22 April 2013

Talullah Tu

A little while back I was sent a few pieces from Talullah Tu....

'Talullah Tu was created from a love of mixing beautiful jewelled adornments with a high fashion edge'

I picked 3 key pieces that caught my eye instantly, a crystal eye charm which I love and constantly wear, a spiked leather bracelet and a Sara gold crystal key pendant that might be mini but when on, It's so eye catching.

I love all of these pieces and for me they are definitely timeless. If you are into your blinged out gems and having something that stands out from the crown Talullah Tu is definitely the site to check out, there's loads to choose from and they have also released a range of blinged out cat eye glasses to keep all you 50's lovers on trend but with a bit of edge!

Why not checkout the site and let me know what your favourite piece is....

For everything Talullah click HERE



  1. These pieces are so beautiful! xo

  2. They are so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, the necklace is my favorite :)
    Altough the bracelet is really pretty too..:D
    xx Nadine

  3. Ahhha I love these!!! too bad they don't ship to America! I guess I'll just continue to oggle the peices on the site. It's always nice to "window" shop too.

    Accessories for Spring 2013 - Pretty Girl Rock Blog

  4. I've heard so much about Tallulah Tu but it breaks my heart that shipping is so much when it is international. Would love to try them eventually!


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