17 July 2013

Perfect Home Hair Dye With Nice n Easy

How to get fantastic results from a home hair dye

Once upon a time home hair dye was very much the domain of teenage girls and short-of-cash students. However, with advances in technology and formulas it’s now possible to achieve a result that is as good, if not better, than a salon applied shade.  

If you’re planning a hair transformation, here’s how you can get great results every time.


Just like when you paint your nails, wax your legs or cook a great dinner, 90% of the work is preparation. Get this right and the rest is easy.

The prep work starts about two-weeks before the dye-day with a really good, deep conditioner. This will help get your hair into tiptop condition so that the colour takes to every strand evenly.


Though you may have done a home dye-job a hundred times before, every manufacturer will have slightly different instructions so make sure you read and follow them carefully.

If you’re new to the world of home hair colouring, a product like nice 'n easy colour blend foam will be easy to use for your first attempt.  Make sure that the dye reaches all areas of your head and is applied as evenly as possible. Use a mirror to help you make sure you get all of the back bits and be careful when applying around the hair line to avoid staining your forehead.


For some this may well be the hardest step but Nice n Easy hair dye products, like all home hair dyes, must be left on for a set period of time for the colour to stick. If you wash it out too quickly then you could be left with patchy results or a colour that is completely different to the one shown on the packet.

Conversely, some people are often tempted to leave the dye for longer in an attempt to achieve more intense results. This can cause your scalp to become discoloured or the colour to become unpredictable and could even cause discomfort or inflammation to the skin so should also be avoided.


To ensure your new colour stays bright and vibrant for as long as possible, it’s important to keep it well nourished and moisturised. Try using a leave-in conditioner to protect your locks during the day and if you’re heading out in the sun it’s a good idea to wear a hat or use a hairspray with UV protection to lock in your colour.

Once you’ve mastered the art of home hair dyeing, you’re free to experiment with all of the colours of the rainbow - so pick your next shade and get started!


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