2 February 2016

Body Confidence | Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Ive always wanted to post a "In my Calvins" shot on Instagram, but I always felt that my body wasn't perfect enough to do so.....but then again what Is perfect? 

On a daily basis Images are shoved in our faces of things and people that we (apparently) should "deem" as perfection. From airbrushed images to boosted booties, some may feel the pressure to keep up with what the definition of beauty has become. I myself have felt the pressure, I spent a lot of 2015 constatly putting myself down. Before social media I was so comfortable in my skin, I felt the best kind of beautiful. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself caught in a web, a web I never dreamt of being caught in. I found myself stuck in a place where I questioned my beauty. "Am I thin enough?" or "Am I tan enough" basically every stupid mediocre question one could ask themselves. Now, I'm quite a strong minded women, so for me to feel this way, got me thinking about how others may feel, especially those who are on the outside looking in. 

It saddens me that in this day and age social media has taken what the definition of beauty is, and turned it into something ugly. Don't get me wrong, its totally fine to admire someone else's beauty, but never let someone else's beauty define your own. 90% of images you see online, are probably airbrushed or manipulated, so it leaves you with a longing to look like something that doesn't even exist. So today I'm here to say screw the expectation, its time to mess with reality...


I'm over putting myself down and wondering if I'm good enough, and you should be too. Screw that girl with the thigh gap! she may well be beautiful, but so are you! screw that girl with that fat ass, she may well be beautiful, but so are you! Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and you don't ever need to let anyone or anything define or cloud your judgement of what that should be. 

The best kind of beautiful comes from a place that a mirror cant see, a place where " a like" or " a comment" doesnt mean a dam thing, and that place is from within you. I had to learn how to love myself over again, because I literally drowned in the ocean of "perfection" that I saw, day in and day out on Instagram. But after months of loathing, I realised that...

I am my own kind of beautiful and you are your own kind of beautiful, and that is the one thing that will forever keep you unique.

Do things that make you happy, things that make you smile. Wear your hair however the heck you want, hell...wear that yellow dress with orange wait...maybe dont do that lol. But you know what I mean, see more in yourself than anyone else possibly could.

I hope this post helps anyone that may feel, or perhaps felt the way that I did. We are all in this together, and im not about to sit down and act like I dont feel the same pressures that you do.

It would be great to hear your views on todays society,and what your definition of beauty is. And always remember...





  1. Loved reading this piece, thank you for empowering women! You're such a beautiful soul. Love from South Africa x

  2. Deleting Instagram has made such a major difference for me. I found myself addicted to checking the popular page and comparing myself to the perfect bikini models; before I knew it was literally years deep in their feed and would spend ages feeling inadequate despite knowing it's their job to look like that and portray that 'perfect life'.
    Women like you inspire me though! Make me proud to be curvy and make me proud to look like I enjoy life embracing my curves!
    You're snapchat videos are so real and genuinely funny and that's the kinda girl I wanna see on social media!
    So fuck the perfect picture, celebrate your unique sassiness because from one girl to another, you make me proud to be a girl who slays.


  3. This is wonderful. I feel this everyday and thank you for speaking up.

  4. A relatable post. I'm only 21, and I deleted all my social media 4 years ago! All I have is YouTube now. I haven't looked back since, and haven't been tempted to make new accounts. It has made a difference!

  5. 100% agree with you!I spend so much time comparing myself to others and its just so toxic. I feel as though platforms such as Instagram are becoming so negative and are used solely for the purpose of portraying that 'perfect life', 'perfect body' spiel that is just so unrealistic in the real world. I truly hope this will change in the future. Loved this post x

  6. Very true as humans we always compare ourselves with other people because we fail to understand that we are all different people and we are beautiful in our own various way.. This is very inspiring thanks for addressing this topic

    Ese Janta

  7. Awesome Post Michelle!! It's really needed, I won't even look at the popular page anymore (instagram) because it's just redundant. I honestly think this is intentionally being done to put others down...Sigh:( Thanks so much for this post, it helps alot! xoxoxox

  8. It's so sad how true this is. As a 22 year old mum with a soon to be 3 year old it's so hard to not compare myself to people on Instagram or anywhere else. It' scares me that the first thing I do in the mornings is check it... For what purpose. This post is empowering on so many levels but what do you do when you've read 10 posts just like this one and still don't feel any better or any more confident. Does it ever end? The fact that your posting this though helps so many girls and even guys if they read your blog and for that I give you brownie points. The world needs more genuine people like you


  9. social media is definitely a blessing and a curse at times; its so nice to connect with other people but sometimes you can definitely make you feel like "your not good enough" - taking breaks from social media is a good idea and remembering that 90% of the time everyone posts the good stuff. people post what they want you to know so take pride in who you are and stay true to yourself. Just be you. Your just as good as the next person :) - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  10. Beautiful post! And you look incredible. You're easily one of my favourite fashion bloggers - Mainly because you're always look stunning yet you're not a size six.

  11. Love this! You are absolutely right. We need to love ourselves no matter what size or shape we are. It's such an important message, so thank you for sharing it!

    -Kara //

  12. confidence has to be the key - but how do you get confidence when I know I am the ugliest female on the planet? There is nothing I like about myself. How do I even start to like myself a tiny little bit???

  13. This is such an empowering piece! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Hi Michelle, you posted a very important post, message and photos.Thanks so much. You are beautiful!
    I subscribe to so many blogs but I literally just scan them for the first line to decide if i want to continue reading. 'Body confidence & be your own kind of beautiful' was so compelling. Im on Instagram & all the other social apps. Maybe its my age (im 49) or im just really lazy, but i cant be bothered to look at half the photos & the 'look at me' attitude. It gets So boring & we dont learn anything from it do we? I also used to model in London. Sometimes i was too tall, too short, too fat, too thin. I know this, because i was told! (So it must be true, right?!) It made me set up my own business as a style coach dressing all sorts of bodies, shapes and sizes & i have worked & i continue to help women & men 'turn a corner' with their personal work as a model gives me the deepest respect for women & what (we) have to constantly go through. (& the pressure's only getting worse) Im also reading The Vagenda right now. It will back up exactly your feelings.
    Lots of love Rachel xxx

  15. This is such an inspiring blogpost! You look fabulous, so no worries. But the social media world that we live in is indeed very hard. i've always struggled with my weight and therefore I've put off blogging for so long. Which is stupid of course because like you said: be your own kinf of beautiful!

    x Karen

  16. Lovely post and you are so damn right. It is so long and hard process to come to this state of mind, but it as absolutely worth it. I for myself am going through this process as well and I will never stop improving the picture of myself in my mind, but it is constantly getting better. Shortly I saw an interview with someone from an university for sports/ health who said that it is more important to be fit and healthy with a little fat here and there than being thin and no fitness at all. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope it will help all the people who are blinded by the so called perfection in the web.

  17. SOOOOO Beautiful !!! Love this message and it should be spread! xoxo I talk about similar stuff on my blog also because I'm a firm believer of inner beauty.


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