10 December 2018

A Night At Royal Lancaster

Ok so, usually Id break up my images between text but the  Royal Lancaster was giving me all the aesthetic feels upon arrival, so I thought Id let you experience that with me. Situated on Lancaster terrace this hotel is not one to be slept on (no pun intended), boasting  luxury interiors and stunning views around London, your breath will be taken away no matter the hour. 

The Royal Lancaster also has several function rooms for weddings, parties, conferences and events, as well as newly refurbished restaurants for your choice of in house dining.

The hotel comprises of 9 room options, I stayed in the studio suite. When I entered the room I immediately fell in love with the dark wood and plush blue sofas, definitely my vibe. 

I had literally landed from New York the day I checked in, so trust me when I say I was looking forward to a comfy nights sleep....but first I had a wonder around my room to see what was what. First things first...
  •  I didn't need a key to keep the electrics running in my room! whilst this might sound basic to some, I can not tell you how many times I've been in darkness until I've found my room key.
  • The lighting in the bathroom is a 10/10! I've been in a few badly lit hotel bathrooms and let me tell you something, trying to do your makeup in them and coming out looking ok is a big achievement. The Royal Lancaster DEFINITELY, have our backs. The crisp white marble interiors paired with integrated lights in the mirrors are nothing short from a dream.
  • Electric day & Night Blinds hugged the windows of my room, if the views of the London Eye are too much they can easily be blocked out at the flick of a switch, and if its too bright in the daytime you can opt for the day blinds. These switches are on your bedside so you don't need to worry about losing your comfy spot in bed.
  • Comfort level of the bed was a firm 10/10, as soon as I hit the pillow I didn't wake up until the morning, in fact I had to request a late checkout because I wasn't quite ready to give up the hotel bed for mine.
-In Room Dining-
Food glorious food! Room service is so important to me, everything from the menu to how long the food takes to arrive is such a big factor to me. 

The last thing I want to do is stare at a menu to see a plethora of dishes I cant even pronounce, sometimes you just need a burger.

The menu was amazing, it had a selection of sides and mains everyone would love. I ordered a chicken burger and fries...just because. I was hoping id have room for desert but the burger was enough to hit the spot, the fries were also amazing ( this definitely means a lot to any foody).

Come morning I ordered some french toast... STANDARD! but I also wanted to try something savoury so hello English breakfast! Again no complaints.

Would I stay here again..yes I would! Its so close to everything in London but out the way of all the hustle and bustle. The views are stunning, the staff are super friendly and the food and comfort level was a 10 for me, bare in mind I had just came from the Plaza Hotel in New york and despite its beauty I would give that a 7.

If you ever need a place to stay in London or even hold a function, Royal Lancaster would definitely be on my go to list.

Especially whilst its the festive season, as you are on Hyde parks doorstep, Hello winter wonderland!

Thank you for having me guys, I will definitely be back again.

 Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY
020 7551 6000


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