28 April 2011

Bags And Chains Excite Me....

Hey ladies, Just a quick post....
Yesterday I met up with Shirley for a spot of shopping and my new drug.. Chocolate cream frappucino lol.

Just thought I would share on here a couple of pieces I picked up, as I did a haul with Shirley already (up soon) But these a just a few bargain pieces I think you should check out.

Firstly Primark have gone there and totally ripped off the classic box shaped Topshop bag. There was a manky white one on the shelf and I wasn't too sure where they were going with that : / but then I saw this beautiful tan one. It doesn't look at all like it came from Primark. So much so when I whipped it out my bag to show my friend her exact words were "That's nice, is it from Topshop (insert gasp) its from Primark" . For £9 people this is an actual steal.

Secondly the black patent bag that caught my eye whilst I was queuing up. Cute and classic, it has a long strap which is always a must for me and it looks a whole lot more expensive than it actually was *cough cough* £7

And last but not least, whilst I was waiting for Shirley (She was late *shakes head* LOL) I picked up a couple pieces from the GoGo Philip range in Topshop. Im a lover of teeny charms on necklaces so this cute cross £5.50 and heart £7.50 were right up my street. There is another piece I'm lusting for from that stand, and I totally forgot to go back and get it, I now have that annoying "why didn't u just pick it up feeling" inside. I will definitely have to go back.

Anyhoo, I had a lovely day apart from when I had a chunk of MSF natural planted in the middle of my head in Mac!! .....whole other story lol, hope you enjoyed the post.x


26 April 2011

8 Hour Miracles...

Hey guys, just another quick post about something I'm sure everyone knows about. But for those whodont, I'm about to clue you up.
This little tube of goodness you see before you is Elizabeth Arden's 8hr cream, If you have seen it talked about on tv you will already know its one of the top beauty must haves. Basically this one tube of orange gel has a multitude of uses. Dry skin, Sun burn, Chapped lips... whack some of this on and in 8hrs your sure to be in a better place than you began.

You would assume something so moisturising would be greasy, but I don't find that it is at all, its like the skin just absorbs it.

I personally love this stuff, Ive been using it on a random dry patch that likes to come an visit me every time the weather changes, but this time the jokes on the dry patch lol. I have also been using this a highlight, that's right a highlight!!!! its perfect alone for a natural sheen on the cheekbone area or mix it with a pink or gold toned powder to give yourself a radiant boost, and it really lasts.
This is one of those things that should definitely lay beside your carmex in your handbag. You can pretty much pick this up from anywhere nowadays, or just hit google to grab yourself a bargain. Alternatively if you think your lucks in over on the Elizabeth Arden facebook page HERE they are giving away a product a day.

If any of you guys have any other uses for this, let me know....

23 April 2011

Bargain Bikini's...

On an emergency run to find a bikini for an impromptu trip to the Sanctuary, I stumbled across some bargains in H&M. Not wanting to spend a bomb the £3.99 price tag was very much appealing to me.

With different pieces you can choose from to mix and match, I opted for a standard black and a lovely bright print ( that looks amazing with a tan) before I had to make the sensible decision to calm myself.

It was the plunging V on the front of these bikini tops that sold me, I thought it was very cute. Not to mention the fact you can tie the back and that they include a removable halter neck strap.

These bikinis look very cute on, but I would suggest that whatever size you are, you go bigger in the bottoms. When I got home it was all a tad "hello bum cheek"

There were loads to choose from, so if your looking to add to your collection without spending a bomb, this could be the way to go.

18 April 2011

Peach Melba

 When Barry M's latest news letter made an appearance in my mailbox, this is one of the things on it I standardly had to have.

With my passion for peaches slowly spiraling out of control, Peach Melba just had to be the newest addition to my collection. So blatantly duping Illamasqua's Purity but at a fraction of the price, this colour is a must have.

Next time you've got some spare change in your pocket, head down to you local drug store....

And ohh ohhh my lovely mate set up a fashion blog today. Seriously she is fashion, if you dont follow, your insane! you can check her first post out HERE and follow her antics on twitter HERE . Tell her I sent ya lol.x


13 April 2011

Can You See My Halo

Hey Ladies, once again sorry for the lack of posts. Theres so much crap going on at the moment and to top it off I have now got a cold combined with hay fever....Kill me now!

Also sorry for the mirror in mirror pic and the state of my messy room -_- until I get myself another camera and a tripod this is just the way the cookie will crumble.

Anyhoo onto the good stuff..... Can you see my Halo??? not my real one, I mean my hair extensions. I have had these now for about 11 weeks and they are still going strong. The ones I have are these ones HERE . They are 20" Remy human hair extensions (so can be heat styled) and are in the shade chocolate brown.

I got a full head in this pack which costs £59.99 and consists of 8 pieces. 4 pieces with one clip, 2 pieces with 3 clips and 2 pieces with 2 clips. This is more than enough for one persons head, most of the time I will only use 3 long wefts and 2 of the small clips.

So, I have had these for 11 weeks and I must say they are rather amazing. They add volume and length and the colour match for my hair is so perfect they are undetectable. When these first arrived, I was rather impressed. Being a hair extension virgin, I didn't know what to expect but the hair was really soft and thick.

I whacked them in without any issues, literally part your hair and clip them in. At first I was worried that one gust of wind would have me chasing pieces of hair down the high street, but when clipped in they are so secure you can tug on your hair and they wont budge.

I missed my long locks and I am happy to say that these give me the comfort that I need without looking fake.

I will definitely be purchasing my next lot in time for my friends wedding.

You can check out Halos site HERE

If I have missed anything feel free to leave any questions below.x

2 April 2011

Polka Dotting...

Hey ladies.... So I'm not dead -_-

I have just been so busy I haven't had the chance to fit blogging in. So much so I actually tweeted today that I was going to take a little break away from it. But whilst I was chilling out on the sofa playing with my nails, I decided to take a few snaps as I knew it would be something you would (hopefully) like.

With a little help from Barry M white, Models Own Nude Beige and a sewing pin I went polka dot crazy.

Its really easy to do, just paint your nails as normal load up your sewing pin and dollop.

I think I'm going to do a pastel base next, its all the rage darlings......

p.s I will be trying to update as much as I can, but please bare with me if I don't. If you begin to miss me so much you cant cope anymore, you can always follow my antics HERE

Until next time .... *blows kiss*
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