3 December 2012

My Top 3 Tanners

When it comes to tanners I'm uber fussy, I don't do overly brown and I most definitely do not do orange!

These are my top 3 tanners for that natural tanned glow and if you are one to like the darker look, applying more than one layer of any of these will make you look like you've taken a quick trip away, not a quick trip into a pile of dirt.

First up I will start with KARAMEL & BROWN - The first tanner I have ever come across designed for women of colour. Whether your Asian, Black or Mixed like myself , you may not want to use a full blown tanning product because you probably don't need a tan. This product is designed to give your skin tone a warm glow to enhance your natural complexion and it really does the job. I've been using the Glow Mousse, it has a lovely scent and applies evenly to the skin. If you are a woman of colour and you want a nice glow I would recommend that you give this a try (They do little trial bottles) . European skin tones can also use this but should expect a deeper tan result.

Next up LDN:SKINS Tone 3- I love this product and the fact that it comes with a velvet mitt so it feels rather luxurious when applying it. This gives you that weekend away deep glow, I feel like one layer of this is enough to make you look amazing without looking too much.

Last but not least Xen Tan Dark Lotion- One of the first tanners I fell in love with, if you like deep dark tans this is the way to go. A favourite of Celebs and beauty editors, this tanning lotion smells of delicious almonds and applies streak free to the skin leaving you . Apply a thin layer for a lighter tan or a second layer to look like a Brazilian goddess

I apply all my tanners in the same way, usually before bed and then I wash it off in the morning.
I usually find when washing off any tanner with a guide colour, most of it goes down the plug hole, leaving you as washed out as you were to begin with, but all three of these still leave me rather radiant and glowy, hence being my top 3. I find that all of these last about 5 days on me before the fade starts kicking in. I cant stress enough that exfoliating and moisturising are your best friends whilst wearing self tanner,not only will  your skin feel soft, radiant and smooth but it will also ensure your tan fades evenly ( nobody wants to look like a patchwork quilt!)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought it might help with the party season coming up!  have any of you tried any of these...better still what's your favourite tanner>


  1. I've needed someone to post a blog post for tanning! Thank you! :) x

  2. Yes I did enjoy this post - thanks. I haven't heard of these before, but am wanting to try them now.
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  3. Nice post xo

  4. I've always wanted to try xen tan. right now I'm currently using L'Oreal Sublime bronze self tanner in Dark and I really like it.


  5. i love take tan posts - I'm a fake tan geek! you should also give sinless sun a go - its my current have x

  6. Karamel and Brown is nice, I'm Asian and makes me SOOOOOOOOOO bronzed!

  7. I love Xen Tan!! My favourite one at the moment is their Moroccan Oil version which works so well and is such a natural deep bronze colour x


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