23 September 2011

Me Me Me Shimmer Stack

[Colours swirled together]

In the past these babies have been dubbed the dupe of Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks and I can see why. Except if you don't want to go down the high end road, you can pick these up for  £9.99 (currently on deal for £8.49 online)

If your into your highlights and iridescent shimmers then one of these stacks will do the job for you. With each stack containing 5 shades and with 3 different stacks to choose from (pink, gold and bronze) there's one to suit everyone.

The stacks in the pictures above are the gold and the pink. I must say at present the gold is my fave. I use the top colour in the stack daily to highlight my brow bone and swirl the golds together to give my cheeks a subtle golden glow.

I originally thought that these stacks would be packed with glitter before I opened them, but to my surprise they weren't. They give you more of a sheen/glow to the skin rather than that, 'I just dipped my face in some glitter' look, which nobody really wants.

 I find that they are best applied lightly with a large fluffy brush or a duo fibre brush. I tend to apply mine in a 'C' shape, from my cheek bone to my brow bone lightly blending as I go.

I have had these for some time now and I honestly think that its one of those products that will last a while, as one swirl goes a long way. I did try and take pictures of each of the colours in the stack individually but my crappy camera just wasn't picking up the colours! I managed to get a picture of all the shades swirled together to give you a rough idea of what I'm rambling on about. So next time your in Superdrug, have a little swatch of your own.

You can pick these up at Superdrug or here

Have any of you tried these, what are your thoughts.....?


21 September 2011

Thanks guys...

Hey girlie's, I'm so sorry for my absence at the moment but life's been major busy..... a little too busy for even my liking. But I have Friday clear so I'm hoping to catch up on my back log of posts I have waiting in the wings for you all.

I just wanted to quickly type this up as a thank you really. The other morning I woke up to a tweet letting me know im up for a Cosmo beauty award, under the established beauty blog category. Firstly I thought that there had to be some kind of mistake, so I checked the site and realised there hadn't been. Seen as it was 5.30am when I found this out it didn't seem to sink in. There's no way I ever thought that I would be short listed for such an award, so much so, that I had actually removed the "vote for me" badge off of my blog a week after placing it as I didnt think anyone would really vote for me. I cant believe how wrong I actually was.  So I just need to let all you guys out there reading this know that I think you are all pretty amazing. Yes I could write my blog not knowing how many people click over to it and have a little read, but things like this make every little word I type worth while. To know that there's people out there not only reading my blog but actually supporting it and nominating me for things that I never even thought I would be involved in, is amazing. So really I just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to all of you out there. 

If you wish to vote for me to win, just click HERE enter your email, click on the established beauty blogger link and then if you hover over my blog name, it gives you the option to vote. I probably wont win, but being nominated alone, is a massive achievement in my eyes.

Thank you to you all again *blows cyber kisses* posting shall resume on Friday



9 September 2011

Me,Myself & Eye.... Sleek MakeUp & PPQ

Another day another collaboration....

Sleek Make Up have teamed up with PPQ  to create this limited edition I-Divine palette so us lovelies can imitate the amazing make up looks from fashion week.

The palette is crammed with Sleeks signature beautiful bolds and a mixture of mattes and shimmers. This palette is an extension of PPQ's S/S 2012 soft summer silhouettes, mixed with sleek make ups craze for colour.

This limited palette launches on the 16th of September and is available exclusively online. RRP £6.49

Will you be getting yours...?
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