30 September 2013

Babyliss New Big Hair

So when Babyliss released  'Big Hair' most women breathed a sigh of relief for the sheer fact that there was finally something on the market that would cut blowdrying times In half  "hallelujah" , but that was 'Big Hair' now there Is 'New Big Hair'. 

For those that love killer voluminous locks 'New Big Hair' will officially be your best friend, with 3 heat settings, a 50mm ceramic coated barrel and Ionic conditioning to leave your hair super shiny, this bad boy only made me say one thing..."ohh wow". Im quite sceptical when It comes to blowdrying tools as my hair Is quite thick and Its not the easiest to blowdry, but I was pleasantly surprised when this cut through my curls and left me with shine and body.

Very easy to use with 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings, and a left and right rotation system so you can keep your hair flowing In the right direction, the 'New Big Hair System' Is quite large, but Is also quite light making It easy and manageable to manoeuvre around your head. I did look up a few tutorials before using this which really helped In the beginning, as the whole spinning thing actually scared me a bit! but once I go the hang of It I was fine.

The Babyliss New Big Hair Is available at Argos  with more products In the Babylis Big Hair range.



  1. I went to school with the girl on the box :) and dated her bro for a whole month when we were 12!!! haha xxx its

    its a great product! :)

  2. I'm a fan of anything that helps create big hair!

    Think I'll check this out.

    Hmm maybe...


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