26 February 2015

Mono Tones

H&M | Hat £14.99 | Trainers £19.99

My thing as of late has been hats and trainers. As much as I love my Theas I needed a wipeable pair of white kicks, that I could chuck on come rain or shine. These were a bargain and are quite similar to an Adidas pair I had my eye on. I'm usually a size 6 but had to pick these up in a 5.

Moving onto the hat, I recently purchased the same one in camel! One thing I love about H&M is that their hats come in sizes, rather than your standard "one size fits all", I have a big head!!!.one size does not fit all! I had been looking for a black trilby for some time now, and I could never find one that was quite right, but now that I have this beaut, It would be safe to say that my hat collection is complete.

Black and white pieces are so key in my wardrobe, they can change up any outfit in an instant. I can't wait to rock these babies soon.


  1. These are such a cute piece and would look amazing with so many things!

  2. I don't think I've worn a hat for over a year haha. think I veen forget they existed

  3. Those are cool items to get and your jeans are nice as well.

  4. Now the weather is getting warmer, I've been on a lookout for a good hat! I LOVE this one from H&M!! 100% going to check it out!! xxx

  5. I love the hat and it such a good price. I love monochrome as you can never go wrong.

    Beth x


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