7 March 2014

Astrid & Miyu | Secret Box

Astrid & Miyu...If you don't know you need to get to know (after you read my post of course), their jewellery Is AMAZING! If you are like me and prefer your dainty pendants and delicate pieces then I will not be held accountable for you spending the next half an hour of your life on their site umming and arrhhhing over what you want to purchase.

To make life easier, they have release a secret box..."what's the secret box I hear you ask" well Its a subscription based service that can be cancelled whenever you wish. For £39 including free UK & EU delivery you will receive jewellery and surprise treats worth twice the value which are hand picked and selected for you based on a mini style survey you fill out one subscribed.

These pieces were selected for me from the march box, I also received two sample size creams and some fashion tattoos as a little added bonus. These pieces are so me! I just kept gasping when I opened each little pouch.

If your a jewellery lover I definitely think that this service Is one you will fall In love with, and If Its not....well the site alone will become your new addiction.

You can check out Astrid & Miyu HERE and you can find more Information on the secret box HERE

Last order dates for the March box end on the 11th, so get In quick If you want that little special something tailored to your personal style.



  1. These necklaces are so pretty, perfect for a simple and elegant piece of day jewellery :)

  2. These jewellery boxes have always intrigued me! Really cute pieces :) xx

  3. Oh. My. God. This is soooooo tempting! The peaces are gorgeous! And the price is so surprisingly reasonable. What to do, what to do...??? :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Renate from the
    A new GRWM post went up on my blog, just in time for the weekend, if you're interested to check it out! ;)

  4. Looks very nice , love the design !
    Melissa x

  5. Gorgeous. I love delicate pieces x

  6. I love those necklaces!! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I especially am in love with the initial necklace. I wonder if the secret box delivers to the U.S.?? I'm going to check them out now. Thanks for sharing!! :)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  7. These are stunning! In love with the simplicity, plus that wishbone is totally awesome!

    Lorna | xx

  8. These are literally the cutest necklaces! So dainty and lovely, I just checked out their website - amazing x

    The Beauty Drawer | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog


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