6 December 2013

3 Faves

Hey guys, just thought I would share with you 3 of my favourite nail polishes at the moment

Barry M - Lychee
Kiko - 395
Barry M - Raspberry

At the moment I have the khaki Kiko polish on my nails, I've had It for quite some time and only just whipped It out, and I must say I'm glad that I did, I've had a lot of compliments on the colour and I had really good wear on It before the chips kicked in.

My other 2 faves are both Barry M, Lychee has to be the perfect nude and because Its from the Gelly range It dries super shiny and lasts twice as long. Raspberry Is a definite cult fave In the blogging world, as well as being one of those perfect reds you will always get compliments on.

You can find Barry M polishes Here and Kiko Here

Whats your favourite polish at the moment?


  1. I had this kiko nail varnish before and I loved the colour! It did chip easily but it was dirt cheap so it didn't bother me too much!
    I love that raspberry colour!

  2. the two barry m colours are beautiful

  3. I didn't think that Kiko polish would look that amazing on the nails but I really love it!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  4. I also love the Barry M Lychee one. My other faves of the moment are the Barry M royal glitter collection, they are perfect for Christmas!

    Claire x

  5. Gorgeous colours !
    I love Barry m they have loads it choose from

  6. The Barry M polish looks lush!

    At the moment I'm wearing a lot of reds/plums and mixing it up with a bit of glitter - Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow!

    Sarah @ xx

  7. Ah I love this Barry M polish! I wear it all the time! Currently loving Models Own Velvet collection! They're super festive :) x


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