30 April 2010


Last week I attended the Armani launch for their new fragrance ACQUA di GIOIA.It was really nice and im glad I was given the opportunity to go.There was only about 7 of us in all.

It was held in the terrace suit of the Soho Hotel,and might I just add (oh my gosh) I would of happily lived in the living room sized bathroom that had a nice plasma above the bath.They also had fresh fruit, sandwiches and cakes laid out for us,which I thought was nice.

So onto the fragrance.To my nose,this fragrance is very fresh and summery.With high notes of crushed mint with a zest of lemon transforming into middle notes of water jasmine and its base of brown sugar,cedarwood and labdanum.

I really like the fresh scent of this and im quite hard to please when it comes to perfume.It also lasts quite long too.I sprayed it on me at the event when it was around 4.30pm,when I was taking myself to bed at around 11.30pm I could still smell it.I wish I could spray it through my computer for you all to smell.

They also gave us a bag containing a 50ml bottle of the fragrance(so kind),as if the invite wasn't enough.Its a bit of an exclusive as it isn't actually released until July.

30ml £33 50ml £43.50 100ml £60.00

I will definitely be reserving this for summer nights out,well I might have a spray or two now :D

Whats your favourite scent at the moment?

p.s for some reason blogger isnt letting me reply to comments on my posts : (,so if you have a question to ask me please do it through twitter,my links on the left hand side of the page


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