9 October 2013

Winter Hair

What are the Best Products to use on your Hair during the Winter
With the autumn just around the corner it is always best to decide what hair products are going to best for you during the wind and the rain! Here is a quick list of some of the best products to use for different hair types. If you are a mobile beautician then these are also some good products to stock up on.

Shampoo – Matrix Biolarge Ultra Hydrating
One of the biggest issues for hair during the winter is that it dries out so it is best to use a hydrating shampoo to ensure that you are replacing any moisture lost during these months. A great product to use is Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo. It is important to remember hair that has too much moisture in it can become heavy which is the last thing you want so use this shampoo once or twice a week to ensure you are replenishing the moisture but not over doing it.

Conditioner – Redken Clean Moisture
Now no shower routine is complete without a conditioner and during the winter it is important to use a deep conditioning product that has a moisturising effect to ensure that the hair stays nourished. A good conditioner to use is Redken Clean Moisture Conditioner but again only use this product once or twice a week. You will need to find an everyday conditioner though just make sure it isn’t going to be too heavy.

Dry Shampoo – Big sexy Hair Volumizing
Next up is a girl’s best friend, dry shampoo. One of the best tips for your hair care during the winter is not to wash it as often. The benefit of this is that your actual shampoo will last longer, especially if you are using dry shampoo. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is great for this and will make your hair look great even on the second and third day!

Shine Spray – Bed Head Headrush Shine
There will be the odd day during the colder months of the year when your hair isn’t looking as bright and shiny as you would like. It is worth investing in some TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Mist in preparation for these days. The best way to use it is just after you have finished styling your hair in order to ensure your hair looks healthy even though it may not be at its best. 

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  1. Some good tips here! I'm usually rubbish at changing my routine for the time of year :)

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Great tips! Thanks so much. Definitely adding these to my shopping list now. :)

    Any tips/info for keratin treating hair? I'll be doing that in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!


    1. Oooh I want to do this too! Its amazing. I know you cant use sulphate shampoos once treated, stick to sulphate free or a Keratin shampoo

  3. Great Tips came just in time i have literaly no hair products left & wanted to try some new products for the winter.

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