30 April 2014

Foamburst | Imperial Leather

You know when you see those shower gel adverts where the hot naked lady Is covered In suds....yet when you try to recreate the scene, your just lets standing In the shower with a light veil of bubble just me! Or perhaps your a mum and your sick of the kids over using the shower just me again!

Either way Imperial Leather Foamburst Is one of my faves, I have always loved their shower gels and little quirt goes a very long way and boy does It foam! I am the lady from the advert and there Is no more shower gel waste via ze child.

This scent 'Blackberry & Fig' Is one of my faves, as I love to smother my body In all things sweet especially when the scent leaves my bathroom smelling like heavenly gardens.  

You can pick these up from basically anywhere and there are plenty of other scents to choose from,as well as a hunky genie to accompany them.

I shall see you all In my next post, but until then meet Brennus...bit of eye candy for ya!



  1. Sounds amazing dear....I have used this brand's soaps for years....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. I love the imperial Leather Foamburst!

  3. The soap looks amazing but OMG the commercial sold me. -dies-

    xo, N

  4. I'll definitely have to try this one out! Check out my blog if you have time? :)

  5. *swoon* Well thank you for that video at the end, haha. The foamburst looks pretty cool too, the texture sounds amazing.

  6. I need this In my life .. in fact I will pick it up tomorrow
    check my blog out something sweetie I just started it 4 days ago


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