24 May 2011

MeMeMe Elektra...

MeMeMe have just launched 10 stunning new shades of lipsticks which have only just hit the shelves in Superdrug.

The long wear satin lip cream lipsticks are laced with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help protect lips, they also have a light vanilla scent Mmmm... 

This applies like a dream, it literally melts onto the lips, leaving them feeling soft and your pout looking sexy. I am so in love with the colour, its highly pigmented and one swipe across the lips is all you need for that wow factor.

There are 9 other shades in the collection from nudes to corals and pinks.

These are available at Superdrug now rrp £8.50 and will be available online soon.

18 May 2011

Blush And Go...

swatches: (L) blended (R) heavily swatched

Sometimes you gotta love the go-to brands for the things you just need.

For a long time now I have been loving these products and I'm sure a lot of you know already that they are a sure dupe for the Benefit ones but at a fraction of the price.

EVERYDAY I use the moonbeam highlight without fail. I definitely think its a must have for the make up bag. I just pat a little on my cheekbone up to my brow bone and I'm done... radiant glow in an instant. You can also use it under foundation to brighten the skin, giving you that dewy look we all love. No chunks of glitter included! and I find it lasts quite long on me too. They also do this in a golden tone too (sunbeam) which I need to get me some more of because my ones empty : ( sad times

I don't use the cheek & lip tint as often but I use it enough to be able to tell you I love it. I pat a little on my lips followed by some Carmex for a sexy but demure pout, and when the sun was out, this was giving my cheeks a long lasting natural flush of colour. This also comes in a pink shade, Poppy Tint that I haven't tried yet, let me know if I should... 

You can find the illuminators HERE £5.25 and the tints HERE also £5.25 alternatively head down to Superdrugs and break out your beauty card. 

16 May 2011

Half Moon...

Whenever I'm bored I find myself breaking out the nail art pen. I have always wanted to attempt the half moon shizzle, and for a first attempt I think I did a mighty good job. Right up close they may not look perfect but from normal eye distance they look rather amaze if I do say so myself lol.

Are any of you loving half moons...

Wahhhh Rocks....

 Calling all lovers of nails and fashion, iv got a little competition to tickle your taste buds. If youve got a good eye and you fancy winning a piece of clothing from Motel Rocks hop skip over to their facebook page ( HERE ) click like, then simply tell them as many names of the clothing on their site that you can see match up to the prints on the nails.... Simples

I have given you 2 already, so what you waiting for....Go forth and win some clothing

15 May 2011

Desperately Seeking Owain...

The stuff leather dreams are made of, this needs to be mine. Iv been loving this jacket for months now and its only the last couple of days where I thought "screw it, I'm placing an order" especially when my friend informed me she could get 25% off whoop whoop

£195 from All Saints, I headed over to the site to discover there were only a couple of sizes left. But to my horror when I refreshed the page my eyes were assaulted by the following message.... This item is sold out! At this very moment in time I'm not a happy bunny : (, But after searching the web trusty EBay has come to the rescue, thing is I'm not too keen on the prices these sellers are trying to sling these jackets for. I mean £285 hmmmm, I can only hope All Saints bring this baby back into store.

So if any of you see this about or notice its come back into stock, or even know of any jackets that are of close resemblance, please let me know.

Owain- you will be mine *crosses fingers*

7 May 2011

Quick post New Hair

Hey ladies

Just a quick post to say...... I'm now embracing my natural hair colour and iv gone back to the dark side. Don't get me wrong, I loved my brassy auburn locks, but when your looking in the mirror feeling blah its time for a change. Oh and do excuse the crap in the background lol

Are any of you embracing the dark side....?

6 May 2011

M.A.C The C4 Mysteries....

Same shop, same foundation, different colour : /

I'm not to sure whats going down here.... I picked up my usual face and body in C4 but it wasn't until I got home that I noticed something wasn't right. My old one is much darker than the new one. In reality the comparison is much more gasp worthy. I doubt that its oxidised that much as I don't remember C4 being that light when I originally bought it.

 I mean MAC's not just around the corner for me to toddle back down there!!

I have emailed their customer service so hopefully I can get this sorted as I'm not the only one that has had this issue.

So word of warning ladies, check your face and bodies before you leave the store....

5 May 2011

Candy Cane...

(left to right: Coral Reef, Barely there, Heartbreaker and Candy Cane)

Ok, im sure you all know that Sleek have recently bought out a load of new true colour lippies so I will skip that boring part.....

After seeing Candy Cane on Kaushals blog I had to have it. As soon as I got home I whacked it on and instantly fell in love, its so purrrdy....

Its mega hard to photograph though, it keeps bloody coming up pink!! The swatch of it (above) is a lot truer to its colour.

As the lippies are currently on deal in Superdrugs at 2 for £6, of course I picked up 4! its only standard for us make up junkies. They are all very lovely on and most of the colours in the range will suit everyone.

I have included swatches above of the other colours I picked up with the names under the pic. Coral Reef is another one that is annoyingly hard to photograph, GAHHH!! but its one you definitely need to check out.

I'm actually in love with all the lippies I picked up, now I just need to buck up the confidence to walk outside with them on -_-

You can pick up the sleek lippies at Superdrug and on their online store HERE
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