25 May 2010

Oh crap!

So my computer decided to blow up on Friday.I cant do anything,so much so iv got my bro posting this up for me(thanks brother).Im trying to get it fixed,but its not looking too hopeful.Fingers crossed that I will be up and running again soon,im missing blogging already.Until then,hi to all my new readers,and for those that have sent me requests of twitter,im not ignoring you,I promise,my crappy phone just doesnt have the ability to accept request!Its all going a bit down hill at the moment.

Heres hoping this time next week things will be back to normal.

keep your fingers and toes crossed for me girlies....

21 May 2010

Pamper yourself for SATC

As you all may well know,sex and the city is out in 1 week from today,im reaping excitement and cant wait to hit the movies with my girls.

So until then the lovely people over at Wahanda are giving us the chance to get Carried away
(get it!) with some exclusive offers and unbeatably low deals,so that we can have our very own sex and the city make over at a fraction of the usual price.

Roll on the info that's going to make us ladies sexy in the city......


Known for her big hair and love of shoes, we salute Carrie’s style through and through. Get her look with a celebrity haircut and finish with Michael Barnes Hairdressing – artistic director to the stars, including Keira Knightley and Lily Cole. Prices start from £19.80 – 40% saving.

With an infamous passion for shoes, Carrie’s feet won’t know the meaning of ‘day off’. Make sure your feet look as gorgeous with Pacifica Day Spa’s 25% exclusive offer on all treatments including pedicures through Prices start from £11.25 – 25% off.


Even cynical mother of one Miranda manages to look stylish and stunning…most of the time. Remember that bikini incident in SATC 1? Ensure ‘that’ holiday blip doesn’t happen to you with 20% off all waxing on your first visit to Hydrohealing in Notting Hill, courtesy of Wahanda. Prices start from £10.

Even though Miranda holds down a full time job and baby Brady, she shows it’s possible to do it all and still find time to unwind with her girls. Treat yourself and a friend to a proper two for one pamper day at any one of Bannatyne Spas nationwide, which includes a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a scalp massage, for just £59 – 50% saving!


She may be the oldest member of the gang but Ms Jones is never one to shy away from her body. Dance your way to a more confident you with the sexiest of dances – Salsa. Through Wahanda book a beginner’s class at one of London’s City Academies, with a 50% discount – just £5!

Keep your figure in tip top condition like Samantha’s with three luxurious body treatments rolled into one, including a full body exfoliation, a relaxing massage with essential oils, plus a specific mask/wrap, all for £68 – a saving of 20%, available at the Chelsea Day Spa.


Ever the pristine princess, Charlotte always manages to look gorgeous without making us hate her. Well, perhaps a little bit…now you too can get her immaculate complexion with a free Skin Assessment and Mini Facial at ArkSkincare centres in London – a saving of £25 thanks to Wahanda!

It is clear Charlotte loves to run, but keeping fit alone can be hard. Why not treat yourself to your own personal trainer with The Bankside Health Club’s free 3 day trial for you and a friend, which includes over 50 fitness classes, gym and personal training.

Hmm decisions decisions,Il take em all........

Are any of you going to see sex and the city 2,im so excited are you?


20 May 2010


Im not really a huge fan of primark any more,I don't think its what it used to be.So if im ever near one,I will only try and find things im realistically going to wear,and that I think are worth the money.I popped in primark the other day,and I picked up a few items.

First up is this cute boobtube top/dress,whatever the wearer decides.I have decided im going to fold it under and wear it as a top,with some skinnies.It looks so cute on,and I like how the boobtube isn't cut straight across,its more of a heart shaped cut.

Price £5
Next up is this ring.Im really loving rings at the moment,so when I saw that this was only £2 of course I had to have it.

And last but not least,my wicker clutch.I have been eyeing this bag up for close to a year,but not in primark,it was a topshop one that cost around £20,so of course I wasn't going to just leave this one hanging on the rail.

This picture doesn't even do this clutch justice,Its made really well,and its quite big.This is definitely my favourite,if your ever in primark check this clutch out.
Price £6

To me primark is a bit like an Aladdin's cave,you have to find the little treasures,and these are mine.

Have any of you found anything nice in there lately?


18 May 2010

Vitamin E

Ok so my fix+ spray is basically finished,it no longer kisses my face with a fine mist of goodness,it more spits at me now,"that's not nice."

Unless im heading up west,or I order another online,im not going to get my hands on it any time soon.

Insert my back up plan......

The body shop vitamin E facial spray.I have been hearing some good things about this little pink bottle,and it kind of makes sense to let it play a part in my daily routine,as I have been using Superdrugs vitamin E products for some time now,and my skin is looking like I used too, smooth and radiant

This is also cheaper than fix+ ,its only by £4 but that could buy me a meal at KFC so im not complaining.

Have any of you tried this before, what's your thoughts.


17 May 2010

Cupcake series

I know this has nothing to do with fashion or beauty,but meh! Cupcakes are yummy and we all love them.

I will be posting a series of recipes over this week as promised.I was going to put them all in one post but it was a bit much.

Caramel Cupcakes

What you need:
100g dark chocolate
140g butter
145g brown sugar
80g golden syrup
155ml milk
125g plain flour
40g self-raising flour
1 egg lightly beaten

Topping:150g butter-softened
250g icing sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 teaspoons hot water
chopped nuts and chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 170 c

What to do...

Pumpkin Cinnamon Cupcakes

What you need:
80g butter
125g sugar
2 eggs
210g of pumpkin canned or purred
125ml buttermilk
150g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon or allspice
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
1 teaspoon baking powder

Topping:150g softened butter
250g icing sugar
2 drops orange food colouring
2 teaspoons hot water
demerara sugar
Preheat oven to 175c

What you need to do....

Tomorrows recipes as requested:Snow cupcakes and Banana cupcakes

Do you mind seeing this type of thing randomly pop up on here,or is it something you quite like? let me know


Edible Lip Balm-Crazy Rumours

So first off,Im loving the names of these,They are called Crazy Rumours,its not just something I made up on a whim.

These lip balms are natural,organic and vegan friendly.So I knew some of you would be interested in seeing them.

Available from super which is HERE with a price tag of £3.45 the name isnt the only thing going for these.

In the email I was sent,I was told these are so natural they I could eat them if I liked.Being the type of person I am,you cant put these sort of ideas in my head and expect me not to test the theory.

OK,so I didn't eat any of them,but I licked the life out of one : S and im still alive.

I was sent 3 different flavours, there's only 2 pictured as I have given one to my mum to review(see im branching out lol)

I was sent the following flavours :Pink Grapefruit Juice from the fresh squeezed range,Plum and peppermint from the candy cane range and French Vanilla from their coffee inspired range.

First off,let me just stress,when I say that these taste exactly of the flavour on the packaging,I really do mean it,hence why I handed the coffee one over to my mum haha!

Seriously,fans of coffee this balm is for you when you cant get hold of a cup,the taste of it actually lingers in your mouth too.

Same with the other two flavours,I carry the grapefruit juice one around with me in my bag,so it gets the most use.It smells so sweet and tastes so good.

My opinion:
With the balms containing ingredients such as sheer butter,vitamin E and Jojoba oil they are very moisturising.Once applied lips almost look like your wearing a clear gloss,so its not your usual matt finish balm.The moisture does last,but I find myself reapplying purely for the flavour.I haven't had any problems with my lips since using these,but I do have an annoying dry patch that im hoping these can shift.

Mums opinion:She didn't really like the taste of the coffee one,as she isn't a firm lover of coffee,but said people who like coffee would probably love it.She didn't really say much else lol,that is why im the blogger in the family.

They also sent me a Burt Bees pomegranate lip balm as a gift,how kind.I have never tried Burt Bees before,im usually a carmex girl.

This actually leaves a sheer tint on my lips.At the moment it sits in my make up box and I put it on before I start my make up,so my lips are nice and soft by the time I have finished.And if any of you are Burt Bees lovers,super smoocher have the cheapest online prices.

Wow I cant believe I just typed so much about lip balm -__-

As usual,all opinions and thoughts on these products are my own,I wasn't bribed with chocolate to talk it up or anything.

Oh,I promise to post the cupcake recipes tonight,so look alive people.x


15 May 2010


No,I haven't turned into some kind of secret agent over night.I am rambling on about a rimmel lipstick I recently picked up.

As I stated in one of my previous posts.I picked up a Rimmel lipstick,but decided to go with a Barry M one instead.That was just one irritating mistake,so I went back for the Rimmel one the other day.

I usually tend to steer clear of pinky lipsticks,because they don't suit me at all.This one on the other hand was a bit darker than my natural lip colour so I knew I couldn't fail.

I love this colour and I think its going to be one of my everyday lippies.Its such a natural deep rosy colour,its really moisturising and it smells nice too.

Cost £4.49

p.s For all those that left a comment on the cup cake post,your recipes will be up tomorrow.

13 May 2010

WARNING-Cupcake Related

Sorry this post isn't fashion or beauty related,but iv got a disgusting cold at the moment so I thought I would blog about something yummy.

When ever my mum comes to visit,she always comes baring the cutest gifts.Heres what she bought round this time......
I love baking,and im sure most of you do too.So I thought I would let you all take a look at the cupcake contents page,so that you can let me know which recipes you want me to post up for you.
Theres also a muffin section which I could post up next week if that's of any interest to you.
Let me know which recipes you want to see girls.And I will post them up for you.


11 May 2010

Fat Fat Fat Hair

The other day when I was clearing my room I found a dusty bottle of something that I once kind of loved,but at the time it wasnt really for me.What was it I hear you ask......Well it was Sammy fat hair of course.

I put it to one side and went about my business.

A few days later I found myself in the hair isle of superdrug.I had noticed that they had added more products to the Sammy hair range.I kind of just smiled to myself and jumped on the net when I got home to refresh my mind,and to find out what the new products did.

Anyway,to cut a long story short,I ended up watching a youtube video on the product I already had.......
Cut to 2min for the good stuff

After watching the video again and again in amazement,as if I hadn't seen it on the shopping channel enough.I decided to blow the dust off the casing,and have another crack at it.

Its a bit fatter haha....
Yes I know, I forgot to take a before picture,but either way im not going to lie to you.

Sammy fat hair claims to make each strand of hair double in size,hence the fat bit,to give you fuller and thicker looking hair.

This stuff is really good BUT I definitely think its more suited to European type hair.It does work in my hair but Im sure I could easily achieve the same effect with some hair spray and a wild head shake.Although it does make my hair look a bit thicker,and noticeably larger.

It doesn't leave hair sticky,but that depends on how much you use.Applying to much can leave a slight tackiness.But that's with my type of hair,I couldn't speak for every hair type.Your hair just feels like hair if you don't use too much,and the most important thing is that it can still move around like hair should.

This bottle is pretty old,so maybe they have changed the formula since then.I might pick up another bottle to test that theory.

I haven't tried anything else from the Sammy hair range,but if you go into a superdrug store you will see there's loads to pick from.

I cant remember the exact price but im sure its around £3-£4

Have any of you tried this,or do you just like watching that woman's hair grow in the video?

Either way let me know.Oh and if there's any other volumising products out there you swear by,let me know about those too.


10 May 2010

147-Peachy Pink

Well its not that peachy for me.After seeing this Barry M lippie on a few blogs I fell in love with the colour and simply had to get my hands on it.I went to boots and swatched away,still liking what I saw,I parted with my cash,all the while thinking I couldn't wait to get home and whack it on my lips.

This lipstick hates me,and if it had a voice im sure it would tell me so.I haven't even bothered to include a picture of me and what it looks like on because that's how vile it looked on me.

It didnt go with my skin tone and it gave my lips the illusion of a trout pout.

This lipstick is the same consistency of the famous 101.Its very drying.So theres me thinking,just maybe if I apply a gloss over the top I will be fine.How wrong was I.It just emphasised the weird trout pout look.

I am so unhappy as I really liked this colour but clearly it isnt going to work for me.I wish I had stuck with the rimmel one I picked up now.Its always the way isnt it.


9 May 2010

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight but Models Own.Everyone knows that im a fan of these polishes,and lord knows I have enough of them.If you look in my labels on the right hand side and click models own,you can find swatches of some of their other polishes.

I cant fault these polishes,as usual 2 coats and im done,they dry pretty fast too.

I have never liked eating turkish delight,but I think it looks fab on my nails.


8 May 2010

Fed Up Of Hair

Right so Im over having hair,unless its on my head.Im a lazy cow and frankly I cant be bothered with shaving,and waxing and removing hair from my legs with something that looks like a small piece of low grit sand paper.

Summer is coming,well at least im hoping.I want to be able to tan without waiting 24hrs because it might irritate my skin or I might end up with loads of little dots where the tanner has just sat in my hair follicle.Not only that,at times when I have shaved,I have come up with these random tiny bumps on my legs where my hair has tried to grow back through and failed miserably.

Im lucky I dont have thick or course hair,but the fact it can reappear when I have removed it is not on. You would have thought It would have got the hint by now.

The only way im going to stop moaning,is if the hair I dont want is zapped into another dimension never to be seen again.Only one thing can help me.

Hmm what might that be......

Laser hair removal of course.Its the only way im going to keep my legs smooth and free of those horrid little bumps.If you watch the short video above,you will see that this little machine called the ipulse can remove hair for good in the comfort of your own home.Im down with that,id rather do that kind of thing myself anyway.

The machine is currently sold in boots,and its on offer at the moment for £274.99.Now it may not sound cheap,but it is compared to an actual laser hair treatment that can cost around £120 - £320 for one session.

Im definitely going to look into this a bit more.Those crappy little bumps wont be stopping me from wearing skirts this year!

Who else is with me? It would be really embarrassing if know one was lol

Have any of you tried laser hair removal,or are you thinking about it? Let me know


7 May 2010

Making A Comeback

Ladies some of you might already know,some of you may not,but the Espadrille is making a comeback.In my eyes,their one of those things that are so wrong there right.

Now I must admit (lol) the pair up top arnt that bad,trust me I have seen worse.I could see myself rocking these with some skinnies or a pair of overly baggy ripped jeans.

I know some of you are probably thinking,Michelle,what is wrong with you.But I always keep an open mind when it comes to fashion and footwear.I always used to diss things in the past,then a few months later id be wearing it.Uggs were a big example of that.

So here comes the question ladies......

What do you think of Espadrilles,and do you reckon by the time summer is over you may have a small collection of them stashed in the back of the wardrobe?

Its our little secret,I wont tell anyone


5 May 2010

Herbal Essences-Beautiful Ends

I have never tried Herbal Essences before now.And if im honest,the only reason I picked these things up was because they were on offer for something stupid like £1.70.

If im remembering correctly there are four products in this range.I only picked up three,but there's also a hair mask.

So onto the good bit.I have only used the shampoo and conditioner a few times ans I already love it.I have probably said before,I need to be careful with what products I use in my hair,because a lot of things in the past have irritated my scalp.This does not irritate me in any way.It smells divine and I love its colour.

What the shampoo says :Heres the long story shortened,Ill help protect your hair against split ends and breakage.So,get lost in your length with my velvety formula with red raspberry & silk extracts.Want to give your hair an extra treat? Indulge yourself with my velvety conditioner and pampering treatments.

What the conditioner says: Longing for more?Let it out and indulge every inch with my velvety conditioning with red raspberry &silk extracts.Ill give your length protection against breakage and split ends. You've got longer hair to love,and I've got more love to give.How long will you go without touching it?If you love me,you will also love my intensive treatments.

I also picked up the split end protecting cream.This also smells lovely,and I near enough use this everyday.

A little bit of this product goes a long way.It leaves my hair looking soft and silky,and can be used on dry hair as well as towel dried hair.

The reason im blogging so randomly about shampoo and conditioner,Is because I have really noticed a difference in my hair.Its much stronger,silkier and shinier than usual.I have also noticed less hair in my hair brush *-*

I really would recommend trying a few things from this range.

It really has given me beautiful ends,as well as beautiful hair.


4 May 2010

Reminder-Topshop Make up

Just a quick reminder ladies.The topshop make up is released in all larger stores tomorrow,as well as online.See my original post HERE, Which includes more images of the products up close,and what I thought about them.

Spring Summer Collection
Core Collection
I definitely have to get my hands on the limited edition collection highlighter.From just swatching it,I fell in love.

I have also got my eye on a few polishes and cream blushes.I must admit I kind of fell in love with everything : S

What have you got your eye on?


Chic Or Cheap

A few weeks ago I was sent the Lierac mask(right) which retails at £18.I was intrigued to try it for the pure fact I was always a fan of mud type masks.

I will get to what I thought of the mask in a sec,but for those of you that may not appreciate the price of this,keep your eye on the left hand side of the page.

Back in the day I was a big fan of superdrugs £2 mud face mask(left).Every week I would slap it on my face,then I would kick back and chill whilst it worked its magic.

I usually use these types of masks once a week.

If you can just about read the writing below,(If you cant right click and open it in a new tab.)Both of these products basically do the same thing.Although I must say the lierac one is better on a couple more levels.

As you can see below,after a while the superdrug one can get a little runny.(please note,this is an old bottle and the packaging has been changed since then,but for the life of me I couldn't find my newer bottle.)I still had the same issue with my newer bottle though.The Lierac one is a much nicer consistency.

They both have exfoliation beads in them,as you can see from the image above,and they both set to a hard mask.The good thing about the Lierac mask is that when its on your face,it actually starts chilling.I didnt even know it did this until I began to wonder why my face felt so cold.I literally ran from my room to read the leaflet,and was like ohhhhh ok!

On the flip side,the superdrug one doesn't chill itself,but I suppose you could pop it in the fridge.

I must say,I have used the superdrug mask for the closest part of 5years,and I have used the Lierac one for nearly 2months.

As soon as I switched to Lierac,I did notice a difference in my skin.Its smooth,and im sure im looking more radiant.(well id like to believe I am)

If you ever need a skin pick me up,you should definitely try the Lierac mask HERE Or If you dont like the price, try the superdrug one HERE its just as good.

Can any of you give me a heads up on any dupes,or products that are just as good as each other?


3 May 2010

Revlon Peach Petal

So I finally had the chance to pick up a couple revlon glosses.I picked up two,this one and coral reef.

I literally wanted them since the day I saw preview swatches on a few other blogs.Finally they are mine. I will do some swatches with coral reef,but these ones were already uploaded to my computer and im feeling quite tired today,so im going to play the lazy card.

So below is what it looks like on me.

The colour is very natural.It kind of reminds me of a milky florabundance.I love it,and I have been wearing this one a lot in the day.

I really want the sum to come out in full force so I can rock my coral reef.

Have any of you picked up any of these glosses lately?

I still haven't been brave enough to wear my punky pink Barry M lippie out yet *slaps wrists*


2 May 2010

Xen Tan Dark Lotion

I was recently sent a bottle of the Xen Tan dark tanning lotion.This was great because I have been wanting to try this for so long,but never took the plunge.....

So onto the fun bit.On the Xen Tan site it says that you can either apply a thin coat for a golden colour,or a couple of thick coats for a deep tan.Of course I decided to apply a thin coat first,just to be on the safe side.I must admit I was kind of scared when I first pumped out the lotion.

This is me the next day.....

In reality I was a bit darker than this,but the lighting in my room kept making me look pale.If you look at my neck/chest area,you can get a better idea of the colour.

I applied the tanner to my body using circular motions.I just used my hands and washed them after,as im not used to using tanning mitts.I was sent a tanning mitt to apply the lotion,which I forgot to add in the photos,but im sure you have all seen it around anyway.

You can apply this tanner to your face which is a bonus.It didn't sit in my pores and because I was smart and applied it when we had a few days of warm weather,people kept telling me I had a really nice tan.haha

Since the photo above was taken,I have re applied about four times.I am such a nice deep colour,but there is nobody around to take a full length photo of me : ( so when I eventually get one,I will do another post.

I nearly forgot to say that it doesn't smell of the usual fake tan stink.This one smells like marzipan.I didn't even smell weird when I woke up the next day.

I honestly have to say I love this tanner.The colour makes my eyes pop,and no matter how much I applied I didnt look orange or streaky.Most importantly I wasn't left looking like a patchwork quilt when began to fade.

I will definitely be ordering a new bottle when this one runs out. RRP £25

Have any of you tried this.What do you think?

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