22 September 2009

To fringe or not to fringe

Ok so im getting pretty bored of my hair,and now that winters coming i think its time for a change.The colours already been done,now just for the style,im thinking either.....

A blunt fringe,I had this once before when my hair was much longer,i was loving it then,maybe id still love it now


A swept fringe...........

Ladies this is where you come in,You can scroll through my blog to see random pictures of me to help you decide,thanks girlie's

Cant wait to hear what you think

: )


17 September 2009

Maybelline pulse perfection

I was dieing to try this,as i was wondering if it would really would work.At the moment i am addicte...

15 September 2009

Maybelline colour sensation...... It really is

So I was kindly sent the new maybelline pulse perfection mascara,and colour sensation lipppie by Nat...

7 September 2009

Make up storage

So it was clear it was time for me to jump on the makeup storage band wagon,until now,makeup has bee...
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