6 July 2016

Sally Hansen Nail Care

I've been a lover of Sally Hansen for some years now, it all started back when I used to steal my mums batch of "Hard as nails" as it was literally the only thing on the market that did exactly what it said on the bottle. Fast forward and Sally Hansen is still one of my go to brands for nail care. 

As many of you know I don't dabble in gels or acrylic but my nails are still substantially long. Ive always found that once they reach the perfect length, one will always end up peeling and I'm left with no choice but to cut them all off and start over! literally every girls worst nightmare.  Thankfully Sally Hansen has come to the rescue yet again. I was recently sent a nail treatment pack tailored to my current needs, of course I dived right in as I know their tretments are second to none. 

What I was sent

Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil -Helps strengthen and nourish both nails and cuticles

Complete Care 7-IN-1 Nail Treatment - Avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium combine together to create a durable shield that helps estore strength, moisture and brightness to dry brittle nails. Use as a base and Top coat, Ridge Filler and for Growth and Strengthening.

Miracle Cure - Stops nails from peeling and makes them 40% stronger in 3 days.

I've been using these products religiously since they landed on my doorstep as my nails are at the length where they will usually start peeling, and I'm actually in shock that they haven't peeled and they feel a lot stronger.

The 7-IN-1 has fast become my favourite, as it has so many benefits in one bottle, and I feel like its made a huge difference in the appearance of my nails and its 100% stopped the peeling.

I know its so easy for us to forget about the health of our nails underneath our favourite nail polish. A lot of us just tend to remove our polish and whack the next colour on, but just like hair, our nails need treatments too, to keep them in tip top condition. 

Sally Hansen has a range of treatments for all different nail types, so its worth checking them out. They are also the number one nail care Brand in the UK, so its safe to say your nails are in good hands. 

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  1. Can we see before and after shots?

  2. I have the Vitamin E oil and love it, sounds like the other two are well worth a go as well! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. My nails definitely need a bit of TLC and these sound great especially the cuticle oil xx


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