2 June 2013

F.A.M.E Hair Extensions

Hey ladies, A little while ago I posted on Instagram a picture of my Ombre hair......lord knows that I am not taking the bleach to my own hair so I grabbed the chance to try out some extensions that were already Ombre'd.

So when It comes to hair, I have tried It all except for synthetic as the thought simply scares me. I cant deny that Im not a lover of  tongs or straighteners and the thought of not being able to use them makes me quiver. But when I was tolds that I could also heat style this hair, I thought to myself why least now I can give my opinions on all types of hair too!

So this hair Is from  Diamond Collection, the Diamond Collection Is a synthetic blend which can be washed, curled and conditioned just like regular hair but at a snippet of the price. The colour I picked was dark coffee Into light brown, that's for 20" with each pack retailing for £32.

Okso you know me, If I am reviewing hair I put It through Its paces to give you guys the best feedback possible. So I wore these extensions every single day for 4 lets get to the good stuff.

STYLING: If you click HERE you can see the hair has a slight wave, I found It quicker and easier to just sleep with my hair In 2 buns to achieve the messy wave look rather than curling it. If you click HERE this Is the hair after straightening, I used my GHD's and had no problems at all.

TANGLE FACTOR: Considering this Is a synthetic blend I was rather surprised when It came to tangling, I'm not going to lie and act like It didn't tangle at all, but It was nothing a wide tooth comb didn't sort out In a few minutes, I also found that straitening the hair after combing It brings It back to life.

THE SHED FACTOR: This hair did shed, more so when brushing over just coming out In my hands. I had Just under 4 bundles of It In so for me It did seem like quite a  bit of hair was coming out daily, but It didn't seem to effect the fullness of the hair over the 4 week period.

MY RATING: If I had to rate this hair out of 10 I would give It a 7, It looks real, Its affordable to all, you can still style and wash It and Its a snippet of the price of your standard human hair. This company also do Ombre hair extensions In real hair as well as a wide range of standard colours and lengths to suit all. If I have missed anything out feel free to leave me any questions below, If not I hope you enjoyed this post.




  1. Seems like a good option if you don't want to take the bleach to your own hair, or just to try out the ombre 'style' to see if it suits. :)

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  3. Looks gorgeous! x

  4. your blog (found you via Instagram!). Quick said you used just under four bundles, so does that mean you used just under 4 of the £32 packs at once?? Thanks!

    1. Yes but girl 2 packs would be enough, my hair was super dupa thick

  5. Just saw your reply, thanks! Four packs looks beautiful, but I'm sure my son would grab a handful of that in seconds. Two packs it is!

  6. When u order it how long did it took to get it?

  7. oh wow hair extension is a good option for stylish looks .


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