26 February 2010

GOSH Irresistible Mascara

I got this little lovely thing in my goody bag from the superdrug event a few weeks back.I totally forgot I had it until I was tidying my room the other day,so I thought I would give it a whirl.

It seems GOSH is all over the ball thing too.What they say:This mascara,is designed to transform eyelashes,making them intense,full and ultra precise.The brush can be used horizontally and at an angle,so eyelashes can be pushed upwards to separate and coat each lash.

My eyelashes are really crappy at the moment,im not quite sure whats up with that.At one point they were really thick,and now my left eyelashes are in a complete world of their own.

I really like this mascara,It definitely does what it says,and after one coat it really does make a difference.My lashes aren't crispy and I have definite flutter appeal.The only thing I dont like about it,is the smell,It wreaks,but don't worry,you cant smell it unless you put your nose in it like I did.

this retails at £8.99 and you can get it from superdrug
: )

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2 February 2010

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