27 November 2009

Face Of Boredom

So I was laying in my bed messing with the sleek graphite pallet,Im really crap at smokey eyes but I just plonked one colour on my eye (black) and thought it looked a ok.......

Im not going anywhere,this is just me being overly keen

Yeah so that was done with the black shadow out of the sleek graphite pallet,but any black shadow will do.

Im off to bed now,night all

; )


24 November 2009

A ladybird,lee stafford and skin doctors

So I got out today before the daily rain we seem to be having,picked up a few bits n bobs

I picked up some Lee Stafford climate control,Ive never used this before but Ive never had any trouble with his products in the past,in fact I quite love them.My hair isnt handling the wind and and the rain,and this dry spray promises to give me protection from elements all year round,preserving its strength and prolonging my hair colour,so we shall see....

Also on the cards we have a product I discovered online,called ingrow go,Its by a company called skin doctors and promises to rid those hideous little red bumps you can sometimes get from shaving or in grown hairs.Im not ashamed to admit I sometimes get those tiny ugly bumps from shaving,Im just glad ive found something to keep my legs smoooooth,Before purchasing this,I read a load of reviews on this stuff,I never saw one bad one,lets leave it a that,you can get this at boots for £9.99,Yeah it sounds expensive,but if its going to sort a problem nothing has been able to in the past,im not fussed,I will def keep you all updated........

I also got some carmex,I forgot to add it in the pictures, whoops,but you all know what it looks like,It hasn't really been that cold but my lips just didnt feel at all moisturised,the vaseline weren't cutting it,So in come carmex,It moisturises and protects and has a little tingle sensation when you put it on.I love the smell too,so far so good

And last but not least.....

I picked up this dainty ladybird necklace from topshop for £4,yes its so dainty in this picture it looks like a tiny red dot,But I assure you it isnt lol,I will try and get a better picture up of it.It really is the sweetest thing ive ever seen,oh and its not a sale item either,it actually is £4

have you tried any of the products up top?

If you have,let me know

; )

20 November 2009

And the winner is.......

Hey everyone,the Rock and rose comp is now closed,but dont be sad,as the Naked one is still going,and I will be selecting 5 winners for that

So ive been sitting and reading through all your answers,they were all so good,But there could only be one winner,and trust me,it was bloody hard

So without further a do,the winner is........

for saying......

Paula said...

Ooh with £1000 i would book a week in New York for me and my fiance as that is where he proposed to me 5 years ago :D and we have alawys wanted to go back there and see everything properly xx

Congratulations Paula,I hope you enjoy your vintage winter rose, There's actually 4 colours,and im sure your be able to pick which one you would like

Email me at

; )


16 November 2009

Whos on Twitter

Ok so if any of you lovelies are on twitter let me know.Im only following a few people at the moment,and could do with a few recommendations

So if your on twitter or know of anyone else on there, leave me your link below
and if you wanna follow me my link is HERE

thanks everyone

: )


15 November 2009

Naked Giveaway*closed*

uk only
You people are so lucky,Two competitions in the space of a few days

But this one wont have one winner,It will have 5,yes 5

The same rules apply,you have to be a fan of mine AND this page HERE

They currently have 882 fans,But once they reach 1000 they will be giving out 50% off promo codes

The info - Naked is 97% natural, crammed with gorgeous high quality extracts and free from parabens, SLS and petrochemicals. Buy online at, and Boots stores nationwide

So onto the good stuff,To enter just click comment and write "enter me please"

I will pick a winner at random in a couple days time

Please make sure you are a follower of mine as well as the page link I have provided above or your entry will not be legible

Good Luck

: )


12 November 2009

Cloud Nine Irons

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of cloud nine irons to try,I was a tad sceptical at first as nothing to me is better than my trusty GHD iron

How wrong was I.............

These irons are made by the creators of the original GHD iron,But these have a clever little difference.They offer all the style without the heat

With a digital dial on the inside to control the temperature and,Its smart mode,were if the irons are not used for half an hour,they turn themselves off,These irons surprised me

Anyhoo,this is how they came........

The packaging was very nice and well presented,and I loved that they were wrapped in bubble wrap,more because I sat for ages popping it

So onto the good stuff

When I first ran these irons through my hair,I was like "I dont like them" and was tempted to reach for the Ghds,But I was good and I never.I straightened my hair on a mid heat (trust me for my hair that is good) and was pleasantly surprised that it was straight,but hadn't lost its natural thickness

So I vowed to use these for a week before I made my true judgement,The week is up and im still using them whilst my Ghds gather dust,I never believed I would ever say that :S

The cloud nine irons also have some kind of secret formula in the plates to give hair extra shine,Id say I noticed the shine more the next day

I havnt tried any other styles with them as of yet,other than straight,But that's only because for some strange reason I havnt had to use them everyday,which I would usually have to do, to keep my hair looking sweet.But I will definitely try some different styles at the weekend

I really like these irons,and I like the fact that my hair doesnt get snagged on the plates when using them,they actually glide through hair effortlessly

Ooh I forgot to add the irons come with a styling guide,a heat protective cover and a pouch to keep them safe when travelling,or when packing them away

All in all,I think im going to have to say,rest in peace GHD,I still love you,but ive met someone new


Cloud nine irons retail at £129.95,more info is available here- click

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