28 October 2009

Sleek Graphite

Woo Hoooo

Just browsing in superdrug,and I came across this lil beauty,I never even knew this existed....

The colours are amazing,im loving the last 2,bottom right

^without flash
^with flash

I never really wear eye shadow,apart from black to line my eyes.The highlighters in this are incredible,the pics dont even do it justice

This palette is definitely one to create the perfect smokey eye

Have you got your hands on this yet?


27 October 2009

Sea Kelp-Hair growth

The power of seaweed mmmmm Ok not in this form but in the tablet form of sea kelp I often go throu...

23 October 2009

L’Oréal Paris Lash Renewal Serum

(image by google) Hey ladies,Just a ...

12 October 2009

L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum Inside Mascara

I planned to get this a while back,but i just wanted to wait until it had done its rounds so I could...
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