30 November 2010


No I'm not being self absorbed, I'm talking about MeMeMe Cosmetics. They have revamped their whole brand and introduced a rainbow of new nail polish shades to their collection.

Four of the shades from left to right:80 Impulsive -a bright yellow mustard (not for the faint hearted) , 83 proud- Khaki green, 58 Indulgent- a light grey and 79 Patient- a red wine
I must admit I am a fan of these shades (not so much the bright yellow)with the grey being my fave. The polish is the right consistency to achieve an even finish after 2 coats.

They are marketed as quick dry high gloss, I would definitely agree with the quick dry part but the 'gloss' is borderline matte (nothing a top coat cant fix)

Also, as most of you probably know I don't do messy when it comes to nails lol, and the pictures above actually make me shudder. The reason being.......the brush inside these polishes is too wide and way too square. This means you cant get the perfect shape when you push the polish towards your cuticle, and you have to start angling the brush which is just a pain *sigh*

Aside from that its all good

You can pick up MeMeMe from Superdrug or their site which is HERE RRP £4.50

I'm actually eyeing up a few more shades to add to my never ending nail polish collection. Have any of you tried these?

26 November 2010

Style Without The Sound

Yesterday I took advantage of the ASOS 20% discount and free next day delivery, not full advantage mind....... as I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet : /

I placed my order at around 4pm yesterday, and my door was being knocked at 7am this morning.......
I whittled down 10 pieces of jewellery to 2, please don't ask me how, this is some what of a miracle to me too. I picked up these babies because they were so simple put different. I'm not really a fan of bling, but I was drawn to these like a moth to a flame.
You don't even wear them like you would a standard chain, they simply just hang round your neck. I hope I don't lose them ........

I also picked up this tusk bracelet, which looks A-MAZ-ING on. Is it possible to love a piece of jewellery?

The best thing is the price
Head phone necklace £11.00 HERE
Tusk bracelet £6 HERE
I know Asos offer a free delivery as standard, so I think I will be popping over there soon to pick up the treasure I had to leave behind.

Did any of you take advantage.......

25 November 2010

30 Second Smokey Eye

I made this purchase after viewing THIS video on Glamours site. I am a sucker for a smokey eye, and to be honest I have probably already got an identical colour to this laying around gathering dust somewhere, but I couldn't help myself.

The shade 'Night Jewel' available from the Rimmel Glam eyes mono range, is perfect for the Christmas season as it has a touch of sparkle but not too much.

Swatched lightly with my finger, at first glance the colour pay off didn't really impress me. But when applied with a brush its a totally different story.
The colour is much deeper, and to be honest these pictures don't really do it justice. The deep metallic tone is perfect for those who may find black too harsh. I have slightly exaggerated the look so my annoying camera would pick it up,but when done subtly it gives such a nice definition to the eyes, especially if they are light in colour like mine.

How to achieve the look

1.Simply pat the eyeshadow all over the lid using an eyeshadow brush, the more you pack on the deeper the colour.

2. Then blend out the edges using a blending brush ( anything small and fluffy will do)

That's it, your done!

Rimmel eyeshadow RRP £4.49 - Superdrug/Boots and Savers

Are any of you a lover of a smokey eye?

24 November 2010

Video Smideo

After two days of trying to upload a video on here, I had to give in and do it via youtube.It probably wont last long on there so if you haven't seen it, hop over HERE and take a look. Its gone now, but thanks to those who took a peek and left me some lovely comments.

Some of you may be thinking why has it gone.....?? well I feel so uncomfortable on youtube, I defo think blogging is my thang!

My post shall resume tomorrow as normal. Things have been a tad hectic lately, but Iv got something good for you that will tie into the up coming party season nicely....

My spark is definitely back!!!!

18 November 2010

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Liners

If your a lover of a bargain, then this may just be another one to add to your list. Collection 2000 have jumped on the wagon of felt tip liners.

As well as your standard black, they have also added blue, purple and teal

The colours are bold, vibrant, fast drying and definitely have staying power.

Sadly the black isn't the blackest of black, but you can make the colour deeper by going over your liner twice.

I have been using the black shade for the past week and its safe to say it doesn't budge for a good few hours, and that's on my annoyingly oily lids. I actually quite love it! I'm too scared to try the others on my eyes, as when I tried to wash the swatches off my hand they left behind some lovely stains. So by that you can probably gather they are not going to budge either.

Oh and if you don't like the smell of felt tip, don't shove one under your nose like I did. The smell isn't prominent, but its there.

All round I think these are quite a bargain, you get what you pay for and I would definitely recommend the black just to carry around as a back up.

rrp £2.99 from Superdrug

Have any of you tried these?


13 November 2010

Colour Sensations....

I love Maybelline colour sensations. It was one of these lipsticks that made me realise I could wear lipstick. Recently they added some new shades to the range as well as expanding it with the newly advertised colour sensation pearl.

As well as smelling sweet and yummy,I find these lippies to be very nourishing. Swatches below are in the same order as above.
I have also done some lip swatches for you. I haven't used anything to block out my natural lip colour which is actually quite dark, so please be aware the colours could look a lot different on someone else.
Pink punch is a bit brighter in reality (bloody camera) and kiss pearl is slightly more pearly.

The colour sensation lipsticks are very pigmented especially the brighter shades. I usually find one swipe enough for me. On the other hand, colour sensation pearl is more natural looking, great for those who prefer a more subtle lip. The colour pay off is sheer and natural leaving lips with just a hint of colour.

You can pick up these lovely lippies from Superdrugs or Boots
Colour Sensation rrp £6.99
Colour Sensation pearl rrp £7.19

Whats your favourite Colour Sensation?

11 November 2010

Hey Fatty Balm Balm.....

Eyeko have recently released their new and improved fat balms. Available in 4 scented flavours- toffee, raspberry, frosting, minty, strawberry and cherry they are in fact 2 products in one, as they can be used on the cheeks as well as the lips for a light flush of colour. I have got my mitts on toffee, the most natural shade....

with this fat balm being on the nude side, it is very wearable on the lips as well as the cheeks. I apply a little to my cheekbones for a subtle dewy finish.

Eyeko fat balms also contain an spf of 15 and jojoba oil to help protect your lips as well as keep them nourished.

These balms are priced at £6 each, you can check out the other shades on their site HERE and for swatches of frosting and minty check out pearls and poodles latest post HERE

Are any of you loving the fat balms, whats your flavour?


10 November 2010

Tweethearts Big Hair And Lucious Lips

Hey girlie's, sorry for the brief departure. I had an issue with a new laptop I bought, after three days it had a melt down. Its all good now though I picked up a new one so I'm finally set up and good to go. I have literally been blogging through my phone for the past 6 months, so its good to be back at a laptop and hitting real keys rather than a mobile phone screen. Also in that time I reached 900 followers, so a big thank you to everyone that stuck with me and the people that joined me.

So onto the post. I was recently tweeting about the Umberto Giannini 'Backcomb in a bottle'. I had been trying to get my hands on it for ages with each trip to my local Boots being a major fail. As I tweeted my upset, another lovely lady '@MandyKhaira' tweeted me saying she couldn't get hold of it either.

A little time passed,like 30 mins lol and she tweeted me again saying she finally found it on a 3 for 2 in boots and picked it up. She said one was for her friend one was for her and I could have the spare one. I offered her money but she declined saying it was a gift from her beauty addict heart. I thought that was so sweet, so after ensuring she wasn't a sweaty old man that just wanted my address, I emailed her my details and look what came yesterday.......

The first thing I did was tweet her a big 'thank you' because not only did she send me this, she threw in something else too (that I will get onto in a moment.)
Clearly being me,I wasn't just going to open this and let it sit there, so I sprayed it.......

It took the section of hair I sprayed it on up north, it wasn't sticky or crunchy but I definitely think there is a knack to using this so expect a review soon.

She also threw in a favourite of hers and I think its now a favourite of mine.

Its the Lancome colour fever lippie in '204 Beige Everyday'. Its such a natural pretty sheer lipstick. I'm actually wearing it in the top picture. I think it gives my lips that extra something something.

If your reading this, thanks again Mandy

And for the rest of you what do you think about the backcomb in a bottle? are you loving it or hating it?

Are you loving my new lovely lippie?


1 November 2010

Best Tip Ever

Want your liner to STAY on your water line? Then keep reading....

Im not really a youtube person, but when I am in need of a tip, its the first place I head.

I had given up on lining my water line as the liner just never seemed to stay put. So whilst laying in bed I started punching every variation of 'eyeliner tips' into youtube. A load of things came up so I clicked on the video with the most views. It was by a girl called juicystar I think (Il find it and link it below)

Anyhoo, she shared a tip that every girl should know.

All you need is....

A cotton bud
Your chosen liner
An eye shadow in a dark shade
And a brush

So here are the steps
1. Lightly sweep the cotton bud along your water line to soak up any moisture

2. Line your eyes with your chosen liner,I used a gel one by sleek

3. Once you have lined your eyes, take your brush to your chosen eye shadow, tap off excess then lightly pat it over your liner

Thats it,your done!!

I had to share this for those who may have also been in the dark like me because it REALLY works.

I applied my liner at 10.30am on Saturday and removed my make up on x factors first add break, which I believe is after 9pm. The liner was still there and in tact with a slight wear on the outer corners, that was hardly noticeable.

I had to clean my water line to get the liner off! Enough said....

You can check out the video HERE

I hope this helps other ladies like me,let me know if you try it.
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