31 July 2010

No Pain Is Gain!

So on my shopping list this week was some kind of waxing strips.I wasnt to sure where I was going to go with this as I will usuallyick up anything.

I went into Superdrug and as per usual I picked up anything.To my amazement I made a great discovery... Thanks veet!

When I got home I started to wax away without paying any attention to the box.Whilst I was waxing I was thinking to myself "wow this doesnt even hurt." Then I thought maybe its because the wax doesnt look like wax.

Im not sure how well you can see this,but its more of a cream looking wax.

So anyway,after I had finished I looked at the box and realised it was actually a soothing wax kit.It also said on the box,3 steps to waxing without an OUCH! Iv totally missed something! Hmmm I had waxed my legs and used the seriously moisturising after care wipes,so what had I missed out? Theres also cooling pre-wipes to prepare the skin (oh man) this is why I need to read things BEFORE I use them....

So back to the reason im doing this post.If you wax your legs,this kit is a must because it actually doesnt hurt.Obviously you can feel something,but its not pain.And my legs werent left looking red or sore either.

As I said,I didnt get a chance to use the pre wipes but the after care ones are so moisturising.So much so,I used one to wipe both legs and it was still infused with moisture.

I will definitely be purchasing this again once it runs out RRP £2.99 kit includes 32 strips 16 large & 16 medium,3 pre-wipes and 3 post-wipes

Are any of you lovers of wax,have you tried this yet?
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26 July 2010

E.L.F Mineral Glosses

The other day I was bored and felt like spending money for no reason what so ever.So I turned to the eyes lips face site to take that case of boredom away.

I ordered two brushes and two mineral glosses in shades Wild and Darling as I noticed they were new colours.

Wild is a pinky-coral colour (pictured right) And Darling is a raspberry esq red.

These glosses are ideal for those that are not lovers of lippie as the colour is noticable but sheer when applied.But for those who are lovers,whack a nude shade under these for maximum colour impact.

Priced at a reasonable £3.00 these handy tubes are good to carry around for touch ups on the go,they are not sticky and they last.

I must say im loving Wild at the moment on top of a bit of Nude Delight.

And no im not being rude lol,blame the names.

Have any of you tried these yet?
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25 July 2010

Bloom Gradual Face Tanner

was recently sent some bloom products to try,so I thought rather than shove them all in one post that I would do seperate mini reviews.I have aways wanted to try out Bloom but never got round to it.I can now say after trying out a few of there products,theres definitely a few id purchase myself.Not so much this one though.

So kicking off my Bloom series with the gradual tanner,or should I say face cream! I could some up this product  with a 4 letter word that begins with 'C' and ends with 'P',but Il be a good blogger and explain a bit more.

The cream itself is rather nice,it contains an spf of 15,as well as aloe vera and sweet almond oil.It smells nice and dries quickly.It didnt cause my sensitive skin any trouble either.

So whats my problem I hear you ask.....

Well I used this product for a clean 2 weeks,and my face looked the same,but slightly yellow.I know its GRADUAL tanner but are they taking the mick! I could of went outside and got a real tan in that time.If I had bought this I would have been very disappointed.It isnt cheap either retailing at £14.

If your looking for a gradual tanner,this isnt the way to go. Unless your going for a mild simpson look.

On the up side I have positive thoughts on the other products,especially their mascara,so look out for those reviews coming up soon.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.x

20 July 2010


When I attended TBS event we were informed of their new campaigne that would launch this month.Well im here to tell you it has now launched and by taking a few minutes out of your day,you could be helping to stop sex trafficking amongst children and young people.

Theres a couple of different ways you can do this,either by purchasing the soft hands kind heart hand cream,or signing the petition(which takes literally 10 secs to sign).But lets be real,I want you to do both.

All you need to know is as follows....

Discover the NEW special edition, “Soft Hands Kind Heart” hand cream to launch the second year of The Body Shop campaign with ECPAT to“Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People”. The campaign stretches across the globe, offering us a chance to end the greatest human rights abuse of the 21st century affecting children in every country in the world Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream (RRP: £3.50*) is a protective hand cream that leaves your hands silky soft to the touch, and with its non-greasy formula it sinks into your skin to moisturise and condition £2.36* is donated directly from each purchase to ECPAT as part of The Body Shop ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People th campaign,which launched in the UK on 15 July.

Celebrity Supporters: The campaign has already secured a raft of high level support from the UK and beyond with stars such as Rob Lowe, Matt LeBlanc, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Joanna Lumley, Yoko Ono, Naomi Campbell, Sir Ben Kingsley and Martine McCutcheon all submitting handprints to support the campaign and petition.

About The Campaign: This year a petition calling for the UK Government to offer safety and wellbeing to young victims of trafficking launches specifically calling for greater care and protection to child victims of trafficking by ensuring every child is provided with a guardian to look after them.A system of guardianship would mean that every child victim of trafficking would have someone with parental responsibility to care and support them.A guardian would protect each child and prevent them from facing further exploitation and harm from their traffickers

How Can you Help?:

1. Sign the petition at any The Body Shop store or online at

2.Spread the word – join the Facebook group(Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People), or follow @ECPATUK and@TheBodyShopUK on Twitter and change your profile picture to your handprint or hand in the ‘stop’ position to show you’ve signed the petition and supported the campaign

3.Buy the hand cream – all proceeds** from the sales of The Body Shop ‘Soft Hands, Kind Hearts’ hand cream (50ml/ RRP: £3.50) goes to ECPAT to support their projects in this

So what are you waiting for girls.Head to the body shop site or your local store and sign the petition,and purchase some hand cream.It takes a few minutes of your time to make a big difference.

Once youve signed the petition let me know below,I want to see a nice round figure. You all raised awareness about the latest Mac collection,lets do the same for this.

14 July 2010

LE Eyeko Polish

Hey ladies just a quick heads up.Eyeko have launched 2 limited edition nail polishes.

They go by the names of Rain (grey blue) and Saucy (a really bright sauce red)

Expect some nails of the day very soon.Im just waiting for my current polish to chip...tick tick tick!

If your interested in getting your hands on either colour,you can do so from next week so keep checking the site.

Oh and if you want a little free something,dont forget to use my code which is in the side.

At first glance what do you ladies think? Which colour swatch would you want to see first?

12 July 2010

Dry Body Brushing

Before I go any further HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGY!.Iv just realised my blog is officially 1 today.Although iv been neglecting my baby for the past few weeks due to the computer dying! I just want to say a big thank you to everyone old and new thats stuck with me along the way.I still cant believe people actually read things I write,it definitely puts a smile on my face.So heres to 1 year of blogging,and hopefully loads more.

Thanks again everyone for your support.xx

Now thats out the way,onto the post....

Iv decided to start body brushing.Iv heard so much about it,and apparently results are noticeable quite quickly.

Benefits of dry brushing...

1. Removes cellulite

2. Cleanses the lymphatic system

3. Removes dead skin layers

4. Strengthens the immune system

5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands

6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging

7. Tones the muscles

8. Stimulates circulation

9. Improves the function of the nervous system

10. Helps digestion

11. AND it's easy, inexpensive and invigorating.

Theres loads of info on how to body brush onine,but to put it in a nut shell,It doesnt matter where you start,as long as you are doing fast sweeping motions towards the heart.For example when doing your legs,you would start from the feet up,and when doing arms you would start at the hand brushing towards the shoulder.

Its recommended to dry brush once a day,which is what I will be doing.

I picked up my brush from superdrugs for £4.99.It has a detachable handle which you will need when your doing your back.Its also a natural bristle brush,as synthetic ones could scratch or damage the skin.

Im currently on day 2,and my arms and legs are feeling really soft,I do hope I can keep this up to reap the real benefits.I can just see it now,a few months down the line my brush will be dusty and Il be wondering "what if"

I will keep you posted on any changes either on here or via twitter.

Until then,do any of you body brush,and have you seen results?

Also you may have seen me tweet yesterday about gradual tanners,I couldnt narrow it down so im asking again.What would you say the best gradual tanner is at the moment?I have nightmares of the yellow hue the johnsons one used to give me when it first hit the shelves.

Let me know ladies.x

8 July 2010


Just a quick post.I ordered this last year and forgot I had it.

Its models own Coral Reef.Iv spoke alot about models own polishes in the past,so its already known I love them.

As usual I applied 2 coats and a top coat.I really like this colour,cant believe I missed it in my ever growing collection.

What are your favourite nail colours at the moment ?

5 July 2010

Help Clear Skin

So this is a post for those that may suffer from acne.I have never suffered myself,but I have known people that have,so have a mild understanding off what its like.I was recently sent an email about a product called "Help clear skin" a 100% natural food suppliment that is proven to help clear acne in just 6 weeks.

I asked to be sent a before and after picture of someone that has used the product,just so you could get a better idea of the results.



These results are after 4 weeks,and here is what the user had to say

“I have been suffering from acne since about the age of 15, especially with spots on my back which were really big, inflamed and sore and they made me feel self conscious. I had used herbal remedies as well as medication prescribed by the doctor and nothing worked until I used help: clear skin. It is great because I started seeing an effect after about two weeks on my face first and then on my back. My spots are totally clearing and there is no redness or soreness now & I am only half way through my course. The help: clear skin sachets are tasteless and easy to remember to take and I would definitely recommend to anyone suffering from acne. "

I personally think,by looking at these images,that the results are quite amazing.If you are a sufferer of acne and you are interested in this product,you can check out the main site HERE

and purchase the product from HERE.

There is a trial pack available at £14.79 whick includes 14 sachets,and a 30 day pack for £49.99 with 60 sachets,with the 30 day pack you also get 10 extra sachets free.You also get free delivery on both products.

If you have already used this,let me know how you goton,or if you havnt used it,will you be checking it out?


3 July 2010

Vitamin C Radiance Powder Mix - 10 Day Challenge

So last week I attended the Body Shop event (post to follow)
Whilst there,we were introduced to the new items in the vitamin c range.The main product that stood out to me was the vitamin c radiance powder mix.

What it says "Get from A to B with vitamin C.Designed to work with a daily skin care regime and awaken your natural radiance,which modern life often takes out.

The range includes our favourite skin smoothing ingredients that we buy from expert community trade suppliers round the world,helping them to support their families and communities.

Plus there's Amazonian camu camu,one of the fruits with the highest content of natural vitamin C.

Once mixed with the serum,this is meant to give you improved skin tone and texture and a look of natural radiance in just 10 days.

I am currently on day 8.I have been using it day and night as instructed,and I must say im liking what I see.

The formula smells so zesty and isnt greasy at all,which I must say I was rather surprised by.

My skin is definately looking more radiant if I do say so myself.I have 2 days left before I reach the 10 day goal,and im not sure if much else can happen.

This product is really good if you think your skin needs a boost and is lacking radiance.It has definately made a visible difference to my skin.And in the words of my princess "your skin is glowing mum" ,thats good enough for me

Its not in stores yet,but will be soon,so keep your eyes peeled.

RRP £12.00

And also,make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the body shop petition.Help stop sex trafficking of children and young people,it only takes a signature.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun.x
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