28 August 2010

New Eyeko Polishes

Eyeko have released two new polishes

Chi Chi polish,a light pink polish laced with pink glitter

And punk polish,a bright neon pink,which Is under the spot light today.

Punk polish isnt exactly new,its back by popular demand,and I can see why.I was attracted to this colour instantly.

Only downfall is the formulation.Its thick and gloopy and didnt go on well at all until I added a few drops of thinner.

It also dries with more of a matt shine.

Aside from that,im still loving the colour,I have been wearing it for two days,and theres no sign of mr chip yet.

I haven't yet tried the chi chi polish,but will get a second post up when I do.

These are available from
rrp £3.50

And dont forget to use my code if you pick anything up,ur get a little freebie

Whats your thoughts on these new shades?
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27 August 2010

Web Exclusive- St Tropez

Love your tanner do you,love showing the rain whos boss by letting out those pins! If thats you and your a lover of St Tropez then their latest deal is for you.

St Tropez have put together a festival kit to give you those perfect pins.The set includes:
Everyday perfect legs 150ml
Bronzing powder 8G
And a powder brush

At a cost of £35 you save £12 and that also includes free delivery.

This deal ends on the 31st of August,So if you like the sound of it check it out at
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26 August 2010

Baked To Last- Bronzer

Yesterday blush,today bronzer

Meet the other members of the Body Shops baked to last collection.

Theres a shade for lighter skin tones,in warm glow

And a shade for darker skin tones,which is in Golden bronze

Below I have swatched them both heavily.Just like the blushers they are very sheer and buildable.

Due to swirling my finger around in my bronzers,iv now messed up the pretty pattern! dam you swatches!

Anyhoo,back to the subject.....

I tend to use the lighter shade as its more suited to my skin.I think its really pretty and although this also contains a shimmer,they havent gone overboard.

The thing I like most about these bronzers,is that there not a solid block of one colour.You can definitely see swirls of different shades,and im sure I've detected a hint of pearly pink in the lighter shade.

Best of all you dont get that ' I've just fallen in dirt' look,and they last.

RRP £14

Have any of you tried these?
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25 August 2010

Baked To Last - Blush

I attended the body shop bloggers event a while back now,and these little beauts were in our goody bag.

Part of their latest bake to last range,these blushers/highlight offer a sheer natural colour to the cheeks,leaving behind an added glow.

Because these blushers are really sheer when applied,I have heavily swatched them so you can see the colours clearer.
Below we have blush shade coral,which recently I have been using alot.

Then we have shade Petal

Here we have them mixed with the highlight

Petal:Left Coral:Right

At first glance you can see the shimmer on these babies,but when applied and blended out I think the results are quite nice,and not at all over powering.I dont think anyones going for disco ball cheeks nowadays!

A little goes a long way and they do have staying power.

I used petal a couple of times,but the coral has been getting a good bashing.I will definitely be purchasing that one when mine runs out.

I almost forgot,these look great with a tan!

rrp £12

Have any of you tried these?

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19 August 2010

Smoothies For My Booty

I recently bought Company mag for the pure fact the lovely make up savvy gave me a little mention when she was asked who would she 'follow friday' Im such a loser but I was well excited."Thanks again chic"

A couple of goodies came free with the mag,one being a radox shower smoothie

This particular one was coconut crushed with almonds and myrrh.(hmm yes I dont know what myrrh is either)

The smell of this stuff alone is enough to make u want to jump in the shower and lather up.

I must look like some kind of addict constantly popping the lid off this miniature sized baby,just to take a whiff!

I used this today and im officially sold,the smell the moisture the everything.

Im so stocking up next time im out,I wonder what other ones they have?

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17 August 2010

Finally mine-Barry M Mushroom

I finally got my hands on it

Even though I freshly painted my nails yesterday,I had to replace it with this.

Some of you may just see a boring brown.I personally love it because iv ALWAYS wanted a colour like this minus the hefty price tag! At £2.50 you cant actually go wrong.

Barry M youve done it again!

Are any of you loving this colour,or any others by Barry M at the moment?
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16 August 2010

Happy 101 Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Marcia over at let there be shopping to do this....

I havent done a tag for so long so thought why not.Roll on the ten things that make me happy. and shopping for clothes






8.dressing up

9.baking bed

Its so hard to think of things on the spot.I now have to tag 10 people hmmmm.....

I tag

Milly-pearls and poodles
Laura-The beauty spark88
Onna-Onnas little blog
Sophie-Sophie rose87
Yinka-vex in the city

Umm I cant actually think of 10 people *fail* feel free to do it anyway,I tag you all.

what makes you happy?
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14 August 2010

Dip It And Twist It

Ooh 2 post from me in one day you lucky lot,I may have tomorrow as my day off lol.

I bought this the other day at superdrug because well,I felt I needed something for those lazy days.

Basically what it is,is a spongy type material drenched in nail varnish remover.

All you have to do to get your nail polish off.....dip your finger in,and twist then your done.

What shocked me most is the fact that this actually worked,and removed every trace of polish without leaving my nail bed or fingers dry.

Its definitely the quick and easy alternative to the usual cotton pad and remover.Also good to carry around for those on the go paint jobs.

Do any of you own this teeny pot of genius?

available from superdrug,cant remember the price *slaps head* but im pretty sure it was under £3.
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E45 Endless Moisture

Im the first to admit that when moisturising my body,I kind of neglect my legs.So a cream that could provide long lasting moisture could be the weapon against neglect my legs need.

E45 say this cream provides long lasting moisture and protection against water loss,basically meaning when you moisturise in the morning,your skin is still as moisturised in the evening.It is also meant to help replenish lost moisture.

As well as that,you may have spotted the word 'RADIANCE' on the bottle.Ahhh im such a sucker for pretty words.

This cream also contains a slight shimmer that leaves your skin with a sheen type glow,which may I add looks so pretty when paired with a tan.

Onto my thoughts:I have been using this cream for some time now and it does help lock in the moisture.The reason I know this is because usually come night time my legs are quite dry,and once I started using this that problem went away.

I will keep using it as I love the radiance it leaves on the skin.It also allows me to be lazy on the odd night when it comes to moisturising.

Endless moisture is available from near enough anywere.I cant remember the price,its around the £2 (something) mark.But I do remember its on deal in superdrugs at the moment.

Are any of you fans of E45?
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10 August 2010

I Just Popped In....

I quickly popped into you know where today just to return a cardigan,and I left with 2 pairs of boots and a cardigan lol.

Cardi-mens section £3


I actually couldnt decide what colour I wanted so I also picked them up in black,because thats just what I do.

I have another clothing post coming up soon which includes a black blazer which was reduced from £30 to £3.50 and an off the shoulder jumper for £1.75 and no they werent second hand,I actually went into a shop and bought them.

One thing about me and fashion,I will always find a bargain.....
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9 August 2010

Avon Lotus Shield

If You hate frizz like you do marmite *shudder* then this could be for you.When it comes to frizz,come rain or shine my hair seems to think its her best mate,Iv been trying to make her realise for so long that frizz isnt a good friend and she wants to go down the sleek road,but she just isnt having it! Maybe a shield will work???
Avon Lotus shield is a Avons hair care product from the advanced techniques range.

When this product is applied to clean damp hair,it helps form an invisible shield to block out humidity to prevent the dreaded FRIZZ!

The consistancy of this product is in between a cream and a serum,not too thick but not too watery,It smells quite nice as well.Its easy to control the amount of product u want as it comes out of a nib.Which is actually a good thing because if you squeeze too much out your screwed,because your not getting it back in there....

The first time I used this,I do think I used a bit much,as my hair felt a bit weird.I cant explain but lets put it this way,I washed my hair again.

2nd time around I feel I got it right.It left my hair smooth and it did fight the frizz.All considering,I just dont think this product is for my type of hair.After a few days my hair started to look flat and Im pretty sure I could feel a residue.I would think this would be more suited to a European hair type *that is not me* so I shall be passing it onto mother for her to review..

Aside from that I do think think it would have been better if you could apply this to dry hair as well as wet,as I cant wash my type of hair frequently enough to reap the benefits of this.

All in all this is not for me,but we shall see what the mum thinks.Im feeling this could be good for her.

60ml bottle is £7.00 available from Avon

Have any of you tried this,or could you recommend any other frizz fighters I could try?
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2 August 2010

Catwalk Couture

Just thought I would do a quick post.I actually won this on twitter,so thanks 17,I never win anything lol.

I actually like this colour...

Its a greeny blue,and I think it would look great with a tan,which I have not got...

Two coats and I was done,It dries quite fast too leaving a nice shine.Iv done a bit of a rush job though as im tired and want to go to bed,so il most definitely be re doing these in the morning.

Im not sure what the price is but I know it wont be too much.

17 is available in Boots stores and on the Boots site.

Have any of you got this colour,what do you think of it?

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