26 February 2010

GOSH Irresistible Mascara

I got this little lovely thing in my goody bag from the superdrug event a few weeks back.I totally forgot I had it until I was tidying my room the other day,so I thought I would give it a whirl.

It seems GOSH is all over the ball thing too.What they say:This mascara,is designed to transform eyelashes,making them intense,full and ultra precise.The brush can be used horizontally and at an angle,so eyelashes can be pushed upwards to separate and coat each lash.

My eyelashes are really crappy at the moment,im not quite sure whats up with that.At one point they were really thick,and now my left eyelashes are in a complete world of their own.

I really like this mascara,It definitely does what it says,and after one coat it really does make a difference.My lashes aren't crispy and I have definite flutter appeal.The only thing I dont like about it,is the smell,It wreaks,but don't worry,you cant smell it unless you put your nose in it like I did.

this retails at £8.99 and you can get it from superdrug
: )

25 February 2010

Killing Me Softly

Right, so at this moment in time im feeling rather motivated to tone up and maybe drop a few pounds(so I say whist munching on a cookie),not too much,maybe something like 9lb any more and il look ill and that's not even the look im trying to achieve.

So anyway,once I get into excersise I seem to go into healthy mode,Until one day Im so tired I end up thinking,meh!!! il do my workout tomorrow,then it throws me off and everything goes down hill from there,sad times

But not this time,oh no.Some of you may have seen me tweeting about fitness dvd's the other day,eventually I settled on one which had rather good reviews.....

Hannah Waterman's body blitz was what I went for.For two reasons,This dvd had really good reviews with people seeing quick results,and a 10min workout on this dvd is equivalent to an hour aerobics,which is great for lazy bitches like me.What I hear you say,surely that cant be,umm well after I did one 20 min section yesterday im not even going to argue that statement.After 10 min the men on the dvd were dripping in sweat so you could imagine what I was like LOL.

The reason why:The DVD is based on the latest scientific research of interval training.which is short bursts of intense exercise followed by a rest.Studies have shown it burns fat 4-5 times faster than jogging,so you don't need to do as much.WOO HOO

The dvd has four 20 min sections.Cardio blitz,Box blitz,Tone blitz Extra abs and cool down.The only section iv completed at the moment is Cardio blitz,and half way through I was sure I was ready to pass out.Iv jogged in past as well as doing the gym thing and I have never felt tired after 20min of excersise.Never have I ever been left so sweaty and out of breath.Im not the fittest person in the world,but it takes a lot to get me feeling like I want to sit down,this dvd did that and more.Hannah Waterman aint playing......

I got mine online from HMV for £12.99 with free delivery,but you can probably pick it up from anywhere.

Are any of you on a fitness trip at the moment
: )

22 February 2010

Healthy hair

At the moment,im on a quest to grow my hair out to how long and precious it once was.I miss my long locks that people failed to believe were really mine lol.So its time I jumped on it and started treating it with some respect.First up I need a good trim,I trust no one to touch my hair apart from my friend who is a qualified hairdresser,Back in the day when ever Id go for a trim,it seemed the woman with the hair that never grew felt the need to chop more off than what was needed.So ever since then iv stuck with my friend,you tell her what you want and you best believe thats what your going to get.

So I need to go get a good trim *cough cough* cant even remember when the last one was.Secondly I have cut down on the amount of heat im using on my hair by at least 50% which is extremely good for me,and when I am using heat im dowsing my hair in heat protecting spray.

And thirdly,Whenever I wash my hair I treat it,once its in the perfect condition,il treat it once a month.At current I use Osmo Essence deep intense repair mask,I discovered this because my friend had picked it up at a hair show and used it in my hair,ever since iv been re purchasing it.Iv been using this for 2 years now,and I love it,Its creamy in texture,and leaves hair incredibly soft and shiny from first use.You decide how intense you think you need your treatment be, whether its 5min or 25.I love this stuff and always will,and I actually need to go buy some more

Lastly Im going to start popping my sea kelp vitamins again,In hope il get a boost of growth like I have in previous times.Its my birthday in exactly 4 weeks from now,If I can get a little bit more length by then il be happy,At the moment my hairs probably bra under wire length,if that makes any sense.....

Heres hoping it will be a tad longer in a few weeks,if any ones got any tips or can recommend any products feel free...

; )

21 February 2010

Calendar Girls

So a few of you have already sold your soul to me on twitter last night*cough cough* Zozeebo,sweetcheeks,fashionteller,JLfaith and pinkpixiedoll.What for I hear you ask,well look below......

Thats right ladies,I want to make a calender for 2011 featuring us.Some of you may think why what for,well maybe because it could be quite fun,and it could be something nice to do for charity.I thought of the idea last year but by that time it was too late : (

At least this way,any one who wishes to be involved can be.So get your thinking caps on lately,and when the seasons come along get snapping,a little bit of inspiration can go a long way,If you want to help me with this little project,just drop me a comment below,any skill is useful

Fingers crossed we can do it.xx

: )


NOTD:Purple Rain

Feeling like ive completely ignored my nails for the past week,I sat down and finally decided on a colour to paint them.The colour is purple rain by Models own.I bought this and a few others when they had their 50% sale,and Im so glad that I did.Its such a nice deep purply blue colour,the picture dsnt even do it justice,even though I tried to take it near a lamp.I applied two coats and I was ready to go....

Im loving models own at the moment,the colours are really nice.Another colour I bought was one called red n black,and it really is red with a hint of black,never seen anything like it before,cant wait to get that on my can check out models own HERE, Wait until your done reading though because you cant right click my blog,I need to work out a way to just protect my photos,so it doesn't affect the rest of my page : S

Until then,happy reading

; )

18 February 2010

Luxurious Volume

For the past couple weeks iv been using a few products from the John Frieda LV range.The things iv been trying out are the thickening shampoo and conditioner,and the volume root boosting spray.

Clearly im going to try anything in my hair that has the word THICKENING in it lol

The shampoo and conditioner are meant to boost hairs fullness by 73% without weighing it down.

What I think: the shampoo and conditioner are very light weight and left my hair squeaky clean,I used the volume spray in my roots and blow dried my hair.It did look bigger than usual lol,kinda lioness like (thats what generally happens to my hair)

After I curled it and put my usual serum in my hair,It was really volumouse and it lasted.The one thing I would say is that im not too keen on the spray,my roots were feeling a bit sticky the next day which I didnt like.Im thinking this could be down to my hair type,and it would probably be suited to someone with a more European set of locks,Im going to let one of my friends try it to see if she gets on any better.

The next few times I used the shampoo and conditioner I didnt use the spray and still had good results

If my hairs soft and bigger than usual im happy.Im kind of obsessed with big hair lately,im not sure whats come over me....

check out John Friedas facebook page for competitions CLICK

whats your views on big hair at the moment,come join me...
: )


17 February 2010

Nails Did

So my friend Emma (she wrote this post for me Click ) got her nails did,lol,I had to share,

How friggin amazing are they.I want I want I want.....In Emmas words "matte & glossy black leopard print & pearls? Yesss, I think so!"

Umm yes Emma,I think so too.....


She got them done at WAH-nails CLICK

and they have a pop up shop in Topshop Oxford circus at the moment too-yipee

you can see Emmas comment below lol.xx

16 February 2010

Get up and Glow

Note to reader:if your a sucker for words such as radiant and illuminating this post may result in you spending £1.50 lol

So im a sucker for words such as dewy,illuminous,radiance,glow the list really could go on,So whilst going through my draw full of highlighters,I decided it was time I started using things I neglected,things I once loved. but sadly got pushed to the side due to new product overload.

So whilst hunting through,I came across my e.l.f colour stick in persimmon.why did I ever forget I had this,(answers on a postcard please)

oh and lets kindly thank the camera for not focusing grrrr

For the past few weeks iv been putting this along my cheekbones,up onto my brow bone,then putting my foundation over the top.The results = love for me,and when the light catches your cheekbones,the radiant glow is quite amazing.Why didnt I ever do this before-I usually put highlighters over my foundation,but this is definitely my new way in achieving the daily dewiness I crave...

On the left is just the foundation and on the right is persimmon with the foundation over the top

In both pictures you can clearly see the effect you get,and I can assure you thats not my crappy lighting lol.

The stick is creamy based,All I do is rub it on the back of my hand first,to warm it up,and away I go.The glow lasts all day too (bonus)

The best thing is,the colour stick is only £1.50 check the range HERE

Theres so many other shades I want to get now,but im just waiting for them to re-stock.Golden Peach you will be mine.....

: )


12 February 2010

Nose pore strips

You thought everything was fine and dandy,you didn't think anything could be lurking there, especially if your pores arnt visible.

Oh how wrong you were.Introducing the nose strip.ok ok they have been around for yonks,and iv been using them for over a year,but for those not in the know,you need to get to know.

You can get these strips from practically any drug store and savers for 99p (lol).You can get them for your nose,chin and forehead,but some of them are big enough to put on any area,so I just stick with the nose ones.

You dont realise how much crap has sat in your nose until you use them,even if you dont have open or visible pores,I guarantee if you pop one of these on your nose and take it off,you will be in minor shock.

Ok so what you do is take one out of the pack,wet your nose thoroughly with water,then you pop it on,leave until it hardens,then you pull it off.

After you've pulled it off you might be thinking,ouch that hurt and theres nothing even on the bloody strip.Please don't be fooled,look at it side on in the light,then you will see.

When I first started using these I was quite amazed,my nose was left clean and very smooth,I use them once a week to keep it this way.

I would defo recommend,especially as they are so cheap

: )


11 February 2010

Hair Obsession

When I was younger and my hair was Very long very thick and overly curly I cried because I couldn't control it,and jumped for joy when ceramic straighteners were released.Oh how I would rewind time and sit tight if I knew this hair would be my latest obsession.Whenever I watch 90210 I cant stop watching her hair lol

Its amazing I love it,Oh angel of the north,If you could find time in your busy schedule to swoop down and do my hair whilst im asleep,id really appreciate it

NYC Blush Colour wheel

So ive been giving this N.Y.C colour wheel ( in pink cheek glow), a whirl for the past few weeks,and id thought id share it with you.Frankly because its cheap at £3.99 and at the moment(I just discovered) in superdrug if you buy any N.Y.C product you get free lashes...Happy days

So heres what the colour wheel looks like...

And close up.....
As you can see theres loads of different pinky tones in there to give ur cheeks a natural flush of colour.In the swatch below,iv caked it on my hand so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

In reality the colour is very sheer and natural,one swirl does it for me,I havnt tried to build it because Iv always gone for the natural dewy look.It isnt drying on the skin but it dsnt last all day.What I would say though is that the lighter shades make nice highlighters.

Being its so cold outside I try to stick with things that dont dry out my skin.Im actually on the hunt for a nice cream blush if anyone's got any recommendations.All of my blushers at the moment are powder ones, and they just dont fit in with my winter skin routine.I was going to order a few colour sticks from e.l.f but there all sold out
: (

So im still on the hunt,so like I said,if you can recommend anything,please do.

: )

10 February 2010

Carrots For My Skin

I was given this to try a while back,Like just after christmas.I have been using it all this time,so I think its fair to say I can give a pretty accurate review.

I had never heard of this brand before,but when it comes to any form of cream or body butter ,im always willing to give anything a try,especially in the winter.

What they say:Say yes to carrots is a range of skin body and hair products that harness the nourishing power of vegetables,especially carrots which are packed with anti oxidants to boost skins health and appearance.
100% paraben free,the range incorporates a unique combination of purifying dead sea mud and minerals,packed organic fruit and vegetables,and beta-carotene (WHAT...?)

Beta carotene is a natural form of vitamin A (ohh ok now I get ya) Its renowned for its youth enhancing benefits,providing protection from the sun and other environmental damage.

What I say: As this is a rich body butter,I was expecting it to be thick and gloopy and one of those creams your rubbing in for what seems like forever.Its not like that at all.A little goes a long way and once its been absorbed by the skin,it leaves you with a radiant glow.At first I thought this was residue,but no no I was wrong again.

I really like this body butter and its really been doing wonders for my... prone to get dry in the winter legs.Touch wood this will continue to aid them in the bid for them to look sexy in the summer.

The cram does have a scent but its a natural one,I cant describe it,because im crap at that.

Iv just looked on the site,and they now have lip tints(Already I want cotton candy and coral lol) glosses as well as hair treatments,I think I might order the hair and scalp moisturising mask,lord knows the head needs it.Im already making myself cyber broke lol sad times.

Check out the range here CARROTS and let me know if your going to join me in being broke lol.
: )

feel free to ask me anything I may have left out.x

8 February 2010

Superdrug 2010 spring summer event

Im back after a bout of food poisoning and a lovely headache that loved my company so much it decided to hang with me for 3 days.But im better now woo hoo,and on with the post....

So I was invited to the superdrug spring summer event,of course I decided to pop along.With me being an early bird I went along quite early,I was told I couldnt take pictures (sad times) and Because I went so early,I didnt get to talk to everyone due to publications doing their thing.But none the less,I still got the info needed to give all of you the 4 double 1.

It seemed gosh had the most to announce,They are bringing out 3 new primers,which are really silky in texture,for the eyes lips and face.They are also bringing out Jumbo lip pencils in three summer shades.Cabana Orange,flamingo coral and gypsy red.New nail colours are also making an appearance,as well as 2 new eye shadow palettes that can be used with water or used dry.They are also introducing 5 brightly coloured eye-liners and, what I'm waiting for is their new lip gloss in coral,Its so so so pretty.

They are also releasing a stronger formula of their salt water hair spray.This is meant to give you beautiful beach boho waves,Iv never tried anything like this before so I'm intrigued to see if it will work on me.I got one in the goody bag so expect a review soon.

Sleek are staying colourful and bright,releasing 2 new limited edition eye shadow palettes ,2 liquid eye liners and 2 limited edition pout polishes
Superdrug will also be releasing their summer boho bangles collection,they also have a nautical themed collection too.They will also be launching a new make up range Make up academy(MUA) where everything will cost £1,im excited to try that,I love my bargains lol

I had a good time,and it was nice getting a sneak peak into whats coming out soon.I was also given a lovely goody bag,which I thought was very kind.So lots of reviews to come from that.
There were loads of other brands bringing out new things but every time I try to upload any images my computer decides it would prefer to crash,So feel free to ask me questions if you have any,Im sure ill have the answer.

On my way home,I stopped at lush-Who knew there was one in liverpool street station now woo hoo

: )


2 February 2010

Go Blonder And Win

So to everyone that has seen my previous post on John Frieda HERE

I forgot to add some fun information,They have a competition at the moment where you can win a trip to Morocco.They have also teamed up with the likes of Cosmopolitan,Marie Claire and Handbag to give you the chance of winning some other prizes, such as salon treatments and accessories.

Fancy your luck,click HERE for more details

I think I might enter even if I lose,anything to escape this English weather......

Image by John Frieda

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

So not many of us knew it existed,but enough of us knew to ensure I couldnt get hold of it in my local boots or superdrug.Ladies Ladies 2010 is the year for sharing lol.
Theres not even an advert for this mascara, yet its flying off the shelves.

Maybelline never fail to amaze me when they decide to bring out a new mascara,whenever they do im always intrigued to try it.

What am I talking about some of you might be thinking,why Maybelline falsies mascara of course.

As you can see it basically looks like a purple version of the famous collosal mascara,but please dont be fooled into thinking they are the same,oh how the wand tells a different story.....

What Maybelline say "The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle.

The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The patented ‘Spoon’ shaped brush helps fan lashes out."

What I say...
The wand is slightly curved and flattish (just making up words now) on one side,which allows you to coat every lash.

Please note:My eyelids are not this greasy LOL,this is what happens when you cream your face with Nivea in the morning,and I only realised it looked like this when I made the picture big,seriously weren't about to take another picture of my eye,we all know how annoying it is to get a picture that's half decent.....

Anyway,up top as you can see no mascara and I havnt curled them either,just so I could get a better idea of how good the finished result would be.

Im pretty happy,Its like collosal but it gives a much more length to the lashes.The formula is not thick and goopy,nor is it watery,its just right.Above is 2 light coats,and there's not a clump in sight as promised by Maybelline.My lashes also feel soft,they are not hard and crispy,which I must admit is a first for me when it comes to mascara.

I rushed to put this on in the morning,In fact I was half asleep when my buzzer went.Hurrah,things I had ordered finally arrived.I knew alot of people had been wondering about this so I slapped it on for that reason, and also the fact that I felt like being overly extra..

The right eye in this picture,gives you a nice idea of what effect this mascara gives,I would love to see what would happen after applying a good few coats.

I will definitely be purchasing this again once this one begins to run low.Its available from boots and superdrug and retails at £7.99

Shop mascaras HERE

Have any of you tried this yet?

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