30 April 2010


Last week I attended the Armani launch for their new fragrance ACQUA di GIOIA.It was really nice and im glad I was given the opportunity to go.There was only about 7 of us in all.

It was held in the terrace suit of the Soho Hotel,and might I just add (oh my gosh) I would of happily lived in the living room sized bathroom that had a nice plasma above the bath.They also had fresh fruit, sandwiches and cakes laid out for us,which I thought was nice.

So onto the fragrance.To my nose,this fragrance is very fresh and summery.With high notes of crushed mint with a zest of lemon transforming into middle notes of water jasmine and its base of brown sugar,cedarwood and labdanum.

I really like the fresh scent of this and im quite hard to please when it comes to perfume.It also lasts quite long too.I sprayed it on me at the event when it was around 4.30pm,when I was taking myself to bed at around 11.30pm I could still smell it.I wish I could spray it through my computer for you all to smell.

They also gave us a bag containing a 50ml bottle of the fragrance(so kind),as if the invite wasn't enough.Its a bit of an exclusive as it isn't actually released until July.

30ml £33 50ml £43.50 100ml £60.00

I will definitely be reserving this for summer nights out,well I might have a spray or two now :D

Whats your favourite scent at the moment?

p.s for some reason blogger isnt letting me reply to comments on my posts : (,so if you have a question to ask me please do it through twitter,my links on the left hand side of the page


29 April 2010

Revlon Lilac Pastel

Had to paint my nails last night as my eyeko polish eventually chipped.It lasted 4 days if anyone's wondering.

So anyway,I decided on this colour....

I like it but its not really what I thought it would be.On my nails its more on the pinky side than lilac.

Its still ok I suppose,but I think im going to change the colour again tonight.

Have any of you got this shade,what do you think of it?


28 April 2010

Body Shop- A God Send

I used to lightly exfoliate my face with exfoliating gloves.Frankly it was annoying because I had make sure I didn't apply too much pressure so not to scratch my face.A few blog reads later,and my problem was solved.

Enter body shop facial buffer.......

A little while back I was reading Holly's (yummy mummy) blogpost on this magical £3 item she had picked up from the body shop.It was about time I stopped playing roulette with my face,and stepped away from the exfoliating gloves.

Finally last week I had the chance to pick the buffer up.Words fail me as to how amazing this little thing is.If you want soft, smooth,silky skin just head down to your local body shop tomorrow and pick one of these up.From first use I had super soft skin.

The lady in the shop also gave me a sample of the seaweed facial scrub which I used with the buffer.I told her that she would probably see me again in a week,and oh how she is.The seaweed scrub is really nice and its one of those scrubs you can feel working.It also smells scrumptious.

Now armed with a £3 off voucher the lady kindly attached to my purchase,I have an even better intensive to get myself back down there.

Has anyone else tried either of these.Whats your wonder product?


Eyeko Polish

Im back again,gosh this internet thing is a joke,but Its kind of sorted now so heres hoping I can get back to my daily updates.

So I was recently sent the new Eyeko colours.I was actually quite happy because I helped whittle down the final colours on my short stint there.

From the moment of swatching, I knew I had to have to coral and the posh polish.

The coral polish is great with a tan,and this one is not too on the orange side either.As I had been wearing my Revlon tropical temptation for a little while,I decide to go a bit neutral and go down the posh polish route.

Posh Polish is your typical Greige (grey beige for those thinking HUH!) The formula seemed nicer than previous Eyeko polishes I have tried,and 2 coats was enough for me to gain a perfect finish. It didn’t drag or streak.I will definitely be sporting some coral nails when this colour chips.

I was originally going to paint each of my fingers in one of the colours, but im lazy and I couldn’t be bothered (JOKE).I thought individual posts would be better so you could see the colours better.Polishes are £3.50 each

I was also sent some new Liners so they will be up soon.You can find the polishes HERE and the new colour liners HERE

Have any of you tried these. What do you think?

p.s If anyone decides to place an order,dont forget to use my ambassador code for a little something extra E6852.


23 April 2010

145 Punky Pink

So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Armani event (post to come) I met Lina there(make up to make out) and she was wearing a rather nice lipstick.Usually I hate pinks and steer well clear,but I was automatically drawn to this colour.I asked her what it was and she told me it was girl about town by mac.Then she told me there was a dupe.Enter Barry M punky pink....

At £4.25 of course I bought the dupe.Its exactly the same there is no difference between the two apart from the name.

The only Barry M lipstick I own is the famous 101,But I found it was very chalky and drying.This on the other hand is the total opposite.Its creamy and moisturising and the finish is more on the kissable lips side.In other words its not matt.

So like I said I usually steer well clear of colours like this.But Lina said I could pull it off if I get a tan LOOOL!!! well I havnt quite got a tan yet,but I think im pulling it off in a (I hope I dont look like a fool) way.
Insert rank picture of me......

What do you think,yes,no maybe so ?


21 April 2010

Make Up By Topshop Part 1

Today I attended the topshop event where they were showcasing their new line of make up.They have teamed up with make up artist Hannah Murray to create two different ranges.The limited edition trend collection,a range that will change every season with the cheapest item being £5 and the most expensive item £12.The highlighting powder in the core range is amazing, definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Theres also the core collection that will be the set range,with the cheapest item being £4 and the most expensive item being priced at £12.Both ranges looked really nice,and a few things have already caught my eye...

They even have skin tints( tinted moisturisers) that range from skin shades fair to dark.

As always I headed straight for the polish,here are three of my favourites.They also had a really nice blue shade that you can just about see in the bottom picture.I was also told that there were more shades to come,as a nail polish junkie,I cant wait.

Another thing that caught my eye were their lipsticks.

Yes there is a nude shade, excuse the rubbish swatch,in reality its a really nice colour.They also have these little jars called polish,at first I was wondering what they were,I then realised after swatching that they were in fact a highly pigmented lip paint.

Below are the cream blushes.I fell for the second one in,and yes that is my great big finger mark in it.I really liked how creamy these were,when blended the finish is natural yet dewy.
The bronzers were really nice too.These come in two shades radiance 1 and radiance 2

Im going to be honest,I wasnt expecting much from this range,but I was pleasantly surprised.The quality is really nice and I think they have a great product range.The packaging of the core range is really cute and the packaging of the limited edition range is really sleek in its gold casing which is oh so reminiscent of Ysl.Topshop have definitely put some hard work into this range,and in my eyes its paid off.

It really is value for money,and I already have a list of things I will be running out to get when it launches on MAY 5TH.

*melba cream blush
*the nude lipstick
*the three nail polishes up top
*the skin glow and the highlighter from the spring summer range.

Sorry I dont have any swatches for now,but I should be receiving some products soon,and when I do I will get them up for you.

So what do you think,will you be checking out this range when it hits stores?


20 April 2010

Ardell Fashion Lashes

When it comes to false lashes I always manage to look a tad draggish.(hands up if your with me)
I was sent these to try out,and I have done nothing with them as yet apart from have a little play around.

I had a bit of a play with the Demi Pixies.They look really nice on but from the side its rather obvious that those lashes are not mine.I really like the look of the Demi's,but I think the length is a bit to long for me.In saying that,I haven't actually applied them properly yet,and blended them with mascara (slaps wrist) Which I really need to do.I think the demi ones would look great with a full on smokey eye.

I haven't tried the fairies yet,but im planning to at the weekend.

Its not good enough to just sit in my room sticking them to my lids really,is it.

These lashes are 100% human hair and are priced at £3.56 they also come with a tube of adhesive.You can find the lashes HERE. Have any of you tried these lashes before?


Can any of you give me any tips on the best way to make false lashes look more natural,obviously its kind of defeating the point of them being false,but Id rather a shorter fuller lash,than really full long ones.

I was thinking of trimming the that a bad idea?


18 April 2010

Harem Pants

The Harem,you either love them or hate them.I am an avid lover.I have 3 pairs and I want more.I need to find me a nice pair of 3/4 length ones.

Last year around these times when the sun was always out,I rocked mine on a regular basis with my gladiators and a casual tight fitting vest.I also dressed up my black pair of haremes by wearing black patent heels and a lace body underneath,not to blow my own trumpet but I must say I looked quite amazing hehe.

Heres a quick example of how you can dress them up.....

And how you can dress them down.

Some say to only wear them with tight fitting tops,but im a rebel and I break rules.I think short baggy (not cropped) vests look just as good with harems as do tight ones.


Like I said I personally love them,they near enough go with anything and they are so so so comfortable.

So what do you think ladies LOVE them or HATE them?


16 April 2010

Boots Botanics

Girls I am BACK!!!! I cant believe I was forced to leave my poor blog for so so long.First my internet stopped working then the power supply on my pc decided to blow up.I just got it sorted today and the net has just decided to work again.In future If I disappear and you dont see your comments pop up,Its most probably something to do with my blasted internet connection.So glad I can finally blog again, withdrawal symptoms were starting to kick in.

So anyway I could still tweet through my phone thank god,and some of you may have seen me moaning about my skin.Something Iv used or come into contact with has disagreed with my skin.Some parts are ever so dry and I know there's something wrong because my skin has never been like this before,ever.

I was going to get some vitamin E oil,but then I started thinking,what did I used to use before that was great on my skin and never failed me.And the answer was the boots botanics skin brightening toner and cleanser.My skin was amazing when I was using this stuff and the only reason I didn't re purchase it was because I whenever I would go to my boots there were never any left.

But today I got the last laugh because it was 3 for 2 so I picked up the last bottle of cleanser and the last two bottles of Toner "SCORE"

The cleanser contains sweet maple,biliberry and sweet cane all these ingredients contain natural AHA's to brighten and renew the skins surface.The texture of the cleanser is that of a light moisturiser.I find that my skin is left really soft after using it.

Next up the skin brightening toner which contains Equisetum,an ancient plant that was used for its purifying properties,it tones the skin and refines pores.

Both of these products are going back on the bathroom shelf where they belong.I should have never removed them.when I was using these in the past I did see a noticeable difference in my skins appearance.Cant wait to start my regime again.

Available from Boots rrp £3.99 but at the moment it is 3 for 2 on all skincare

Have any of you guys used anything from the botanics range?

Hope you all missed me and my next post should be up tomorrow.xx


12 April 2010


A while back I did a post saying I was more of a minted girl than a barry M Mint.You have probably seen it a million times but here it is on the nails

Its a lovely colour and I have no problems applying it.As with all polishes,they are designed to dry when touched by air.So when your painting your nails put the lid on between each hand,and roll the bottle between your hands to warm up the polish.This helps return it to its natural consistency,and it should be easier to apply.

Im glad I picked up this polish,its definitely one of my faves alongside Tropical temptation

P.s Lately I have had a lot of people spamming my blog with their URL's ,Please don't do this.Its beginning to grate on me now.I have done post were I ask for new blogs links,so if you wish to put your link any place let it be there.If you wish to continue spamming.Please note your comment will not be published.Good content is the only thing you truly need to get your page out there.And if other readers wish to view your page,they only have to click your image.Thanks.x


11 April 2010

Big Sexy Hair

I love this stuff.A lot of mousse products that claim to give the famous big hair fail me,and with my type of hair I now just tend to steer way clear.

This was sent to me as an extra when with my ego tongs to help me create the big hair that I was craving.At first I was like oh crap its mousse.But decided to give it a go anyway.

The product itself is the consistence of a light foam when sprayed further away,and the cone looking thing that surrounds the nozzle helps distribute it evenly.

The first time I used his was a big F.A.I.L. I sprayed way too much and as the week went on I began to feel some obvious product build up in my crown area.

So the second time round I was ready to get it right.I sprayed it from a distance and kind of rubbed it in.

It worked,woo hoo,I had big hair which I really need to take some pictures of.The good thing was that it lasted a few days with out me having to add any more product.I just had to kind of poof it up with my fingers.

As I have already said,the only downfall for my hair type was spraying to much by mistake.I did have to wash my hair a lot sooner than I actually needed too.That for me is a process of its own,So not making that same mistake again was crucial lol.

The sexy hair range s from the US but it is indeed filtering its way to the UK.Im pretty sure that you can pick certain products up in TK Maxx but Its also available here and you can browse the range here

I think I might try curly sexy hair and silky sexy hair next

Have any of you tried anything from this range,what do you think?

p.s even though I was sent this product,all my opinions are honest,I would never try and fool my readers and frankly If I didn't like it I wouldn't even have a slot on my blog


8 April 2010

Mix It And Blend It

A while back I purchased this Barry M gloss.Please dont ask me why.I think it was because it smells like something tropical.

Since the day I bought It,I had only swatched it once,and put it on to see what it would look like.I thought it would give a faint wash of colour to the lips.I was so so wrong,as this gloss actually makes your lips look full blown orange,which frankly isn't really my thing.

Today I was bored and couldn't decide on what to post about,so I had a rummage through my lip draw. Originally this was going to be a "what can I do with this gloss" post,but I have found an answer whoopi.

As well as finding this in my draw,I also came across natural collections apple blossom.This lipstick is boots own range and im pretty sure it didnt cost me more that £2.

I could never carry of this colour,as it just seemed to look a bit to pink on my lips,so you guessed it,I decided to mix until my little heart was content.
A few seconds later and Waaa La......

A lovely peachy nude,It looks lovely on the lips,I will swatch it another time as at current my lips have recently been invaded by the dreaded dry patch : (

But I think you will all agree,its a lovely colour.I think I might melt the lipstick down and blend them together to make a solid gloss.

Im actually quite glad I didn't get rid of the gloss now

What do you think of my new creation?


7 April 2010

Natural Beauty Tips From Bodyform

So I recently received an email informing me that bodyform have been running a competition for the past 6 weeks,where they are giving away Stella McCartney underwear everyday.They are also asking us lovely lot to inspire them with our natural beauty tips.

A couple tips Of my own I swear by....

Never rub your wrists together after spraying perfume,it crushes the fragrance and alters the smell,so let it dry ladies
If you want to apply fake tan with no gloves rub cream or vaseline into your hands 5min before,it will act as a barrier making it easier to wash off

Heres a few favourites from the bodyform team......

1. “I swear by adding a ¼ of a cup honey to bath water, not only does it give you a fragrant bath but leaves your skin softer than any moisturiser”

2. “To brighten up, remove nail varnish stains or strengthen up my nails I just rub a quarter of a lemon on to all of my nails. It really does work!”

3. “If you are out of quick-dry spray for nails, dip your fingers into a bowl of ice-cold water. Your nails will dry quickly don’t touch the sides of bowl”

4. “If your skin is looking a bit dull separate some egg whites and use them as a face mask, leave to dry and wash off, the protein helps brighten up skin”

5. “Use camomile tea bags in the bath (new or used) for a lovely relaxing soak and soft skin”

6. “For shiny beautiful hair brunettes and redheads should add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the rinse water. lemon juice works for blondes”

7. “When shaving your legs instead of shaving foam use hair conditioner it works great is cheap and leaves you're legs really soft”

8. “If you’re worried about spots, use soluble aspirin made into a paste”

9. “When feeling bloated on your period and a bit crampy drink hot milk and sprinkle black pepper into it works a treat no more pain”

10. “Wash your hair in vodka once a month it will feel super clean”

Let me know what you think,and If you have any tips you swear by.Oh and If you wish to enter their competition,theres only six days left so get your move on.

disclaimer: “The competition is not in association with Stella McCartney”


6 April 2010

Casual Outfit Of The Other Day

My first ever outfit of the day,well the other day. Excuse the crap in the back lol,yes my room was in tip mode.Oh and by the way,Im not a one of those that wear my sunglasses inside lol,the sun was actually shining and I was heading out.Today just happened to be a black and white day,although im usually in print or colour.It was one of those times I just had to throw on a T-Shirt and leggings.(sounds like something a small child would wear hehe)

Sheer Baggy T-H&M

I was wearing these accessories.My trusty aviators,heart locket and my ring that is probably the one thing I never leave my house without.My mum bought it when she was 16,and gave it to me when I was 16,vintage baby lol.

So thats it really,im stuck on what else to say,oh apart from how nice was the weather today,It was actually warm,fingers crossed it stays this way.

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