30 June 2017

I Never Expire

In Partnership With SKII

There are some things in life that you may feel nobody will ever understand, chapters in your life that you may never speak of, and words you may feel are better left unsaid.  I myself have been guilty of the latter, but today I'm going to share with you a chapter in my life that I recently closed. 

Ever heard the saying "You have all the time in the world" but as you grow older you suddenly feel like time is running out? We always seem to set ourselves goals in life that we wish to accomplish by a certain age, and a lot of the time if we don't hit that target we beat ourselves up instead of finding another option to work towards what we want. So many of us do it whether it's intentional or not, but what we need to remember is that we do not expire.

I'm the first to say "but I haven't got this yet" when someone is praising how far I have come. I eventually realised speaking this way doesn't get me any further, instead it hinders me and puts me in a place of struggle, a place where I'm not at my best. Eventually I realised it's me who has the power to change things. If I keep putting these expiry dates on myself I'm deeming myself unworthy of greater things to come. So what if I fall behind, it doesn't mean my dreams won't happen, or that I wont ever smash my targets.


Millions of women feel pressured to achieve things by a certain age, some even feel they are expired in other peoples eyes if they don't, and this is something the amazing people at SK-II have decided to spotlight with their worldwide campaign titled "The Expiry date".

Uplifting and motivational at the least, this hero film will take you on a journey from self doubt to self love. I think it captures the essence of what I've experienced perfectly, and will hopefully help others who still feel shadowed by this issue.

Its easy to set a goal or write a list, but most women find it even harder to praise how far they have already come.

My advice to you is not to beat yourself up nor put yourself down, but to always remember how you got to where you are today. You hold the reins to your life, you have the ability to change things and you will never expire. 



  1. I can so relate to this. So many of us feel we have a time limit. Society makes us feel we have an expiry date.

  2. I relate to this so so much! And it's so true how so many people have things going on in their life that no one else knows about- the hidden chapter.

  3. This resonates so strongly with me! I've definitely been my own worst enemy in the past in terms of setting myself unnecessary deadlines. x

    Kate Louise Blogs


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