24 February 2016

Nicky Lazou x Hair By Him

Its not often you can achieve perfection, but you can when Nicky and Marvin are involved.

 Marvin totally slayed my hair and gave me the blonde hair I craved, his service is speedy and the quality of the hair he uses is second to none! I then took a road trip up to Nicky's, In my head I invisioned ashy routes, with icy blonde tips, and sure enough thats what Nicky gave me.

I think its safe to say that my hair is now officially #GOALS.

Both Nicky and Marvin gave me exactly what I asked for, I couldnt recommend either of them enough, so definitely check them out. If you need your weave slaying, then you need to visit Marvin for that sorcery, and if you need that colour, then you need to take a trip to the Balayge slayer Nicky Lazou. 



  1. I love your hair!! You look so gorgeous as always!! Do you think it's possible for me to get my hair done if I'm only visiting london for only 2 weeks? I'm from Norway so we don't have the same services available as you guys :/ just getting a wig I mean. Love you ❤️

  2. Dont know you.. but still a fan of your hair(thats not weird right?).. gosh they look lovely..


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