16 September 2013

Hey guys, I was recently approached by a company to be introduced to something they thought I would be Interested In, sadly I have no skills to teach the world... well that and the fact that everyone can watch me on Youtube already! So I thought I would share the nifty site with you guys.

LearnClick Is a new concept when It comes to learning and or teaching with the bonus of making a bit of extra cash on the side. Its basically a new form of platform where you can learn new skills from other regular people like you and I, or teach others new skills at a cost you see fit.

You can access LearnCliki fom anywhere, and as long as you have a webcam and a good Internet connection you are pretty much good to go. If you are more Interested In the teaching side of things, LearnClicki pay their tutors via their paypal accounts and aim to get all payments out within 24hrs of your session being completed, you will receive 80% whilst the other 20% goes to LearnClicki for commission. Its up to you how much you charge per session, but try to think about how much you would pay rather than go wild (as tempting as It may be)

So If you have a skill and you want to teach the world you can sign up HERE Or If you just want to learn something new at a time that slots Into your lifestyle, you can go and have a browse.

I actually want to learn another language so this site might just become my new friend.



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