16 January 2016

Review | Nicky Lazou Hair

So theres not much point in me acting like this is my first post on Nicky, you can find my previous reviews here, here and here.

Nicky is amazing, whenever I crave to go blonde, shes my right haaand shes my go too *Drake voice*. Whether its a colour, blow dry or treatment, shes fast become my queen. Her service is second to none, and you always have a chuckle. This time round she took my locks from dark drown to this vibrant blonde. This was not done in one go people! it took 5 rounds. I know we are all tempted to go from dark to light in one round, but I personally wouldnt reccomend it...unless you want broken,brittle, dry hair. Nicky lifts your hair whilst looking after it, ensuring that its kept in the best condition. I never need a purple shampoo, or fret my colour will change after I vistit Nicky. She uses so many special techniques to ensure your hair lasts! So many salons just whack on some bleach and a toner, then send you on your merry way. Youre then left with brassy/yellow hues after a few washes, and your best friend becomes the colour purple. 

With Nicky you definitely get what you pay for, and I have witnessed other customers enter her salon with 8 month old balayage, that still looks fresh. Need I go on.....

I dont think Ill ever allow another sole to colour my hair again, Nicky will forever be the queen of everything hair in my eyes.

Hair details

Colour - Nicky Lazou HERE
Install - Marvin Hair By Him HERE
Hair Extensions - Bleuribbon HERE (Discount code beautyandtheblog132)


  1. I absolutely love the blond hair on you!! :-)

  2. Very beyonce-esq! The ombre trend will never die, in my opinion, so if you're going to do it, do it right. Supporting your hairdresser is always a plus! #winwin #everytime


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