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30 October 2019

Staple Pieces That Belong In Your Wardrobe

Don't Stress, You Know The Vibe...

Believe it or not, there's nothing that stresses me out more than figuring out what to wear! Although my head screams "Jeans and a nice top" my heart knows that I can do better...but will I ever? probably not lol. 

With the shops heaving with the latest trends and floaty florals constantly being shoved in my face, I often search for the space between faux Kardashian and polyester exists people! As I've gotten older (fun), I've realised trends are not for everyone and they are definitely not something you should follow by force, instead create your own trend by taking inspo from what you like and making it your own.

I'm pretty basic when it comes to fashion as colour gives me heart palpitations and my fool proof colour palette ensures that I will always look semi decent. I am a firm believer of having a few staples in your wardrobe according to the season, to get you started. These are often pieces that I spend a little more on as I'm all about quality over quantity.

Below are a few favourites of mine, I've linked two price points so hopefully this should suit everyone.

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A must have in every wardrobe, the one item of clothing that goes with everything from Jeans, to skirts and dresses.


What is life without a killer pair of jeans? from skinny to straight leg, we all need a par to see us through those casual days...which basically applies to every aspect of my life. All of these jeans below live in my wardrobe and I wouldn't have it any other way... oh and yes...they are all curve friendly.


You can take this wherever your heart desires, for me I literally live in basic bodysuits and plain works. 


Investing in a good coat is always a must! If you look after your pieces they will literally carry you through year after year.


I'm all about comfort first, I live in trainers, but If i want to look like I made a bit of effort I'll throw on a comfortable heel, because nobody has time to be that girl hobbling about in pain by the time the day is done.

So there you have it!, a simple guide to help build your wardrobe. Go forth and create your own style with ease. 

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