14 March 2014

Bleuribbon Hair | 6 Month Update and Discount

Hey ladies! So as most of you probably already know, I am an ambassador for Bleuribbon Hair. I get many questions daily about the hair I wear ect and most of the details can be found In this post HERE , But as I have had my hair for 6 months now, I thought a little update would be useful to those who perhaps still wondering about the quality of the hair.

The above pictures go In the following order of fresh Install, 3 months later and coloured, and finally 6 months later (taken a couple of weeks ago). I wear the Peruvian straight range as I love the versatility of being able to curl and wave my hair until my heart Is content, my lengths are 2 x 22" and 2 x 18".

As you can see the hair Is still In perfect condition from the day I Installed It until now. I pretty much have the hair In all the time, and as soon as I wash my own hair It goes straight back In. If you click HERE you can see me wearing the hair In a loose wave, which showcases how shiny and thick the hair still Is.

I treat this hair as I do my own, and whilst my natural hair has finally hit booby length (yay) , I feel like my extensions give It that extra break away from heat, allowing It to grow a lot healthier and stronger. The Peruvian hair Is the most popular range, as Its suitable for majority of hair types, easy to manage and super thick. I have had zero shedding and you know sometimes when you have uber long hair and It tangles non stop at the nape of your no that does not happen here!

There's nothing else I can really say about the hair apart from how amazing It Is, and I promise I'm not being bias... search google and check out the reviews for yourself! I mean karrueche just joined the family making It even stronger.

I will be getting a hair care post up on how I look after my hair shortly, but for those who have already purchased or are going to purchase, don't forget that my code 'beautyandtheblog132' will get you a cheeky discount.

Edit see my Malaysian hair here

You can check out Bleuribbon's full range of hair HERE



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