31 July 2013

Natural Nail Care

Many of you have always complimented me on my nails, but recently I have had an influx of comments regarding my nails (before I cut them). I think I am quite lucky in the nail area, but I will give you the basics of what I do to keep them tip top.
  • NEVER saw nails when filing, always go from the left Inward, then the right inwards. Sawing will only cause your nails to break,flake and split.
  • Make sure your using the right file, you don't want to use a grit that's to high for your nails, once again this will only cause breakage. I like to use the qvs nail files, you can usually find them at the till side in Superdrug. They only cost 99p.
  • Use and acetone free nail polish remover, acetone will only dry your nail bed out.
  • Cuticle oil or olive oil is your friend, massage it into your cuticles and nails after you have removed polish to re nourish them. Make sure you wash your hands after if you plan to paint your nails straight after, otherwise the polish wont adhere.
  • Let your nails BREATH! Ok we all love our nail colours but our nails need to breath to help them grow healthily and strong. Try to give nail polish a miss for 24hrs once a week at least. This will also help keep that dreaded yellow stain at bay.
  • BUFF once every couple of weeks to get the blood flowing through your nails. You don't need a professional buffer, you can pick up one of those 4 way nail files and use the shine step side to buff your nails with a little nail cream.
  • Last but not least your nail shape should slightly mimic the shape of your cuticle. I personally think sqoval(square oval) is a perfect shape for most.

If your nails are extra brittle and prone to breakage keep them short and soak them in milk once a week for 15min, this will help strengthen them.
Get rid of those dreaded yellow stains by using a white block file to lightly buff the surface of your nail, don't make this a habit though as in time it will thin the nail surface.
In the past I did mess with acrylics even though I didn't need too, and I totally screwed up my nails, thankfully I nursed them back to health.

I hope these tips can help.


  1. Great tips, I'm having trouble getting my nails to be the same shape. Do you have any tips fir that?

    1. As In the same shape as each other? just take your time shaping each nail. Once you have your desired shape Its so much easier to maintain.

  2. Love this vid! and I said it on your other post but love the turban!


  3. Awesome...Thanks for the tips!


  4. Some great tips
    I think oil makes such a difference to nails I have noticed this improve my nails


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