1 February 2014

Glo Minerals | Perfect Lips

Gone are the days of scrubbing my lips with honey and sugar, now that I am armed with my exfoliating lip wand. Glo Minerals released this nifty little balm to give you perfect lips In one swipe, without the need to have to wipe any sticky residue off your lips afterwords.

What they say 

"Exfoliate and moisturize lips in one quick step. Jojoba and nourishing wax microcrystals combine to soften, smooth and hydrate lips. Apply throughout the day as needed to exfoliate and hydrate lips.
Nourishing wax microcrystals gently slough away dry skin particles to reveal a softer, smoother lip surface then melt on contact and seep into the exfoliated surface to deliver supreme moisturization."
 When I first used this I didn't think the microcrystals were grainy enough for me, but I soon discovered that after a couple of uses they become the type of grain that I like and you can really feel them working their magic. I use this everyday as a normal lip balm and before I apply lipstick for a flawless application.
 You can find this pocket sized gem HERE retailing at £9.


  1. I've been looking to purchase a lip scrub and have heard some good reviews on the ones sold at Lush. I guess this is going to have to be another product on my 'to buy' list. I definitely need it as this weather has made my lips sooooo dry :( X

  2. Have you tried any other lip exfoliators? Like the lush or the elf one? x

    1. No, but I do want to try the Lush Bubblegum one...It smells so good

  3. This looks so interesting, I love my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Definitely recommend that (:

  4. This sounds good, I'm currently trying the Elf version and trying to make up my mind!



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