8 May 2013

Sera-G lashes

A little while ago I was sent some lashes from the lovely ladies at Sera-G Lashes.....

Sera G sell affordable lashes in all shapes and sizes so there is something to suit everyone. From dramatic to natural, Individuals to corner name it they have it. Out of all the lashes, the ones I keep reaching for at the moment are the Valentina's . If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me post a picture of me wearing them on a night out, and If you don't follow me, simply click HERE. The Valentina lashes cost £4.99 but I assure you, that the impact is priceless.

One of the things I love about these lashes is that the strip is clear, so you are left with a more natural look once applies, Instead of battling to blend in the standard black strip we are all too used to. I also love that they are not glued down to the packaging, meaning that the lash still holds its natural shape one removed from the holder, as opposed to it being slightly stretched out if it was glued down.

All in all I love these lashes and the styles sent to me are perfect for both day and night. You can check out the Sera-G website HERE

What's your favourite pair of lashes?



  1. I think that I am going to purchase these!xx

  2. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this. I am finding affordable lashes that i will be needing this weekend. Glad that I found your site.

  3. Thanks for this - have just placed an order! I was only after one or two pairs but ended up buying eight! Excited to try them out xx

  4. I'm dying for those diva lashes. Lashes are so addicting!


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