27 August 2011

Diesel Loverdose

Diesel Loverdose the new fragrance by Diesel

A beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction

Ignite passion like never before....

This fragrance was created to be fatal attraction in a bottle. Firstly might I say that this perfume bottle has got to be one if the prettiest I have seen. The heart shaped bottle has been designed to look like its been pierced by a dagger. Its one of those bottles that you just have to have on show.

Onto the smell.... The first time I sprayed this I wasn't to sure about the scent, so I took to twitter and expressed my sadness. I felt it smelt like aniseed sweets.... but then Sammi (beauty crush) tweeted me to let me know that, that aniseed smell goes away and turns into vanilla bliss. Once the scent had settled on my skin, it did just that and now I cant get enough.

I cant promise your get your parking tickets ripped up like the girl in the advert, but if you love your vanilla infusions then you will love this and errrm so will he...

Available nationwide
30ml EDP £35.00
50ML EDP £47.50
75ML EDP £58.00
200ML Body Lotion £22.00


26 August 2011

Better Hair....

On my quest for perfect locks, im hitting up every angle possible. Here are a couple things that I have been using to aid me in keeping my locks in tip top condition...
Silk Kiss Pillows
Obviously I have seen people wrap their hair at night to lock in moisture and keep the hair in place whilst sleeping, ie no knots, tangles or frizz! but I was never able to do it because my hair was way too long. So plan B..... Silk pillow cases. Basically does the same thing for your hair that wrapping it does, minus the wrapping.

Since I have been sleeping on my silk case, I no longer wake up looking like an extra from Annie. My hairs tangle free and there's alot less frizz. Which means when I brush my hair a lot less comes out! 

I have had my case for a while now, and even though im rambling on about hair, there's also other benefits to sleeping on Silk...
Prevents knotted hair and split ends
Stimulates hydration, giving shinier hair
Reduces sebum production, no greasy hair
Prevents acne and unclear skin
Allows for more efficient use of night creams, providing better skin hydration
Prevents creased morning skin and bed-head
Our silk pillow cases stimulate skin cell renewal thus slowing the ageing of your skin

If im honest I wasn't aware a silk pillow case had half of these benefits until I slept on one for a few months myself. I cant comment on the skin benefits as I have never really had trouble there, but it really is helping the condition of my hair.

 My one is from Silk Kiss and they kindly gave me a 15% discount code for my readers (no! im not getting paid) the code is  BaTBslk01. 

 If you have the spare wonger I would definitely check them out, especially if your on a hair quest like me.

Last but not least is Amla Oil. I never knew about this stuff until my friend told me I had to try it. At first I was reluctant because she told me it wreaked *sigh* but then I saw the rate her hair was growing...... there was no question about what my next hair product purchase was going to be.

I know you can pick this up in hair shops and if you type it in Google a load of places will probably sell it online too.I picked mine up randomly in a newsagents for £3.75.

How I use it 
Firstly this stuff does stink! there's is no way you could pop this on your hair and head outdoors, believe me when I say you will stop traffic, but for the wrong reasons. You don't need to use a lot of this product, as it is an oil a little goes a long way.

If I use this as a standard treatment I use a tablespoon on my root area and massage it into my scalp, followed by a tablespoon on my mid lengths and ends. I then wrap my hair in cling film and a warm towel and leave it on for as long as possible. For me this usually ranges between 45 min and 2hrs. I then wash my hair thoroughly to get rid of the smell.

If I use this a as a deep treatment, I do the same except I will sleep with it in my hair all night then wash it out the next day.

For a daily fix I dip one finger into the oil, swipe it over the rest of my fingers and then I massage it into my scalp. This way you don't get the overpowering smell but you still get your fix.

I have been using my oil for about 3months now and I can confirm every girl needs this in their life. My hair is thicker, longer and shinier. What more does a girl want...?

I don't really think I need to say much else......


20 August 2011

Sleek Au Naturel...

For those that love their nudes your in for a treat. Sleek make up will seen be releasing their Nude collection, which consist of an array of nude delights. The nude palette contains a mixture of mattes and shimmer based shadows, ranging from earthy browns to natural tan.

I am probably not the best person to swatch this palette as most of the colours blend into my beige skin : /, but I hope you can get the jest.

Up first the  pout polish in Bare Minimum (£4.29) this pout polish definitely has to be my favourite yet. It wouldn't show up  in a swatch so I didn't bother to include one. To some it up in one, it gives a lovely wash of nude colour to the lips.

Up next is the blush in Suede (£4.29) which is swatched above. A perfect tone for contouring or adding a pop of colour to your natural make up.

Lastly the palette in Au-Naturel (£6.49) I personally cant wait to create a smokey eye with this. I'm loving the deep earth tones included in this palette, as well as the matte browns for a subtle but sultry day time look.

The Nude collection launches on the 31ST of August and will be available in superdrug stores and online at Sleek Make up.

Will you be getting yours?

17 August 2011

Handbag Filler

When I hear the word Sudocrem, I automatically think grey tub, nappy rash and babies bums ( Might be a mum thing) but the smell automatically takes me back to changing nappies. So when I had heard they had released a squeezy tube skin care cream, I was slightly intrigued.

I was expecting a different formula and scent to go along with the miniature sized squeezy tube, but I didn't get what I expected.The cream was still its usual thick consistency along with the trade mark scent.Not one to judge something off first glance, I carried this around in my bag waiting for the perfect moment to whip this out..... this moment never happened *face palm* so I decided I would try it out on the annoying dry patch that I seems to make an appearance on my face once a year.

I removed  my make up and trialed this at night, as I naturally suspected a thick cream like this to be quite greasy. I used a teeny bit and smeared it on the patch, and used the remaining cream on my cheeks and forehead.

To my surprise when I woke the next day the dry patch was a lot less 'dry' and my cheeks were really soft... who knew!!!!  I kept using it and now the dry patch is barely there. I never would have thought that this cream would have helped me in any way. Its worth checking out if you have any skin problems.

I would have personally preferred a thinner formula and a lighter scent, but hey ho you cant have it all I suppose....

RRP £1.99 available from drugstores and chemists


15 August 2011

The new french...

 Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, Windows 7 decided to update my laptop and now my wireless refuses to work. It still isn't working but luckily I can run the net through my phone. Hope it starts working again soon.

Anyway.... after watching Lisa Eldridge's latest vid on the new french mani, I just had to have a go. Check the vid HERE . The idea is, is that you paint your tip around the nail rather than across it, which is good for those with shorter nails as it gives the illusion that they are longer.

I kind of adapted my mani for my nail shape as they are naturally pretty square, but if you go for a more oval shape, this mani will definitely be a doddle.

The colours I opted for were Nude Beige and Purple Rain, both from Models own

I must say I am loving the new french, I may try this out with a matte tip next.

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Also a big thank you to everyone that follows my blog, I recently passed the 2000 mark, another little milestone in my eyes so cyber hugs to you all ..x

11 August 2011

Like me if you like....

Hey chicas, sorry I haven't posted much over the last few days, but with all these riots going on in my home town, tapping away at my keyboard was the last thing on my mind, especially when a mahooosive fire broke out a little too close to me for comfort!

Anyhoo, now that all this seems to be quieting down ( at least I think, because I now refuse to watch the news) I thought I would jump on here and share a little something with you. I'm in 2 minds really but meh! I have decided to create a facebook page, because I know a lot of my readers don't have blogger so may miss the odd update. Plus it just seems like the thing to do * Jumps on band wagon* .....

Just click the picture to take you to another part of my world, Hope to see you over there..... *whispers* I have a very exciting competition coming up soon for all you hair tool lovers, so get liking to be in for a chance of winning.


1 August 2011

Enrapture Waver

If your a lover of beachy or bohemian locks this tool is for you. Gone are the mini wavers that give you more of an 90's crimped look and in is the Amplify Jumbo Waver from Enrapture, that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Titanium plating
Variable heat settings
Spring and lock handle
Jumbo sized barrels
Style guide
Heat protection pouch

When I took this baby out of the box ,I was shocked at how big it was, its massive!!!

It was easy to use and it has a lockable handle to keep it shut when not in use. Unlike the old wavers, this springs open rather than snapping shut, so you have the control over the heat and pressure applied to your hair. It also has a number of different heat settings (see pic 4) so whatever your hair type, your bound to find a setting that suits you.

I am a lover of big hair, messy hair, tousled hair, wavy hair..... pretty much anything that looks neatly un-kept (If you get what I mean) so this tool is basically my new best friend.

Other tools in the range include the Encode Totem styler (£74.99)- Which has 3 independent heat zones that can be set to different temperatures using the encoder dials. -Available from 15th August

And the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers(£74.99)- Which I will be reviewing and posting up here for you soon.- Available from the 1st September

The waver also retails at £74.99- Available 15th August

Click HERE for stockist  and HERE to check out their site 
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