27 January 2014

Make-up Matters

There are many of us out there who love writing about make-up – after all, in many ways it is the ultimate accessory to an outfit, adding the finishing touches to every look we create.

There are so many theories about how to use make-up but how often are you told how to blend it with what you wear? In this blog, I’ll give you some tips on how mix and match make-up to your outfit for style success that works every time.


Womens clothes come in so many styles, designs and cuts – it’s what makes shopping so fun!

It is a bit of a double-edged sword though and you must carefully select an outfit and accessories to ensure everything matches up. This also means thinking about the make-up you’ll need to wear to enhance your outfit so that you look your best.

If you are wearing a solid colour, it is quite easy to decide on the best mix of make-up. There is no harm in matching the colour of your nail polish to a colour in your outfit but don’t go overboard with the rest of your cosmetics.

Opt for a lipstick which is complementary, but subtle, and eye make-up which echoes the colours you are wearing without matching them exactly. An exact match looks too perfect and is much less interesting fashion-wise than something which relies on different shades and hues.


There are so many cool and trendy prints on the fashion scene right now it’s difficult not to get caught up in it all – and why not? Being bold is fun after all!

As well as giving opportunities for stepping out of your fashion comfort zone, mixing and matching make-up with prints is very creative. The best way is to pick out a colour in the print and use this as a guide for nails, lips and eyes.

For example, you might pick out a vivid purple from a strong geometric print dress. You could paint your nails the same colour and use a lipstick or lip-gloss and eye make-up in a lighter or darker hue or you could keep your face and nails fairly natural with just a dash of bright purple across the eyes.

Shop with clothes in mind

Are you one of these women who shops for make-up without any thought to how it will go with your wardrobe? If so, join the club.

When choosing cosmetics, most of us don’t spare a thought for our wardrobe but by giving your clothing just a little consideration you can make sure that what you get corresponds with your wardrobe.

Of course, this applies mainly to eye shadows, nail varnishes and coloured mascaras. When buying basic make-up essentials like foundations and lipsticks you should look for items which complement your skin tone as much as they do your outfit.

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  1. Great post. I tend to stick to neutral and natural colors because they match my clothing style. But I have sometimes matched an eyeshadow to a shade in my clothing and it gives a great effect to the entire look.


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