23 January 2015

Nicky Lazou hair review | BELIEVE THE HYPE

There comes a time in your life when you just want change and my time came a few months ago. I'm sure you all stumbled across my urges to become a blondie, but this wasn't something that I was going to dabble in doing myself. After some extensive Instagram research I  came across the lovely Nicky, after analysing nearly every picture on her page, without seeing a yellow or brassy tone In site, I was certain I had found my fairy hair mother. I contacted Nicky and my journey began.

First time round Nicky happened to be in London so she swang by my pad to kick start my journey. Previous to this I had sent her copious amounts of pictures so she knew exactly what I wanted. One thing I love about Nicky is that she is all for healthy hair, My hair was a very dark brown to begin with and unlike most salons, she wasn't about to over process my hair in a bid to see me happy for a few days, for it to be left damaged and basically just a hot mess. Nicky is all about lifting the hair slowly over time to keep your hair soft, shiny and in the best condition it can be.

First time round, I was elated, I was more than happy to say the least, my hair had lifted near enough to the Kim K blonde I had requested, but Nicky assured me the second time round I would love it even more (If that was even possible). 

Second round, I travelled up to Birmingham to get my balayage slayed at Nickys lovely home. When I arrived (late as per usual) there were a couple of lovely ladies already in the chairs. We all sat and had girly chit chat as you do, why Nicky single handedly dealt with us all on rotation. Even though I was getting my hair done In Nickys home the experience was still grade A to me. Whether my hair is getting rinsed out over a basin or a bath really doesn't matter (although she now has a basin!) , as long as my hair looks dreamy and I leave feeling like a queen there's nothing I can complain about. 

Right so onto the colour, the second time round I actually could of died, It was even more perfect than the first, not a brassy or yellow tone in site.  Nicky also tends to colour my hair slightly darker than what I want it, so that over a couple washes it brightens and still keeps its tone, rather than it looking yellow sooner than it needs too. I get nothing but compliments about my hair on a daily basis, especially when I upload pictures on Instagram. I love how Nicky pays attention to where she places the magical hues through my hair, and Its not just a slap dash stripey highlight job with no depth or contrast. Even after my appointment Nicky constantly checks up with me to see how  my colour is fading and I don't think there's any salons that are taking their time out to check in on their clientèle.

All round if you were considering getting your hair done by Nicky, I would say go for it. She's amazing at what she does and not only will she colour your hair, she will look after it too. Everytime I wash my hair the colour gets better and better, I couldn't of really asked for anything more. The experience at her home was like a girly afternoon in, full of chit chat and laughter. The end result was more than perfect and I can say hand on heart I don't think I will ever go anywhere else. If you are looking for a balayage slayer, Nicky is your gal!

You can check out Nickys work over on Instagram @NickyLazou
And of course you can see my full transformation on my page @beautyandtheblog




  1. Oh my god this is stunning! I wish my hair looked this amazing! WOW!

  2. Booked to get mine done in March! Cannot wait, your hair looks incredible!

  3. So stunning! You look fab x

  4. Gorgeous colour. The blonde highlights suit you so well x

  5. This is so hot! The colours are gorgeous !! x

  6. always loving your smokey eye.

  7. Stunning, love these pictures

  8. She is amazing! thank you for recommending her! Your hair looks stunning x


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