24 December 2010

Merry Christmas.....

Hey ladies I just thought I would do a quick post wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I doubt I will be posting again until the new year, so I hope you all have a good one. If you happen to miss me whilst im on my little break, check out these lovely ladies....
Sammi , Shirley and Kaushal

Eat something naughty for


23 December 2010

Fire Eyes.......

Hey girls I'm back with an eye look courtesy of MeMeMe Cosmetics.

MeMeMe have recently launched a number of quad and trio eye shadows for us to create the ultimate party looks aided by an easy step by step guide.....

For this look I will be using the fire quad and the eye sweep precision eye definer (liquid liner)

Left to right: Orange, Hot Pink, Rustic Red and Gold. I think the colours are really pretty and although they are subtle they have just the right amount of pigmentation to make a statement.

Oh and ladies if your like me and you only appreciate a true black liner I suggest you give this one a try, its so black!!!

Sadly as I'm not at home I'm without my make up brushes, but I'm not one to let something so minor stand in my way. Armed with my fingers, a cotton bud and my 4 step instructions I went to work.

Ant the finished look.....

Considering I used my fingers I was surprised at how lovely it looked, I cant wait to do it with a brush. The instructions are so simple there is no way you could go wrong.

MeMeMe Quads are priced at £6.50 , Trios are £5.50 and The liner £6.50
You can check out all the eye looks HERE where products are also available or you can head down to your local Superdrug store.

So what do you girlies think of my fire eyes?

18 December 2010

I want to try hair extensions.....

Over Christmas and new years I always want to do something different, or at least wake up on new years day feeling different.

I spotted this image in a hair mag (so exuse the massive light reflection at the top) a few days back and fell in love, I'm a sucker for loose messy curls. I love everything about this picture the makeup and the hair so I will definitely be re creating this look over new years if I decide to go out.
I could create this look on my own hair, but realistically when its the party season you want to go all out. In other words the bigger the hair the better.

I want my hair to stay voluminous minus the hair spray, so that's where your help comes in......

Can you recommend me some good quality clip in hair extensions???

And do any of you like to have a change for new years.....

13 December 2010

The Lisa Shepherd Experience

Hey girlies, I was recently invited to the Lisa Shepherd London Salon to get my hair done...... errr what girl would say no to that!

To most of us Lisa is known as the lady who coloured people's hair on ten years younger, but I was heading there for an appointment with Jason Cocking.
He has been in the business for 15 years and styled the locks of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nigella and Cat Deely just to name a few. He was also the colourist on the recent Guy Ritchie film, Sherlock Holmes.

First off let me tell you how lovely the salon is, No wait actually you can see for yourself...

Very sleek and modern, and I was loving the egg shaped seats ( I'm such a child)

So onto the hair...

I could have taken advantage off this and changed my whole look, but no what does little old boring me do, I chicken out and opt for my roots being lifted, a trim, A vegetable colour gloss, some weight being taken out the sides and a straight blow dry.

Even though Its a minor change, I love it. The colour is perfect and my hair is much bouncier now that the weights been taken out. The dead ends are gone too, it had to be done.....

Beam me up Scottie......

After the above picture was taken I had my hair washed. The chair I was sitting in massaged my back whilst I was given the most amazing head massage. I could of actually fell asleep.

This was my hair when I got home, I did get a bit wind swept on the way -_-. I love the shine, it was insane when I stepped out of the salon, and I definitely caught a few ladies giving me the side eye on the way home. (Haha!)

The whole experience was great, I was really looked after. Most importantly I was listened too, there was no crazy scissor action going on here!

I felt like I was in there for no time at all, and I was loving that the hair colours they used develop in 10 minutes.

I didn't think anyone would be able to handle my hair but oh my I was so proved wrong. To blow dry my hair is a job in itself, Jason is the only person in my life that has given me a perfect blow dry using just a brush, my old hairdresser gave up half way through (the cheek!!) I think he deserves a medal.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at the salon, especially to Jason for conquering the bush that is my hair, I love it

Ladies don't ever say a man cant do a good job....


11 December 2010

Check Mate- Nail Art

Just a quick post for you ladies featuring Barry M Raspberry. I forgot I had this baby tucked away *slaps wrist*

I decided to have a little play around with my nail art pen on one of my nails, and came up with this cute checker board effect....

How I achieved the look...

I first painted my nails with the Barry M polish

I then painted 4 black lines down and 6 across (you can also use black liquid liner if you haven't got a nail art pen)

Finally I filled in each square alternately in black


I think I'm loving nail art on one finger at the moment, whats your favourite pattern?

10 December 2010

I Need A Curl Friend...

Some of you may have seen me post this wild like bush on twitter a while back before I went to bed.

Please don't be alarmed, I did not stick my finger in a socket, this is my hair when its left to air dry naturally. The above picture was taken when it was about 70% dry, It only grew bigger with time -_- I used to have much more of it when I was younger and was nicknamed 'lion' whenever anyone had attempted to give it a blow dry, and again -_-

Its all well and good having hair like this if you've got an on tap zoo keeper to tame it, which I sadly do not have. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever tamed my hair in its natural state, Its definitely in a league of its own

Enter Umberto Giannini new Curl Friends range, designed to help curly head girls stay frizz free....

The Hairspray...
This spray is one like no other, no matter how much you spray, it never gives your hair that crunchy cornflake feeling. It smells lovely and definitely keeps style in place for a solid few hours. I would recommend this to anyone really, I have used this when my hairs straight and its just as good.

The Serum....
Designed to keep frizz at bay and enhance your curls leaving them shiny and smooth, without leaving you looking like you have dunked your head in a bucket of grease. This definitely passed the test, I pumped a lot of this stuff into my hair and all I got was shine, no grease. I do have the type of hair that soaks up moisture like a sponge though, so bare that in mind.

The Mask...
If you love the feel of a rich intensive mask slathered all over your head, then you will love this whether your hair is curly or straight. The treatment itself is an intensive moisturising conditioner that helps tame frizz and repair damage hair. I kept this on my hair for around 10 min, and wrapped my head up with cling film and a warm towel (oh the glamour). Once I had rinsed this out my hair felt so soft and there was a definite shine.

All in all I love, and I would say you could definitely use these whether your hair is straight or curly. If you are going to try these on naturally straight hair, make sure your hair is on the thicker side as I'm not sure if these would weigh down thinner hair.

Sadly my hair defeated these products, although my curls were much more defined my root area was just out of control, which is the norm for me. I gave in and headed to my straighteners, but I was left with uber shiny hair so that was a bonus.

I'm fighting a losing battle when it comes to taming my natural hair, I'm never going to win.

The Curl Friends range is available in Boots right now, but isn't available online yet.

Each product retails at £4.89

Have any of you tried these? or maybe you just have a magic tip for dealing with unruly curly hair....


9 December 2010

Its Cristmassss (well soon anyway)

Christmas is around the corner people, well 16 days away to be exact.....

Have I put my tree up...NO

Have I bought any presents...Umm NO

Ive got double the pressure because its my little girls birthday on the 22nd and I don't do the joint present thing, I have always thought that was a tad cruel.

I don't know whats wrong with me this year, last year I was all over Christmas like a moth to a flame, Presents were sorted by October.

Am I the only one that's a bit slow off the mark this year? I think I need to get my booty in check and head for the shops asap.

If you've come across any Christmas bargains or if you have any cute cost effective ideas for me, please (with a big fat cherry on top) leave them below.....

7 December 2010

Bargains All Round

Hey ladies so sorry I have been MIA for the past few days, I have had a rather crazy weekend. But fear not I'm back with a post, and its a little random at that. Today I thought Id share with you a couple of things I'm loving from two ends of the spectrum.... Fashion and Beauty

First up we have Superdrugs Vitamin E creams, One for the day and one for the night. At £2.99 I cant stress enough what a worthwhile bargain these creams are. They keep my skin looking radiant, feeling soft and constantly hydrated. Neither of them are greasy, The night cream isn't too heavy and it leaves your skin feeling baby bum soft. The day cream soaks into the skin nicely leaving you the perfects canvas to apply your make up, It also has the added bonus of SPF 15.
I also have very sensitive skin, so I'm wary as to what touches it. I haven't had a single issue with these. I definitely think you should try these for a couple weeks next time your moisturiser runs out.
Next up..... The Aviator
I have wanted one on these for ever. With the one I had my eye on costing a whopping £150 I controlled myself knowing that one day I would find one that looked just like it.

And Primark does it again!! as soon as I saw this I had to double take, just to make sure I was actually in the right shop.

They payed attention to every single detail, from the buckles to the zips. The best thing is that it looks exactly the same as the £150 one I was eyeing up, but of course its not leather.

I think you all will agree it was a steal at £25 !!! although I do remember the days when a jacket in Primark cost no more than £15, where are they going with their prices nowadays *ROLLS EYES*


2 December 2010

A Blogging Milestone....

Hey girlie's, I just wanted to write this post to say a BIG thank you to all that follow my antics in my little blogging space.

Yesterday was a happy/shocking moment for me as I reached 1000 followers. I tell you I nearly shed a tear lol. Never did it once cross my mind that people would take an interest in what I have to say.

The biggest thank you goes out to my brother, because if it wasn't for him and his crazy ways I would have never started blogging when I did. He basically took a 2 and a half hour journey on the train from Bournemouth to London, then the underground and then a train to my house with 2 bags of luggage over his arm whilst he clutched a full sized computer tower for dear life. My mouth nearly hit the floor when I met him at the station, I was literally like "WTF". We then got the Internet up and running, and late one night I was like "I'm going to start blogging". I was a bit reluctant when I said it but he talked me out of that, and that's how Beauty And The Blog was born.

Blogging means a lot to me. Its my space where I can share whatever I want when ever I want. Although I do it for fun, its opened my eyes to a whole new world and given me opportunities that would have never crossed my path before. I have also met some great people too.

I also love interacting with you guys, that's probably the best bit. So don't feel shy to leave your thoughts/opinions or recommendations on products or leave me ideas on what kind of things you might want to see here in the future, it helps me a lot, without ideas this space is nothing.

I hope to be introducing a few new things to my blog soon. I also want to do some sort of competition as a thank you, but I don't know what yet so keep your eyes peeled.

If you've got a minute, come and say hi.....

Thank you again to everyone old and new that support my blog *individual kisses to all* .xxxx

1 December 2010

3 For 2

Superdrug are currently holding 3 for 2 mix 'n' match across all cosmetics, and there's no rush getting down there either as this marvelous deal ends in January.

I picked up the 2 Sleek blushes I was lusting after: Sunrise (L) and Rose Gold. At first I couldn't find them, and I felt a slight tantrum building up inside of me when the S.A told me they didn't stock them anymore "SAY WHAAAT" but just before I was ready to roll my eyes and start moaning to my friend, she told me she may have a couple stashed away in the draw, and she did woohoo!!

I also randomly discovered this beauty by Sue Moxley. It was said to be a bronzer so of course I was like "This isn't a bronzer!!" *swatch* and it definitely isn't. But it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

It looks a lot like something that could have come from mac, its dome shaped, finely milled and the powder itself is super soft. The packaging is really nice and it has a massive mirror in the lid, as well as a brush to apply, which is a bit 'meh' to be honest.

I have been applying this with my duo fibre brush to set my foundation, and its lovely. It gives a beautiful soft focus sheen to the skin without making you look white and dusty.

Swatches above from Left to Right: Sleek Sunrise, Sue Moxley-Miami and Sleek Rose Gold

I love all of these and would happily buy them again, especially Rose Gold, its so gorgeous.

Sleek Blushes - £3.99
Sue Moxley Miami - £6

Have any of you taken advantage of the 3 or 2? I think I want to try the Loreal Voluminous Mascara so I will definitely be going back......
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