25 October 2013

City Break Fashion

A glamorous getaway in a far and fabulous city will require more thought when it comes to packing than a trip to the beach. Clearly comfort is key, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Packing a few staple and versatile items means you can travel light and take in the sights without losing your cool.
First of all, get a rough idea of what the weather is going to be like in your chosen destination. Planning in advance means you'll avoid turning up with completely the wrong wardrobe, which can leave you shivering away in sandals while everyone else is wrapped up in cosy knits and winter coats.
However, it's also worth bearing in mind that conditions can vary dramatically, particularly as the seasons change. Layering is an easy way to tackle anything the weather can throw at you - printed scarves, sleek gloves and cute cardigans are easy to carry on day trips, and will keep you warm should temperatures suddenly drop. Take a bit of British common sense with you, and don't forget to pack your umbrella!
Comfy and stylish, leggings are the perfect choice for a weekend of sightseeing. Not only do they look good with anything from an oversized jumper to an elegant dress, they also take up very little room in your suitcase, which means more space for souvenirs. Get ready for your break and buy leggings from
If you're jetting off for a couple of nights, exercise your self-control and only pack one perfect dress. A maxi works best somewhere sunny, or choose a cute printed shift for a sophisticated day look. Wear with flat pumps or boots when you're strolling the streets and dress it up with heels if you're heading somewhere fancy in the evening.
Speaking of shoes, it's time to accept that you definitely can't take your entire collection. Be kind to your feet and make sure you take comfortable flats that go with everything. Achy feet covered in blisters will ruin your experience, so save those shiny new heels for the hotel bar or for a night-out at home.
Wherever you're headed, a little prior planning will see you blend in beautifully with the super stylish locals, so your only packing dilemma will be remembering the passports...


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