28 July 2011

If Its Messy Then You Should Have Put A Band On it....

As of late I have been giving my hair a major break, with the top knot being my go too hair style. Any hairstyle I hand do that doesn't involve heat is definitely my friend right now. Or if all fails whack in a headband.

I fell in love with this silky burnt orange one from Matalan (£5). When I saw it, it immediately caught my eye. It also came in a teal if I remember correctly.

EDIT: I have just come back from shopping and I have seen these headbands in Topshop and DP for more money.

 They also had sale in their jewellery section which is worth checking out. The double finger green ring is my fave and a steal at £1.


27 July 2011

Outfit Of The Day... Kiddy Style

Meet my princess.....

 at the age of 8 I have been told shes doing it well in the kiddie style stakes. So I thought why not share some of her outfits now and again for any other mums out there that sometimes hit a wall on where to shop.

white vest- H&M Kids
Denim Jacket- Zara Kids
Suede panel cream leggings- H&M Kids
Lace detail pumps- Next
Aviators- H&M Kids

I did ask her if there was anything she wanted to say, her response....... " I like dressing up"


23 July 2011


Sorry for the Random web cam pic but I forgot to take a picture to go with the post and couldn't really be bothered to take a million pics to get the perfect shot (bloggers you know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, a few weeks ago whilst at Fabulous mag the make up artist applied this lippie on me and I fell in love. When I realised who it was made by and realised the price I fell in love again.

This lovely lippie is from the Superdrug MUA range (shade 13)and costs a mere £1 as does everything else in the range. I remember the times when I didn't wear lipstick and I swore I could not wear red, but this pinky toned red is now another of my firm faves.


21 July 2011

Ring Finger Mani

The ring finger mani.... simple yet effective!

With any variation your imagination desires this little mani is the talk of the town. Just paint your nails as usual and select a different colour for your ring finger.

I have used black for my nails and Barry M Peach Melba for my ring finger.

So whether your saying "up yours" to someone you hate, trying to drop your man a heavy hint, why not do it in style..... Or maybe your just like me and you like something that's a little bit different. Either way the world is your oyster with this one.

Happy painting!

16 July 2011

Me and my Rocco *cough* Inspired love

A little while ago a group of chicas on twitter were twit picking each other this sexy bag.....errrrm hello I want in people, and of course I got in lol

At the time this sexy little Wang Rocco knock off (if you must) was only available from buyers abroad. So I decided to be a patient bunny and hold out until a UK ebay seller caught wind of this so I could order from them. I ordered from HERE for those of you already screaming at the screen where did I get it. The one I ordered is sadly out of stock, never fear though, there are a few other UK sellers doing there thing in the Wang *cough* inspired game.

All together including p&p this baby came to £32 which isn't bad for the size and quality of it. Even though I still lust for this one HERE and I vow to have it sitting in my room by the end of the year (after I get my car!) this baby is definitely my new friend *looks in mirror, puts shades on and pouts*

15 July 2011

Lese Shoes

Thanks to the world of twitter I discovered a new company called Lese Shoes. I read their description box which said....


Instantly my jaw dropped and like the shoe whore I am I headed over to their site instantly. At first I was thinking that if I'm earning points buying shoes that the shoes would have to be slightly overpriced right...... errrm wrong!

I clicked on the option 'brunch shoe' instantly fell in love with the ELLE wedges and chucked them in my basket. Although I was a tad skeptical ordering from a company I had just heard of, it was late, I was tired I wanted shoes and these babies were definitely worth the risk. This little moment of weakness occurred at 11pm Tuesday night and they arrived this morning, (2 days later) rather speedy Id say.

I now have 30 Lese points on my account and I believe that 20 points is equal to £5. I'm too impatient to let them build up so I shall be getting these babies for £20. Scweeeeet. Oh and I forgot to mention, delivery is free : D

If your a shoe lover like me you can check out their site HERE and follow their updates on twitter HERE


12 July 2011

Happy Birthday Beauty And The Blog

In theory I am actually saying Happy Birthday to myself which is a bit sad lol....

Some of you may have seen me tweet that today my blog is 2 years old, so in blogging land its my Bloggerversary!!

I just wanted to drop a quick post to thank all of you that have followed my antics on here since good old 2009 and all those that have joined me along the way.

I'm hoping to change things up on here soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more fun and dry humoured banter

2 years, 1 computer, a blogging app, 1 laptop, me, my camera, a lot of typing, loads of heart and 322 posts.  I would like hope I'm still going strong lol.

Thanks again everyone

7 July 2011

The Perfect Bun...

On an impromptu trip to Primarni I came across a bun ring for £1, I have always wanted one but have never been that bothered to go out of my way to get one, but after using it I wish I had.

All you do is put your hair in a ponytail

Put your ponytail through the hole in the bun ring

Fan your hair around it

I then put a hair band around it to secure my hair in place, alternatively you could use hair grips (but I find a hair band is much quicker)

I then use hair grips to pin any longer bits of hair under the bun so they are nicely hidden

And voila your bun is perfect and your ready to go...

4 July 2011

Spotlight Bargain

I have always lusted after Rimmels Spotlight Beige as I was an avid lover of Nude Delight, but I just never got round to picking it up until the other day.......

Let me set the scene.... I go into the £1 shop to pick up a device my friend was telling me about, it looks like a racket but the middle zaps flies *yay* (sorry fly lovers) I also picked up some fly and wasp spray (as you do) I mean leaving the back door open in this sunny weather is a danger in itself... flies, wasps *shudder* you need to be armed ladies!!!

Anyway whilst queuing up I spy a whole basket full of Rimmel lipsticks and to my shock it was Spotlight Beige for £1 *faints* I mean this still retails for £6.29 in Boots. I rummaged through to see if there were any other shades but there wasn't. I picked one up and went on my merry way. Thing is , now I'm wondering why the hell I didn't pick up 2 urghhhh ULTIMATE FAIL!!!

Does your local £1 shop harbour any treasures...??

3 July 2011

Favourite Cheek Product

Buffed over hand with sigma F84

I have had this in my collection for ages and lately its been getting a lot of action. I have been using this every single day without fail, and if I don't use it I feel a bit naked.

The Body Shop Baked to last bronzer in shade 02 warm glow, is perfect if you want exactly that. It contains hues of pinks and golds to give you that perfect glow. I used to apply it with my duo fibre but now I apply it with my Sigma F84 (angled top kabuki) and it gives my cheeks a sheen to die for.

The sun has been in and out in London, but I managed to catch quite a descent tan over the hot weekend we had last week, this just set it off perfectly.

If your into your highlights and glowy summer skin this is definitely one to reach for. You can pick it up online HERE or at your local Body Shop
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