16 July 2015

The Leather Jacket

 Call this post premature, but after I soured this baby in the Topshop sale  , I had to snap it up to ensure I was A/W ready, because all us London ladies know, the sun may be shining today, but tomorrow may bring thunder storms and blizzards! 

This particular jacket has sold out, but feel free to browse the rest of the Topshop range here. Alternatively check out my 3 favourites below, and join me in being overly prepared for the next season.


  1. I love a good leather jacket and just bought a brown one to go with my black jacket. They're such a perfect late summer accessory

    Steph -

  2. Wow gorgeous statement piece. I love the jacket it’s so edgy yet wearable. And gosh aren’t you prepared for the A/W transition?! :-) Makes me want to go out and buy a few key pieces too! There are so many gorgeous styles for jackets out there. Last A/W Primark were on it for coats and jackets and Topshop are amazing sale time. Fab post chick! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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