17 September 2012


Woohoo guys my first OOTD and its about as casual as your going to get. I picked up this leather trim top from Zara the other day whilst out with Shirley and I had to pick up some new skinnies because it seems my ass has lost some weight and I can now squeeze my bootay into a size 10 wahhay!

If you follow me on Instagram ( BEAUTYANDTHEBLOG) you will notice I am now into posting my outfits quite frequently, so I have now decided to filter it over to the blog. You would have also noticed that I posted these badass shoes a few weeks back too...errrmmm hello spikes! These shoes were sent to me from SOYOUSHOES  and these particular ones can be found HERE. If you are not aware of their site I suggest you check them out. I wasn't aware of them until they contacted me and now its my go to site. You will definitely find a pair of shoes on there which are so you...get it ahaha!

Anyhoo I do apologize for the long break, and I must say thank you to all those that have joined me and all those that have stuck with me. If I do happen to vanish again, just check out my twitter or Insta because im always posting some random pretty crap on there.

Until next time...MWAH!

p.s I do apologise for the picture quality, I am just getting used to this camera tripod thing! I also just noticed my top is caught on a twig in the top pic...FAIL! 


  1. how cool! love accessories! xxx

  2. Nice heels :)

  3. love the outfit...simple, yet chic.

    jayj x.

  4. Love this outfit, so cool and funky! What is your favourite item out of the wntire outfit you've got? :)

  5. WAAAAAA!! AMAAAZING shoes!! I need these in my life, in my wardrobe and on my feet asap!

  6. Love the shoes!!!


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