1 September 2013

Lush Hair Extension - Ultimate Set

 The fact that these hair extensions are by a company called LUSH Is very fitting, because that Is exactly what they are! From the colour, to the thickness and the quality I can not fault these extensions at all. I have had my set for about 3 weeks now and I have been wearing them every single day, I have washed them, straightened them and curled them (click HERE to see that) and they are still thick, shiny and I have had very minimal shedding.

Lush hair extensions do 5 different type of extension In a number of different colours and lengths,. There's the DIY weft- for those that would prefer to sew on their own clips, they also do a Deluxe version of this. They also do Full head sets, Deluxe head sets and Ultimate full head sets which are super thick (190g of hair)  for those with thicker hair and for those that just love big voluminous locks.

The length I have Is 18" and my colour Is 4, my exact set can be found HERE. Although my natural hair has parts that are slightly darker than the extensions, Its not at all noticeable due to the multitonal colour of the hair. I find that this allows the extensions to blend In seamlessly, leaving no tell tell signs that I even have extensions In. A number of people have commented on my hair and are pretty shocked when I say I am wearing extensions, because It looks so natural. 

If your looking to Invest In a new pair of extensions any time soon, I would really recommend these, If you check out my Instagram  you will honestly see that they haven't left my head since the day they arrived. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

P.S I just uploaded a video tutorial for big sexy hair using my extensions, you can see It HERE.

You can find the Lush site HERE 



  1. I love LUSH hair extensions and they are very well priced compared to other brands... :)

  2. These look so good - really natural looking. I've been through so many different brands of extensions, I might give these a try :) x

  3. What is your hair colour? It looks amazing :)

    1. I couldnt even tell you lol, this Is what happens when dark brown washes out.

    2. Maybe you remember the brand? Anything that will help.. :) thank you!

  4. There is no doubt that hair extensions add elegance and style to your look and appearance.

    Hair Extensions

  5. They look great for a clip in, I much prefer having the real things though! Micro rings are the best in my opinion.

  6. Hi, what color shade you used in your lush hair extension?


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