26 September 2016

Theres Something About The Blend : Nicky Lazou Review

  NICKY LAZOU Isnt a name youre a stranger too if youve followed my hair journey over the last couple of years.  Once again my locks have been slayed to perfection. 

This time round I opted for some baby lights on my natural hair, followed by Nickys mystery treatment...if you don't know about this treatment, you need to get to know! Being mixed Caribbean I rarely colour my natural hair or let anyone touch it, because as much as it looks me it isn't. Ive had so many of you asking if Nicky can manage hair of my texture, and the answer is yes. Hand on heart my hair had a mirror shine when I left Nickys, a shine I had never had before. This was all down to her secret treatment made of all natural ingredients, that she will be releasing in the near future and the fact that she knows what she is doing! 

The picture above is my hair after 4 washes, the colour gets brighter and brighter after each wash, and as you can see I still have that shine.

You guys already know I recommend Nicky above anyone else, she doesn't use copious amounts of bleach followed by a toner, which leaves you having to use a purple shampoo or in tern visiting the salon every few weeks, she creates artwork. Not only will visiting Nicky boost your hair, yu always seem to leave with a different type of confidence.

There's a few things in life I believe you should invest in, and one of them is your hair. 
you can find the lovely Nicky Lazou HERE with details on how to contact her.


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  1. You sure have found your hair soul mate! I wish I can find one too.


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