22 September 2009

To fringe or not to fringe

Ok so im getting pretty bored of my hair,and now that winters coming i think its time for a change.The colours already been done,now just for the style,im thinking either.....

A blunt fringe,I had this once before when my hair was much longer,i was loving it then,maybe id still love it now


A swept fringe...........

Ladies this is where you come in,You can scroll through my blog to see random pictures of me to help you decide,thanks girlie's

Cant wait to hear what you think

: )


17 September 2009

Maybelline pulse perfection

I was dieing to try this,as i was wondering if it would really would work.At the moment i am addicted to maybelline collosal,cant get enough,but it seems maybelline always steps up their game when they bring out a new mascara

So heres the before and after......

you can clearly see this is before lol

And after........

Its definately given me some serious flutter appeal,but it is one to get the hang of....

You control the vibration as you hold down the button to keep it on,and release to stop.Im not sure whether the vibration did anything apart from tickle my eye slightly,I dont think it helped seperate my lashes
I found its best to let the wand do the work,as the first time I attempted to join in, and my lashes stuck together : (

However,the second time I used it,I seemed to have got the nack (yay)
and I achieved nicer results

All in all I think its a nice mascara if you wish to achieve a longer fuller lash look
You just have to get used to the feeling of letting the wand do the work

I dont think it will replace my collosal though...

The pulse perfection retails at around £14

Have you tried this mascara yet? what do you think


15 September 2009

Maybelline colour sensation...... It really is

So I was kindly sent the new maybelline pulse perfection mascara,and colour sensation lipppie by Natalie Kitcher Headsteam pr(thanks again,so kind)

This review Is going to be on the lipstick,colour sensation In 427 EXTATIC CORAL...

Now,I actually never wear lipstick,I only own 2 nude shades,I dont know why,but I have always thought I look a bit of a fool in It

I swear I have been converted,I was sent EXTATIC CORAL,At first glance I decided it was a browny colour with a slight reddish tint to it (mmm very descriptive lol)

I then smelt it,seriously I dont know why,but I did....
It smelt sweet,like sweets,so its definately not the usual lipstick smell.I ran into my bathroom to try it out,getting ready to look like a fool,but as I was applying it,I realised the colour was so natural and It complemented my skin tone very well.....

Its not even as red as this I think my camera picked it up differently
Its def more muted

My lips also feel moisturised,and there not sticky either
This is definately a wearable everyday shade and Im glad I was sent It to try,As of now I vow to try things im scared of,I never knew what I was missing out on

Ha,Just another exuse to go shopping....

I think Ive covered everything my little mind could think of
But if you have any questions,feel free to ask away

Until then,If your like me,and you have always been a bit scared of lipstick,Id say a shade like this one would be a safe place to start

Oh it cost £6.84 and at BOOTS at the moment its 3 for 2

: )


7 September 2009

Make up storage

So it was clear it was time for me to jump on the makeup storage band wagon,until now,makeup has been dotted around my room,but now its all in one place.

No more crushing bronzer into my cream carpet......

so here goes,i took a trip to WHsmiths today to pick up some boxes for my room

heres what i got....

I really didnt want this colour,but the green one had pink on it too,which i didnt like either,ahh well,it does the job

All my makeup is safely tucked away

I also came accross this

I came accross this in TKmaxx on sale for £4,i was sick of hanging things over my mirror all the time,so i thought why not,cant go wrong for £4

I also store some of my bracelets in this basket my mum got

lol,im slowly loving my room,it has a real boutique feel

Hope you enjoyed reading

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