29 September 2012

The Berry Lip

Last night I was tweeting about my need for a deep berry lipstick, I had a few responses and these 3 caught my eye after heading to Google to seek out swatches, so I thought I would share them with you guys.

Obviously price wise Barry M is the cheapest whilst Mac and Benefit are basically on par with each other price wise.

I have not tried any of these lippies myself, But after being tweeted a picture of Benefits Espianarge I think I'm sold on it.

I just feel that now the winter months are clearly round the corner I dream of having dark hair and berry lips whilst I'm wrapped up in chunky knits.

Are any of you loving berry lips at the moment....if so what's your fave?


28 September 2012

Designer Sunnies Without The Price Tag

If you like your Tom Ford Sunglasses ( well Tom Ford esque) do keep reading.......

Everyone knows my favourite pair of glasses is a pair of Aviators. Now I'm not one to splash the cash on designer sunglasses as I just know I will probably end up losing them. So to save face I would rather just have a few pairs that I can change up on a regular basis.

Even though the suns never out in lovely England (sad face) I am always throwing on my sunnies as I find the sun really gets to my eyes as they are rather light in colour, and even if its just a bright day without a ny son, I walk around squinting like a mole if I'm not armed with my eye candy.

My current sunnies have taken a bit of a bashing lately i.e they get thrown in my bag, thrown in the car and basically just thrown wherever I go. So I decided to take to Ebay to see if I could find another cheap pair I would cherish. 

In my hunt for a new pair of Avi's or a cheap pair of  Ray Bans (because we all need Raybans), I came across a few dupes that I thought I would share.

1. Tom Ford esque Cat eye Sunnies LINK £3.95
2. Tom Ford Whitney esque Sunnies LINK £4.91
3. Rayban esque Sunnies LINK £4.59

So there's no need to stress if you cant part with your cash for a pair of designer glasses,
because there is always a dupe somewhere out there.

Although I'm not really an Ebay addict it seem that Ebay is soon going to become my new friend.

Have you guys found any treasures on Ebay lately?

26 September 2012

What I Wore

(instagram pics)
Lately I have been snip snapping away and capturing some of my OOTD and posting them in Instagram, but for those that don't follow me over there, I thought I would copy and paste them over to here.

Most of the outfits are quite casual as I work in a primary school and I don't really want to be going all fashionista on a bunch of 4 year olds. I thought they would still be worth posting though as I know a lot of you might prefer going. 

The top and the bottom outfits were ones I wore on a night out....and Im going to say most items pictured are probably still in the shops, with my fave bargain being the white shirt costing only £4 from trusty Primark!

25 September 2012

Advertising With Moi

Helloooo ladies

I'll be honest and say that if your not a fellow blogger or company you may not be interested in this, so for those of you that are about to click off, I will have a nail art post up for you guys this week WOOHOO! For those of you that have chosen to stay and read on I just wanted to do a quick post on advertising.

I have always held advertising space on my blog as I find that it not only helps me a little but it also helps others. I dont really tend to make a big hoo ha about space on here but from time to time ( This being the first on here) I do like to let people know. 

As of late when im on twitter or browsing some of my fave blogs, I do see RTs of advertising space or the odd post to let people know, so I don't feel like there's any harm in letting people know, as I do get emails asking, so hopefully this will answer any questions.

So a nut shell I do hold advertisement space on my blog, my rates are pocket friendly, and im trying to create packages to suit all needs.

So if your a blogger, company or small business that's interested in advertising with me, check out the "contact me" tab above and drop me an email to discuss things further.

And because every blog post needs a picture...heres a picture of a baby hamster eating a crisp...


19 September 2012

That ASOS Dress

(insta pic)
Whilst browsing the ASOS site for midi dresses I fell in love with this little gem, at £22 I just had to order  it, I mean come on I would be a fool not too. I posted a picture of this beaut on Instagram yesterday, and im pretty sure every girl that follows me fell in love. 

This dress can be found HERE ..... One thing I would say is order a size down...mines a tad big :(

You have got to love the Versace esque print!!!!


17 September 2012


Woohoo guys my first OOTD and its about as casual as your going to get. I picked up this leather trim top from Zara the other day whilst out with Shirley and I had to pick up some new skinnies because it seems my ass has lost some weight and I can now squeeze my bootay into a size 10 wahhay!

If you follow me on Instagram ( BEAUTYANDTHEBLOG) you will notice I am now into posting my outfits quite frequently, so I have now decided to filter it over to the blog. You would have also noticed that I posted these badass shoes a few weeks back too...errrmmm hello spikes! These shoes were sent to me from SOYOUSHOES  and these particular ones can be found HERE. If you are not aware of their site I suggest you check them out. I wasn't aware of them until they contacted me and now its my go to site. You will definitely find a pair of shoes on there which are so you...get it ahaha!

Anyhoo I do apologize for the long break, and I must say thank you to all those that have joined me and all those that have stuck with me. If I do happen to vanish again, just check out my twitter or Insta because im always posting some random pretty crap on there.

Until next time...MWAH!

p.s I do apologise for the picture quality, I am just getting used to this camera tripod thing! I also just noticed my top is caught on a twig in the top pic...FAIL! 

6 September 2012

Barry M Jelly Hi Shine

With all these Shellac and Gelish nails about, it was only a matter of time before we would see a brand bring the hype to the high street...and that brand would indeed be Barry M.

Gelly nail paints are designed to give us lovely lot an extra glossy finish in just one coat...yes I said one coat! There are a small variety of captivating shades to cater for every mood. My nails already crave these polishes, if they are as shiny as they say and I only need one coat, these will be perfect for when I'm in a rush painting my nails at a red light. 

I believe these will be out at the end of September and they will retail at £3.99

There are also a few nail swatches on their facebook page which is here

What do you girlies these excite you?

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