24 February 2015

DIY Chanel | Prada Wall Art

Simple things like this can add oomph to a space in seconds, and the best thing is, they are simple, quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, they would also make the perfect gift. Don't be suckered in to spending unnecessary £££ on online boutiques, when you can spend 5 minutes making your own.

I decided to make these prints after being inspired by my friend ShirleyI didn't want anything crazy, as my room is pretty mono in tone, so I decided that a clean black and white print was probably the best way to go.

What you will need:~
A frame of your choice
Plain paper
Some tape
A printer

1. First things firsts, search out the image you want to use on google. Depending on what size your frame is, ensure you look for an image with a high resolution, so that if it need to be enhanced, you wont get that nasty pixelated effect.

2. Once you have your image/s , you simply want to open Word (or whichever software you prefer) on your laptop, and then right click on your image and select 'copy'.

3. Head back over to your Word document and simply select paste. ( Note that Esty images will not paste over) Once pasted in, depending on your chosen image, adjust it in size and position it correctly.

4. Print preview to make sure you are happy with your positioning, and then print.

5. Once printed, add the print you to your chosen frame, taping down the corners to keep it secure.

6. Enjoy your wall art, and have fun creating different designs.



  1. Love it! Will have to try this out some day when I'm in need of a spruce-up!

  2. Can't wait to do these, they look so brilliant and will compliment any room nicely!

  3. Love this idea. I see so many things like this on Etsy and Ptrest and it can be done so cheaply. xoxo

  4. Love this idea might have to give it a try x


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