27 September 2010

Liz Earle-Cleanse Tone Moisturise

We all know the sayin "If it isn't broken,dont fix it" but I tend to let my curiosity get the better of me,which is quite brave when it comes to skin care.

I have heard so many people rave about Liz Earle,so when I had the chance to try it,I was on it like a bee to honey.

As they are well known for their natural ingredients and their no fuss approach to skin care,I preyed this would suite my sensitive skin to a T.

I have been using the range around 6 weeks now,so its fair to say I can share a worth while opinion.

The range I tried consisted of the famous cleanse and polish,Instant boost skin tonic and the skin repair moisturiser.

First up,Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser.

Containing ingredients such as cocoa butter,eucalyptus essential oil,rosemary and chamomile,this cleanser is second to none,and I can personally see why its so famous.

I dont think I need to ramble too much about this,as its very well known.

This comes with a muslin cloth(natural exfoliant),which you rinse in (hand bearable) hot water,before you remove the cleanser.This essentually polishes the skin,leaving it,soft,smooth and clean.

I personally love this,the thick creamy texture is moisturising and gentle enough to also take over the eye area.

I usually wipe my make up off with a facial wipe,followed by this to get a deeper clean.

I never really had a problem with my skin before,but i've found that this has given it the extra boost it needs.

If you try one thing out the range,I would definitely recommend this.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic:

I use this every morning without fail,I feel like it wakes me up and gives my skin a refreshed feeling.

I simply soak a cotton pad,and sweep it over my face and neck.

It has a light floral scent which by no means is over powering.Combined with the cleanser its definitely helped on the radiant side of things.

Lastly,Skin Repair Moisturiser:

As you can see from the picture below,I've nearly finished my pot (sad times)

I like that this cream contains vitamin E,as my previous moisturiser was in fact a vitamin E cream.But I would say I prefer a cream with an added spf,which this does not contain as far as im aware.

I apply this after using the skin tonic.I just dot it over my face,and rub it all in,in an upward motion.

Im not sure if this has made a difference to the appearance of my skin,but its made a difference to the softness.

Once again,this also has a light natural scent.

The fact that this is so rich, but doesn't leave skin greasy is a plus point in my books.

Im just going to put it out there,that I will be purchasing this set once this ones finished.It isnt easy finding products that work well on sensitive skin.

I thought my skin was good before,but these products have taken given my skin to a next level.Without sounding like a cheesey ad,its like my face is lit from within.

Im actually hooked!

Cleanse and polish 100ml starter kit £13
Skin Boost Tonic 200ml £11.50
Skin Repair Moisturiser 50ml £17.25

All can be found at

Have any of you tried any of these,or are you planning too?
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18 September 2010

Gosh Intense Lip Colour

I haven't even worn these yet,but the colours excite me


From the Gosh autumn collection shade 302 (nudey toffee brown) n the left,and 301 (a deep rose pink)

The pink has actually photographed brighter than its true colour.

They both have mirrors on them,and...

They light up via a button,located on the top of the lid,for those times you may need to top up,but its too dark!

What more could a girl want......

Available from the 29th of September RRP £7.99.There are also 4 other brighter shades in the collection

What do you girlies think to these?
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14 September 2010

Purple Rain

Im pretty sure this may have already featured on my blog.

Models own purple Rain,a perfect deep purple toned blue.

Very fitting for todays weather....

I cant believe I forgot I had this in my collection.Im loving it all over again.

what do you think?
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I have had my ego dryer for close to a year now,no doubt the people that sent it my way would like to beat me round the head with it....

This isnt your usual hairdryer,they call it a sunny dryer because instead of it blowing your hair all over the place,it uses gentle heat to penetrate the hair from the inside out,rather than just scorching the outside.

This has a 2000 watt motor,3 heat settings,2 speed settings and a cool shot.

I wasnt using a particular special dryer before this one,just a standard one purchased from a high street hair shop that was nearing 9 years old!

When I first used this I did notice that it dried my hair a hell of a lot quicker than anything I had used before.My hair wasnt left looking frazzled and frizzy either.

On my quest to grow out my hair,having this in my life is definitely worth it.Having the dryer pointed at my head for a reduced amount of time,means less heat which means less damage.Anything that keeps my hair healthy gets the thumbs up from me.

This is available from salons across the country as well as Selfridges and Harrods
RRP £109.99

It is pricey,but if your looking for a professional piece of kit,its worth it in the long run.It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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13 September 2010

Bargain Bits

The other day whilst in superdrug I picked up a couple of things I never usually buy.

Collection 2000's 16 hour wear concealer and a lipstick from the MUA range.

First up is the lippie in shade 11.I ended up buying this because it was the first time I had played with the MUA range,and after swatching away like a kid in a candy store,I liked this colour the best.

Im not sure how to describe the colour,but you can make up your own mind from the swatch above.

You can see the moisture in this lipstick and suprisingly it lasts.I say suprisingly,because it only cost £1

Next up,concealer...

Iv never wear concealer,but after seeing so many reviews on this,I had to pick it up.(never know when you may need it)

Above there are 2 swatches.On the left a solid swipe, and next to it,blended out.

I hope you can see the blended out swatch,as its the reason I fell in love with this.As well as concealing,it also brightens.

I think this costed about £3-4

Im actually loving these two things at the moment.

Whats your favourite bargain?? do share...

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12 September 2010

Mission aborted....

I was on a mission,a beauty mission,a mission that would leave me with longer stronger lashes in just 30 days.All I was armed with was this....

Rimmels new Lash Accelerator mascara

With claims that this could instantly make lashes appear 80% longer as well as helping to strengthen,renew and nourish lashed, due to its unique grow lash complex.I was sold,especially if I was going to have the said 117% longer fuller lashes in just 30 days.

So to get the best from this mascara you need to use it everday,which I did.

Its a nice mascara to apply,and it definitely lengthened my lashes after a couple of coats.

The brush is long and slightly curved,which allows you to catch all lashes in one sweep.I also like that its a fibre brush,as im not a fan of the plastic ones that are floating around.

Once aplied lashes aren't left feeling crispy,and its easy to remove.

I started this mission with an open mind,but sadly had to abort.After 8 days of usage my lashes started falling out.I carried on,and tried to ignore it,but after 10 days I aborted! the fall out was getting stupid,and I can already see my lashes are thinner than usual and looking rather sparse. :-(

(I would usually insert a picture of my lashes here,but their in hiding)

On the plus side,when my lashes fell out,they were definitely looking longer than usual.....

Its just a pitty I couldnt carry on.

This was my individual experience with this product.What may not work for me,may work for others,and vice verser.

Have any of you tried this yet?

And if any of you know of any mascaras that offer amazing volume (not maybeline ones) please let me know,my lashes need you.....
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8 September 2010

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick

I was recently invited to attend the Nars pop up shop in selfridges,to be introduced to their latest range exclusive to oxford street until the 1st of October.

Im not a lover of lippie,as I can never find a shade that suits me *sobs* but as they were colour matching us to the perfect shade,I felt there was nothing to lose.

So up top are the 6 matt shades,sorry if its slightly out of focus.
NOT in order,the shades are:
Versuvio- Full Bodied Red
Tashkent- Nude Beige
Volga- Deep aubergine Bangkok-Soft Rose
Terre de feu - Black Cherry
Tonkin- Cinnamon Plum
I was also told each lippie contains vitamin E,acai oil and mango butter,to keep lips moisturised and conditioned.Which is great,because nobody wants overly dry matte lips.

After a little chat about my fear of lipstick,I was matched to Tonkin,a cinamon plum that was perfect for everyday wear.I was shocked at how well it suited me,It was like my lips but better.

Upon leaving we were given our shade to take home.I was rather peeved I forgot to pick up the lip liner used on me,so hunted out a dupe which cost me £2.99 (thanks rimmel)
In the swatch above Tonkin (L) Liner (R)

I will eventually have some picks up of me wearing this,but right now I look a mess,so lets swiftly move on from that.....

My thoughts: I have never tried a matte lipstick before,the word matte immediately makes me think drying,but these are the total opposite.My lips didnt feel or look dry at all.I also think that the finish on these isnt overly matte,they have a slight softness about them.

Although there is only 6 shades in the range,theres definitely one to suit all.

Pure matte is exclusive selfridges until the 1st of october,after which,will be available in all stores.

Price £18

So what do you girlies think,have you picked up any of these yet?
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7 September 2010


Hi all,sorry for the disappearing act.I was actually thinking of packing blogging in for good,but after a little break im feeling much better.

So onto the subject in hand,TRESemmé instant refresh (dry shampoo)

Theres two different kinds you can get your mitts on.The standard dry shampoo which claims to remove oil and boost body,Or the waterless foam.

First up: Dry shampoo.
I just want to say MOVE over batiste because you haven't got nothing on this.

I have used batiste in the past to freshen my locks between washes,loving the volume it gave at the time,but hating how it made my hair feel over the following days.It would feel like there was some kind of residue in my root area just tangling my hair together as time went on.
With this spray theres no residue and I still get the volume I craved.It didnt dry out my hair,and because the spray is clear,theres no more dreaded white hair.

All round I would definitely recommend this.Especially if deep down you hate Batiste,but never had an option.

Next: Waterless foam

Yes,thats right foam! At first I was a tad dubious too,after playing about with it thats all gone out the window.

Aimed at people that may have slightly dryer locks,this claims to remove oil from the roots and moisturise your lengths.I am happy to say it does do what it says.The first time I used this,I tested it on my ends and was pleasantly surprised,especially at the shine it left behind.

Not one to use if your in a rush I must say,as you do need to blast your hair with a hairdryer, to get rid of the slight dampness this leaves behind.

Once you have done that,theres no faulting the result.My hair was left soft, refreshed,and there was no residue build up either.

I forgot to add,I have an extremely sensitive scalp,and neither of these irritated it in any way.

Although I was sent these, I will definitely repurchase these myself when this batch runs out.My opinion is ALWAYS honest.

Both products retail around the £5 mark.This gets you 150ml of waterless foam and 200ml of dry shampoo.

What are your thoughts on dry shampoo,do you have a favourite?
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