of beauty is, and turned it into something ugly. Don't get me wrong, its totally fine to admire someone else's beauty, but never let someone else's beauty define your own. 90% of images you see online, are probably airbrushed or manipulated, so it leaves you with a longing to look like something that doesn't even exist. So today I'm here to say screw the expectation, its time to mess with reality...


I'm over putting myself down and wondering if I'm good enough, and you should be too. Screw that girl with the thigh gap! she may well be beautiful, but so are you! screw that girl with that fat ass, she may well be beautiful, but so are you! Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and you don't ever need to let anyone or anything define or cloud your judgement of what that should be. 

The best kind of beautiful comes from a place that a mirror cant see, a place where " a like" or " a comment" doesnt mean a dam thing, and that place is from within you. I had to learn how to love myself over again, because I literally drowned in the ocean of "perfection" that I saw, day in and day out on Instagram. But after months of loathing, I realised that...

I am my own kind of beautiful and you are your own kind of beautiful, and that is the one thing that will forever keep you unique.

Do things that make you happy, things that make you smile. Wear your hair however the heck you want, hell...wear that yellow dress with orange wait...maybe dont do that lol. But you know what I mean, see more in yourself than anyone else possibly could.

I hope this post helps anyone that may feel, or perhaps felt the way that I did. We are all in this together, and im not about to sit down and act like I dont feel the same pressures that you do.

It would be great to hear your views on todays society,and what your definition of beauty is. And always remember...



1 February 2016

Miracle In A Bottle | Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I shall keep this short and sweet, as I personally dnt feel theres a need to ramble on about a product that  already find AMAZING! Basically, if you suffer from spots or, if you feel the odd one coming on, then this product is for you. 

Mario Badescu's Drying lotion, is literally a bottle of magic in my eyes. I rarely suffer frm spots, but If I feel one coming on, I pop this on and the next day there is nothing there. It magically dries spots out overnight, leaving you with a clearer and healthier complextion. Need I say more!

Find the product


20 January 2016


A casual day is more or less evryday for me, I like to feel comfrtable, especially in the colder months, but sometimes you may just need to look comfortable and stylish, instead of a comfortable mess. 

Desert-waste is one of my favourite brands when it comes to casual wear. The army jacket I lived in last year was from here, and now I'm basically living in this sweater. 

If you are a fan of casual streetwear with a Yeezy vibe, Desert-Waste is definitely a brand to watch.

Check the ite out HERE

18 January 2016


Ann Summers have really surprised me lately, theres only one thing you usually think of when you hear their name, but lately my though has xhanges to killer underwear. If you follow me on Instagram (beautyandtheblog) you would have seen me post some killer bralettes from their selection, over christmas. I was still reeling from those, and the other day this beauty landed on my doorstep. Im a fond lover of delicate underwear, and this halterneck beauty literally had me sitting with my mouth open. 

This set comes in a few variations, and you can check it out here.

17 January 2016

Sucker For Sunnies | NET-A-PORTER

If youre anything like me then a pair of sunglasses will se you through life, no matter what the season. The NET-A-PORTER sunglasses sale, still has me drooling, even if I am a bit late to the party. These four are my top picks from what is left in the sale section, and I think Its safe to say that Chloe has stole my heart.

To shop my sale picks, simply click the icon on in the centre of each image. Alternatively you can shop the whole collection HERE.

16 January 2016

Review | Nicky Lazou Hair

So theres not much point in me acting like this is my first post on Nicky, you can find my previous reviews here, here and here.

Nicky is amazing, whenever I crave to go blonde, shes my right haaand shes my go too *Drake voice*. Whether its a colour, blow dry or treatment, shes fast become my queen. Her service is second to none, and you always have a chuckle. This time round she took my locks from dark drown to this vibrant blonde. This was not done in one go people! it took 5 rounds. I know we are all tempted to go from dark to light in one round, but I personally wouldnt reccomend it...unless you want broken,brittle, dry hair. Nicky lifts your hair whilst looking after it, ensuring that its kept in the best condition. I never need a purple shampoo, or fret my colour will change after I vistit Nicky. She uses so many special techniques to ensure your hair lasts! So many salons just whack on some bleach and a toner, then send you on your merry way. Youre then left with brassy/yellow hues after a few washes, and your best friend becomes the colour purple. 

With Nicky you definitely get what you pay for, and I have witnessed other customers enter her salon with 8 month old balayage, that still looks fresh. Need I go on.....

I dont think Ill ever allow another sole to colour my hair again, Nicky will forever be the queen of everything hair in my eyes.

Hair details

Colour - Nicky Lazou HERE
Install - Marvin Hair By Him HERE
Hair Extensions - Bleuribbon HERE (Discount code beautyandtheblog132)
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