22 June 2015

Harrods Superbrands | Fashion

Putting women and fashion together is one relationship that will last an eternity, So when Harrods expanded their womens department with an array of Superbrands, JUST FOR WOMEN, you could imagine every ladies excitement.

I attended the Superbrands launch a few weeks ago. In an amongst the amazing cocktails and canap├ęs was a Superbrand heaven. From Dior to Fendi, YSL to Celine, with 12 top designers occupying this stunning marble clad department there is something to cater to every ladies taste, my boyfriend even managed to pick me up the infamous Celine shadow sunglasses! So if you have been on the hunt for those like I have, they are currently in stock on the Superbrands floor.

The Superbrands departments is now open to everyone on the 1st floor, so if you are ever in the area it is worth checking out.



  1. Wow this sounds amazing. even if it's just for a smooch around it would be lovely to check out x

  2. Wow, you must do a review of those lovely sunglasses!

  3. Nice, looks like they have some really cool unique stuff!


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